NO DONATIONS ~ CLOSINGItems left will certainly be disposed of because that the safety of our team.

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3305 N. Central Expressway  Plano, TX 75023 

Store Hours

Monday – Saturday, 11:00am – 6:00pmSunday CLOSED

Donation Door HoursMonday – Saturday, 11:00am – 6:00pmSunday CLOSED

 NO DONATIONS after ~ CLOSING.Items left will be disposed of for the safety and security of our team.



3052 W. Northwest Highway  Dallas, TX 75220 

Store HoursMonday – Saturday, 10am – 7pmSunday 11am – 6pm

Donation Door HoursMonday – Saturday, 10am – 6pmSunday 11am – 5pm

NO DONATIONS after CLOSING.Items left will be disposed of because that the safety and security of our team.


3305 N. Central Expressway  Plano, TX 75023 

Store Hours

Monday – Saturday, 11am – 6pmCLOSED Sunday

Donation Door HoursMonday – Saturday, 11am – 6pmCLOSED Sunday

 NO DONATIONS after 6PM.Items left will certainly be disposed of for the safety and security of ours team.

Where purchase is Giving!

Our Thrift shop offer daily discounts and also online coupons to make certain you save EVERY DAY! Our two locations house thousands of gently offered treasures for her wardrobe and home in ~ a fraction of retail prices!

And did us mention..?

Proceeds from our sales walk directly earlier to the program benefiting our phibìc Texas community.

So if girlfriend think around it…whether you are shopping or donating, you room GIVING!

Where shopping is Giving!

SVdP Thrift Stores are where shoppers go to score huge and save!

Our 2 store locations house thousands of high-quality, gently provided treasures for her wardrobe and your home!

Clothing & Shoes: Men, females & Children

Jewelry & Accessories


Home Decor



Schedule a Donation pick Up

Have furniture or family items that are still in great condition, however you don’t use any type of more?Donating those gently-used items can adjust lives!

Proceeds indigenous the sale of your donation fuel the community programs which strengthen our phibìc Texas community!

Don’t allow your unwanted furniture or household items go to waste…put castle to good use by donating them come our thrift stores. Merely fill out the form, and we will concerned you!

*Pick-Up items must be placed outside of residence or within Garage. SVDP staff will certainly NOT be entering any residences throughout pick-ups. Please help us save you and our employee safe. For more information, please contact our donation hotline at: 214-373-7837 alternative 5



Donation Drop off Available

In Dallas Monday – Saturday  10:00am – 6:00pm In Plano Monday – Saturday 11:00am – 6:00pm

Dallas and Plano – Sundays 11:00 – 5:00pm

Load increase your car with your clothes or household items, and also next time you’re in the area close to our two store locations, drop on by! Visit our donation door throughout our Drop-off hours listed, and we will be happy to aid and provide a donation receipt!

Drop Off obtainable Near You!

We have 42 convenient drop-off bins for her donation items about the Dallas area. Usage the map below to discover a location…when friend arrive, just look for the blue box with our name on it!

At SVdP, her donated goods do great too!

All proceeds indigenous the revenue of gently used, donated items at SVdP go directly to the programs benefitting our phibìc Texas community, v the society of St. Vincent de Paul.

So, if you think around it…whether girlfriend shop or donate, you’re providing back!

Donation Drop-Off Boxes

We have 42 convenient drop-off areas for your donation items roughly the Dallas area. Just look because that the blue box v our name on it! ours two store locations also accept donations, however be sure to arrive prior to donation hrs end! 

Do you have furniture or bigger items? Fill out the pickup form below, or call us and we’ll involved you! 

Employment Opportunities

We are currently accepting applications! join us!

Our Stores room seeking fun, hard-working, high-spirited individuals looking to make a difference in the resides of those many in require in our phibìc Texas community. Positions encompass flexible hours, a family-oriented work environment and much more! Click below to apply and also join our team!

You can additionally make a difference by volunteering at one of our stores. Our crews of volunteer rave about the fun, high energy, family setting our stores provide…we want YOU to join us! 

Important Note: Because the the type of work-related we do, it’s necessary to stay the ideal shoes! Click the button below to learn an ext about attire and also other expectations for volunteer at the store.

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Are girlfriend a Conference Volunteer?

By volunteering in ~ our stores, you have the opportunity to earn save credit for your next-door neighbors in require through your neighborhood St. Vincent de Paul Conference? call Us to discover more.