" data-medium-file="https://i1.wp.com/trident-gaming.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/IMG_6106-e1485287258937.png?fit=300%2C190&ssl=1" data-large-file="https://i1.wp.com/trident-gaming.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/IMG_6106-e1485287258937.png?fit=1024%2C576&ssl=1" loading="lazy" class="size-medium wp-image-1223" src="https://i2.wp.com/trident-gaming.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/IMG_6106-e1485287258937-300x190.png?resize=300%2C190" alt="Guilds" width="300" height="190" srcset="https://i1.wp.com/trident-gaming.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/IMG_6106-e1485287258937.png?resize=300%2C190&ssl=1 300w, https://i1.wp.com/trident-gaming.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/IMG_6106-e1485287258937.png?w=310&ssl=1 310w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" data-recalc-dims="1" />You too deserve to be as happy as this Gran, just follow this rules!Guilds are conveniently the most community-oriented element of Star wars Galaxy of Heroes. They really space a wonderful concept. 50 players from around the civilization work with each other seamlessly to bring down rancors, AAT tanks, and also General Grievous, high-fiving each various other afterward together each player receives your fair reward for a task well done. Players openly share gear in one exchange the maximizes everyone’s inventory, every while earning success to earn ally Points. Guild currency flows as you rise tier after tier in daily Guild Activities.

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…at the very least on paper.

The truth is that guilds have the right to be tricky come navigate. Even if it is it’s in-fighting over when to beginning raids, trying to motivate less active players, or making challenging decisions on who stays and also who goes, there are a the majority of roadblocks to having actually the sort of warm, fuzzy experience explained in the opened paragraph. While there’s no fast solution to send her guild to the optimal of the Leaderboards or instantly unlock raid-specific rewards, this overview is particularly designed to assist you and your guild attain your goals. When some of this info may be specific to officers or leaders, that is absolutely crucial that all the members of a guild execute their part, too.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

The countless Kinds the GuildsBig spenders and casuals. Identify what type of guild you desire to run is vital to your success.Filling the RanksRecruiting brand-new players have the right to be a chore. It is in smart around building your team!The Cornerstones the GuildingGolden rules because that every guild come follow. The day-to-day GrindYour overview to the day-to-day duties and how to be a great guildie (or guild member).Raid EtiquetteThere’s a lot much more nuance come beating increase a rancor than you may think.Dealing v ConflictsNo disintegrations. Unless they zerg early.

The countless Kinds of Guilds

this guild is much better than some, worse 보다 others…

Before we obtain into the nuts and bolts of exactly how a guild “should” work, it’s important to note that not all guilds room going to have actually the same goals.


There room some guilds that live in ~ the optimal of the leaderboard and operate choose well-oiled machines. I like to speak to them Pods, as they’re often composed the whales (big spenders v rosters the command respect). These guilds clean raids nearly as quick as they have the right to launch them, optimizing every little bit of Currency and often handmade the an extremely strategies that ultimately trickle down to smaller sized guilds. Some of the resources pointed out in this write-up will referral those guilds.


Then there space the casual guilds. Some guilds will never unlock basic Kenobi and that’s okay. Over there are many play styles and also I know several human being who room in this type of guild. Mine guess is that, if you’re reading this, you’re probably not in this form of guild. Or at least you have actually interest in a more serious one.


A most guilds do great work, yet are always looking come improve. Possibly you have the right to handle a heroic Pit raid, yet you’re tho unsure around heroic Tank Takedown. This is really that this overview is for. If you uncover yourself struggling to beat a heroic raid (Pit or Takedown) or you simply can’t figure out how to get your soldiers to autumn in line, this overview is because that you. Read it, live it, share it with them.

Filling The Ranks

it takes a legion

Before friend can acquire a guild to run smoothly, you have to acquire some active members. There space several means to accomplish this, together outlined below.

Get Social!

Recruiting on society media is most likely the best way to get a guild up and also running. There is no shortage of football player to be found online and the nice thing is, if they’re currently online trying to find a guild, there’s a an excellent chance they’re a pretty energetic player that will be excited come join forces with your new guild. How countless Galaxy the Heroes Facebook groups do girlfriend think there are? Well an ext than you deserve to imagine! poke around and also see if you can uncover one friend like. Might I indicate Star wars Galaxy that Heroes Cantina? (That’s the one i frequent.)


The Star battles Galaxy of Heroes Subreddit has a TON of advantageous information. You can find people posting for assorted guilds over there on their Guild Recruitment Megathread or even the Guild Recruitment Subreddit. In general, those who room on the sugreddit are more than likely going to be pretty solid guildies.

Don’t Forget the actual World

I understand we’re talking about a video game where friend spend hrs staring at a 5″ screen, however you may have friends, family, or coworkers that play as well. Real life recruits have the right to be an excellent since girlfriend may already know what they lug to the table. You’ve to be chatting GoH with them for weeks already, right?

Check your Traps

You might not have to do lot of anything to fill up the guild. Why no let the players involved you? Don’t forget that there is a guild search in-game. This means that prospective guildmates can find your guild and send a inquiry to join. These pop up relatively frequently and also the quality of player you run in to have the right to vary wildly, for this reason be certain to check out your roster first.

The Cornerstones that Guilding

" data-medium-file="https://i1.wp.com/trident-gaming.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Unknown.jpg?fit=259%2C194&ssl=1" data-large-file="https://i1.wp.com/trident-gaming.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Unknown.jpg?fit=259%2C194&ssl=1" loading="lazy" class="size-full wp-image-1264" src="https://i1.wp.com/trident-gaming.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Unknown.jpg?resize=259%2C194" alt="cornerstones of guilding" width="259" height="194" srcset="https://i1.wp.com/trident-gaming.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Unknown.jpg?w=259&ssl=1 259w, https://i1.wp.com/trident-gaming.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Unknown.jpg?resize=80%2C60&ssl=1 80w" sizes="(max-width: 259px) 100vw, 259px" data-recalc-dims="1" />tfw the entirety guild is gaining along…Have you ever gotten the shade from her guildmates for really screwing something up? Attacking during a it is registered period, no earning enough Raid Tickets, or law the wrong daily activities- there are plenty of methods to bork her guild there is no really meaning to (or also realizing it). It’s one embarrassing situation to to speak the least, yet there are steps you can take with each other to make sure everyone is happy. After ~ all, a happy guild is, well… happier!

Be Active

There really is no suggest in involvement a guild if you’re not going to it is in active. Over there is a tool that Officers can use come track once a player’s last login was. It’s quite inaccurate many of the time, and can be turn off a day or more. However when it claims you haven’t logged in because that 14 days, they’re probably going to contact you- and rightly so. Many guilds don’t treatment how frequently you check in, just that you execute it enough to obtain your daily tasks excellent and help out in raids (more on both of those later). You need to remember: no matter exactly how casual the guild, everyone services from an ext active players.


Let’s confront it: The in-game chat ain’t perfect. Just shot typing “Humbling Blow”. You can interact a little there, yet with lag issues, no archiving, and also zero out-of-game notifications, there are far better options. Countless guilds use a messaging business like line or Discord. On facebook Messenger can work well likewise if you’re all in the exact same Facebook group. Whatever company you choose, make sure everyone it s okay signed up. Make it a preeminence if friend must, but the capacity to have actually independent conversations deserve to be a vast benefit because that disciplinary contact and coordination of attacks, which I’ll talk an ext about in the Raid Etiquette section.

Work towards Your Goals

As proclaimed above, there really are a lot of various styles of play. Part guilds will certainly have an extremely stringent goals and may even map out as soon as they setup to be able to attain something such together a heroic raid. Simply as lengthy as anyone is on the exact same page, it’s every good. Planning because that a Tier V Pit raid is exactly the exact same as planning for a Heroic Tank Takedown in the it calls for everyone working with each other to attain it. Take it a watch at your roster. Does your raid clear phases 2-4 the Tank Takedown quite easily however struggles with phase 1? perhaps you should focus on your jedi team. Or maybe you need to acquire some great Potency mods on your Teebo to assist bring under the rancor in the Pit. Whatever it is, don’t forget: constantly be boosting something.

Know the Schedule

There is a many stuff to do when you’re in a guild. It have the right to be a little overwhelming at times, and each guild have the right to be a little different here, too. Yet it’s important you understand when things space happening so friend don’t miss out on a raid or screw your guild the end of Guild Currency. Some folks in my guild use a Google Calendar to automatically remind lock every job what the present Guild activity is and also what the next one is together well. Ns personally set alarms on my phone to go off once it’s raid time.

Follow the Rules

I’m no going to explain this really, however it’s precious mentioning. Officers and leaders (for the many part) don’t like having to boots people.

Be Nice

It’s simple to forget occasionally that it’s every a game and also we’re all at some point trying to have fun. Once someone breaks a rule, don’t shame them. Don’t reference one player’s weak roster on her failure to clean a raid. Instead, occupational together on improving that roster. Permit the officers resolve “problem children” for the most part and perform what you can to make the whole guild stronger.

The day-to-day Grind

stay on target, remain on target…

There’s constantly something to do in Star battles Galaxy of Heroes. Once you’re in a guild, there’s even more. However you need to know how and also when to execute some of that stuff to make your actions benefit the guild. A good guild can offer you therefore much: raids, Guild Currency, and also gear indigenous the Exchange to name a few. Give earlier by doing your daily activities.

Understanding Raid Tickets

Spending 600 energy by the Guild task reset time (based on her guild leader’s time zone) is what creates Raid Tickets. These are the currency officers use to beginning raids. If everyone spends 600/day in a complete guild, you’ll create 30,000 of this daily, letting you launch a Heroic Pit raid every various other day. (600 x 50 = 30,000 | Heroic Pit expenses 60,000 come launch.) Tank Takedown is a bit much more expensive to launch, yet the tickets space earned in ~ the same rate, up to 30,000/day. This is one of the most important things to contribute, and additionally one of the easiest- just play a lot!

Daily Guild Activities

Every job in Galaxy the Heroes, one task takes criterion over others. This changes at Guild Reset Time (around 6:30, depending upon your leader’s time zone.) for instance, top top Sunday, the activity is safety Cantina Energy. This way that after Guild Reset Time, friend all gain rewarded v Guild money for security Cantina Energy. If you spent all her energy at an early stage in the day, you kind of shot you yourself in the foot. You likewise shot your guild in the foot (though maybe not together hard) since there space Tiers the rewards based on how lot the entire guild has spent. If friend must, set a reminder or go into it in your calendar, it’s easy to goof up otherwise.

Here’s a great page indigenous SWGOH.GG to bookmark to save track of it: Guild activities Schedule

Some Guild task pro tips:

Ship challenges count towards your Thursday obstacles activity, yet Fleet Arena Matches do not count toward your Saturday Arena Matches activity.If you conserve your Galactic war from Monday, friend should have actually a complete board plus a Restart available as soon as it i do not care the Guild task on Tuesday. This gets you 24 nodes to play, and then second 12 ~ midnight once you earn an additional Restart. It should be listed that if everyone in guild does 24, you’ll still hit the highest tier, so part guilds mandate that everyone just does 24. The trouble here is the if one you are fool does 36, everyone gets hosed on rewards.If you’re no gung-ho about a particular character that can only be farmed from tough Mode, just do normal battles all week till Wednesday, when tough Mode is the Guild Activity. Collection aside that someday a week to end up up your an initial Order Stromtrooper or Clone Sergeant while freely acquiring equipment the remainder of the week.Keep one eye on just how much energy you’re security on days when normal power becomes the Guild Activity. It’s basic to organize onto all her energy and forget to invest your 600 to earn Raid Tickets, which certainly outweigh Guild Activity.

Guild Exchange

The Guild Exchange is a valuable feature that allows players come donate piece of gear that others may need an ext than lock do. There space a few things to store in mind to keep a healthy Exchange:

Don’t be afraid to inquiry an incredibly typical piece that gear. Over there are success tied to exactly how much you’ve donated and this enables all your guild mates come donate freely and work toward their achievements, i m sorry award ally Points.Maybe coordinate with a few others in a guild conversation what top-end pieces of raid equipment you have a surplus of. Even though it’s very sought-after gear, you can maybe occupational out a little trading ring for it. I.e. You need Scanner salvage, but they need combination Furnace salvage. It’s a fair transaction if friend can gain others involved.Don’t be fear to play Santa Claus. Sometimes, it’s pretty to walk in and also just donate whatever world are asking for, however rare. You’ll get more, and they’ll it is in happier for it.

Raid Etiquette

all right, who’s gaining beat increase today?

Whether you’re stalling a pig, dropping a door ~ above a rancor, or shocking six battle droids, there’s a lot of to know when it involves raiding. This will certainly not be a strategy guide, there are plenty that guides digital that cover in gross detail all the strategies involved with succeeding individually. This is an ext an all at once guide come the manners, or etiquette, that beating a pig come death.

When to development in Tiers

It can be an overwhelming to gauge when a guild is ready to move from a Tier V Pit raid come a Tier VI. This is one more area where having actually a solid communication channel favor Line or Discord is important. You really have to gauge the on just how easy the present raid is as well as how passionate the guild is to shot the next tier. One tool that can help a many is Pete Butler’s Roster progression Indicator. In order to usage this, you very first must sync her account over at swgoh.gg (notice how regularly that site is coming up?). As soon as your account has actually been synced, friend can enter your swgoh.gg character name in a text field and also it imports all your character data and shows in color-coded charts which characters of your are ready for a raid and which ones are not, organized by the conventional raid teams. This site is one of the most helpful raid tools on the web. Period.

When a Heroic Raid Becomes too Easy

What once seemed an impossible feat is currently something that is finished in 20 minutes. If raids begin clearing also quickly, civilization start lacking out on castle if they’re no legged in when they’re launched. Not all of us can be glued to our phones 24/7, so guilds have come up with solutions to this problem.

One attack in the first 24 Hours

Some guilds employ a rule by which each player is enabled to strike only when in the very first 24 hours. This absolutely still favors those who deserve to log in first, due to the fact that Phase among the Pit raid is by far the most basic to manipulate, as such racking up an ext damage, however it makes it so the the whole thing doesn’t gain finished while it takes someone to mow the lawn. The problems here is that some folks may not respect the rule, and also it can be tough to store track of that has struck once and who has actually maybe unable to do a few times. Security the leaderboard all day is not a fun point to do, therefore let’s look at an another popular option:

0-Damage registration Period

The 0-Damage Registration period is much easier than the One strike method. In it, players are given a time period (usually 6, 12, or 24 hours) in which they can send in one terrible awful character to score 0 damage. This is most common on Pit raids, wherein you have the right to target the side pigs if for some factor you must attack, which will still score a 0. The idea behind this is that if, as soon as the Registration duration is up, you room unable to play, you still gain last ar rewards. This is a famous practice since 1) that ensures that everyone has a opportunity to in ~ least obtain something the end of every raid, and 2) It’s apparent when who doesn’t comply. Any number other than 0 through their surname on the leaderboard way they goofed. What come do about that in the Dealing through Conflicts section.

The appropriate Team because that the Job

Some guilds have actually so countless Teebos the there’s a mad scramble to check out who can clear step 1 of aPit raid the fastest. Rather don’t really have a good Turn Meter squad put together and also are just beginning to strategize. Still much more are struggling with Tank Takedown phases that punish you tough if girlfriend don’t lug an appropriate team. Whatever the case, it’s a finest practice to try and bolster in everything are your guild is weakest. Take it the Tank Takedown, that instance: If you have actually several an excellent Jedi teams and also everyone burns with the simpler phases (2 & 4) you’re walking to have actually a much bigger influence on the success of your guild by functioning on a Chirpatine (see the Roster progress Indicator pointed out above) team or a jawa v TIE Fighter Pilot team to carry the pains to phase 3. Clear communication with the guild and paying attention to what is needed go a long method in raiding.

Wasting damage

Did you understand that if you finish a step while someone else is playing, every the damage they execute will it is in wasted? five sure, they’ll still acquire points for it, yet as much as clearing the raid goes, the damage could have been used somewhere else. This is only ever before an issue when you’re attempting a raid the is just within her guild’s capabilities and you’re close to the finish of a phase, yet it happens and it have the right to be the distinction of finishing or no finishing a Heroic raid. In this kind of situation, the is that the utmost prestige that you’re calling out when you’re going in and when you’re finishing your runs in your team chat. This is the solitary biggest factor you need good communication.


In the Pit raid, every Phase gets increasingly harder, for this reason there’s no allude in waiting to walk in. Each phase that passes provides it harder and harder for you come do great damage. The Tank Takedown doesn’t exactly work choose that however. Any type of experienced Tank Taker-Downer deserve to tell you that the large damage comes in Phases 2 and also 4. What that deserve to lead to is people waiting to send their teams in until Phase 1 is cleared by someone who takes one for the team. They climate send their best squads in to rack up large scores in the straightforward phases.

Look, this is person nature. World want to be number one, and this is a strategy to help them get there. All I deserve to really to speak is to shot and it is in considerate. Not everyone is awake at Roster update Time (midnight in your leader’s timezone), for this reason a most folks only ever get come play the more difficult phases. If you acquire a couple good runs in on step 2, possibly it’s time for bed. *steps turn off soap box*

Dealing with Conflicts

the nuclear option

Being one Officer isn’t all sunshine and also rainbows. It’s funny being the one that launches the raid, recruits new players, cheers her troops on to victory, and clarifies rules or strategy. But another part of gift an officer is fair discipline. Handing out punishments is always awkward, yet it’s vital part of any healthy group of people. Those who don’t follow the rules need to pay the price.

Types that Offenses

It would certainly be impossible to create an exhaustive perform of what have the right to go wrong within a guild. Yet the most typical issues are:

Violations of Raid Etiquette – together in attacking out of rotate or during a zero-damage period.Inactivity – If lock don’t play enough to fulfill minimum guild requirements, they’re no going to be devastated when they log in in and also see naught in the Guilds area.Bad perspective – Whether your guild has actually spelled the end a code of conduct or not, some world are just bad apples. If someone’s gift a jerk in-game or in chat, girlfriend may simply be much better off there is no them.

How to Handle Offenses

It really is as much as you to decision what rules make sense for the form of guild you’re in. For instance, an violation punishable through dropping in one guild might be fair video game in another. The essential thing is that you’re clear v the rules and also expectations and also that you’re consistent with enforcement. Some enforcement methods that have actually proven effective in the previous are:

Talk come Them

You set up a group on heat or Discord, right? have a one-on-one with the individual and also see if friend can obtain an explanation or if there was just a misunderstanding or something. Rather often, contacting an individual member about something they are doing not correct corrects the habits without much need for punitive action.

Sit out the next Raid

If a player’s not complying with the rules of a raid, making lock sit the next one the end is a form of punishment that doesn’t show off banishing them entirely. It’s simple to tell that participated in a raid also after it’s completed, simply as long as girlfriend don’t start a new one the the same kind and tier as the one in question. Simply go to wherein you would certainly launch a raid the that form and tier and it should still show the Leaderboard native the last instance. If the party involved’s name isn’t ~ above the list, castle didn’t participate and also they’re in the clear.

The Dreaded Boot

There are some situations that you’re no going to be able to resolve. If someone falls short to sit the end a raid when that is your sentence, for instance. Harassment isn’t a huge problem in mine experience, yet it’s definitely something that might get who dropped. Just remember: recruiting deserve to be a the majority of work and also it can take a while to discover a an excellent guildmate, however if someone has to go, they have to go. If someone is together a trouble that they have actually to get booted, whoever you recruit to fill their point out will almost certainly be a far better fit.

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While every guild is different, we do all share a few things: we all want to have actually a an excellent time and also we all choose to earn rewards. No issue what type of guild you’re in, we should all it is in striving to enhance in some way. Otherwise, what’s the point? hope this has actually helped in some means to burned some light on the inner operations of guild life. Happy guilding!

Have any kind of other finest practices? What did we miss? allow us know in the comments below.