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St. Joseph Parish

Proudly offer the West End, Beacon Hill, North station and

Government center Communitiesof Boston because 1862.

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"He ascended right into heaven and is sit at the ideal hand the the Father..."

Apostles Creed

Mass Schedule

Sunday: 9:00 am (LIVE-STREAMED) and 4:00 pm

Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 12:10 pm

The divine Rosary will certainly be prayed after the Wednesday Mass.

Confessions will certainly be heard 15 minutes prior to each fixed or in ~ anytime through appointment.

(LIVE-STREAMED Masses may be watched LIVE on our Facebook web page or at anytime following the mass on our Website.)



CHRISTMAS night - Friday December 24th, 6:00 pm

CHRISTMAS work - Saturday December 25th, 10:00 am


-If at all possible, we ask the you please log in to the listed below link and also register ahead of time.

We evaluate this as it will certainly greatly help us come best setup for each of ours services.


Christmas fixed 10 am

Christmas night Mass

Guidelines for Public Mass in ~ St. Joseph

We urge continued caution and also care in restroom safeguards because that all people with the

high transmission rate linked with the Delta different of the Coronavirus.

- Masks are recommended for all entering the Church, even if vaccinated. -- If you execute not have a mask, ask and we will be happy to provide you with one.-There is signage and directional arrows designating entrances/exits and also directions to walk increase or down aisles, come encourage society distancing. In addition, pews are marked off to additional encourage ideal distancing for world who space not in the exact same household.- We will give instructions during Mass because that safe approaches for receiving the Eucharist.- We will monitor the variety of people entering the Church throughout each Mass, and are prepared to enable people into the lower Church if us reach a safe capacity, where we deserve to celebrate Mass concurrently if needed.

We additionally wish to anxiety that:

if you are sick;part of a breakable population; or if girlfriend feel any kind of hesitation or fear at all, you re welcome remain residence for now. We will proceed to live stream our Mass as we have actually been, posting on Facebook and also our website, and also the dispensation that the duty to attend Mass remains in result at this time. Sign up with us in prayer in our live stream, proceed to pray in ~ home, and also feel free to call us if you room in need of anything - even just a conversation or contact!
Message from Fr. Joe:

2021 ChristmasTHE Christmas Story continues throughout Christmas 2021/2022What’s her favorite part. What account, what Christmas carols carry out the vision of your favorite image.The scriptures, events, characters, facts, symbols, mystery and history.The core of our Christian spiritual life: The secret and background of the incarnation.Think, reflect, pray and also seek the deeper meaning behind scripture and the Christmas events. As soon as we method the Christmas story with open up hearts and attentive minds it will come to be deeper, stronger, lovelier than ever.Somehow at Christmas it’s all ideal for united state all come be youngsters again…Kneeling in wonder prior to the an enig of the manger.It’s all best to it is in amazed at the indescribable star, in ~ angels in the sky, in ~ exotic magi worshipping a brand-new born baby. It’s weird comforting to imagine ourself in the darkness that a stable marveling in ~ the light of the birth of this child. Surrounded by animals, shepherds and also hay. At the crib we deserve to forget because that a minute the complexities and also anxieties of our lives and also our world.

The Christmas story touch a simpler place within us.The text of O holy Night, initially Cantique de Noel, were created by Placide Cappeau in 1847.The Carol reflects on the bear of Jesus as humanity’s redemption.Led by the light of confidence serenely beamingWith glow hearts through his cradle we standSo led by the irradiate of a star sweetly gleaming right here come the wise guys from orient landthe King of majesties lay thus in a lowly mangerIn all our trials born to it is in our girlfriend O holy NightTruly the taught united state to love one an additional His law is love and also his gospel is peaceChains shall he break for the slave is our brother and also in his name all oppression candlestick ceaseSweet hymns of pleasure in thankful chorus raise weLet all within united state praise his holy name The hymns and also carols, the scriptures and also prayers provide us hope. Despite the reality that we can not understand all things, we know that God has actually a plan. Us live right into God’s plan. Our lives build in mysterious methods - blessed space the functional for they shall not acquire bent the end of shape!Let’s journey this season through Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Let’s cast aside ours hopes and also expectations and also seek come live God’s will and remain open. As God’s civilization we celebrate a hope that is rooted in the reality of who we are. Our Scriptures offer us a structure in i beg your pardon we have the right to celebrate who we important are since of the bear of Jesus. Through the bear of Jesus, God blesses us v a relationship: a union with God through his just begotten Son.Indeed wise ones still seek him. In fact Jesus seeks our hearts, desiring to fill us and also to transform us v the light and life that just his love have the right to give. Through this we have the right to shine the irradiate in our human being as a world of peace and healing, a civilization of justice, compassion, and also understanding, a world who reach out to rather in need. Thank you Saint Joseph’s Parish and also parishioners for her generosity allowing us to be the gift the Christ’s light and life to those in need. Our homage at the manger is found in receiving and in turn sharing this gift because that the benefit of others in need. Once again the Christmas Story is lugged to life in ours church, Parish and community.Once again the irradiate of Christ conquers the darkness.Thank you each, thank you allGigaiag Fr Joe White

DAYS OF providing & grand ANNUAL

Last year in the middle of Covid 19 and our an extensive decrease in financial contributions we rallied because that an anniversary work of Giving. Ours church anniversary gift November 9, 1862 (160th next year 2022). This added fiscal effort assisted us considerably in paying our bills and continuing ours mission the outreach.Still living through a pandemic and also still affected by diminished offertory offering we again administer the day of offering opportunity and also our Grand annual opportunity. If you’ve to be considering such a gift please take action on it this month. If you’ve never added such a gift you re welcome let this be the year. We are many grateful, ns am many grateful to those that have noted financial help over the years. Particular gratitude come those of friend who have acknowledged our financial requirements with a pandemic duration gift and offering. Next year, 2022, our 160th anniversary we setup to identify the an excellent struggles the these past two years, the generous background of ours parish and also the particular generosities transparent Covid 19 and also the vulnerable and complicated times.My heartfelt gratitude for every you carry out with and for us.Please make your providing this November.Gigaiag God is an excellent and ns am grateful Fr Joe




Glorious mommy of God and an effective patron that all person endeavors, safeguard the city that Boston and all that dwell in it.

Intercede with your magnificent Son to bless it’s blue bay and rising hills; come bless its ancient streets and historic monuments; come bless its newest arteries one ever-changing face.

Within its borders ask him come sanctify those who live and also labor here; cause their works to prosper and also bring happiness to those who they love.Ask the to offer guidance come all who are called to carry out leadership in this community and also grant lock an ethical intelligence and far see wisdom.

For our city, O divine Mary, be a Morning Star lighting the daybreak; a Tower of cream color guiding those that wander; home of God providing shelter to all who are troubled.

As we pass through our fair city and also elsewhere be for united state a Refuge of Sinners and also a Comforter of the Afflicted and also then our critical hours, O Mary, it is in the gate of Heaventhrough i beg your pardon we might pass come eternal life.

Intercede through your divine Son, our Redeemer, that his Providence may watch over Bostonand that people; let his elegant strengthen, guide, defend and protect it’s every venture-oldand new; and also finally in all our aspirations and also actions, “as the was with our fathers, so might God be v us.”


Archbishop Richard J. Cushing

December 12, 1957


Thirty Days’ Prayer to Saint Joseph

IN respect OF THE 30 year HE spent WITH JESUS and also MARY

For any Special Intention

Ever blessed and glorious Joseph, kind and also loving father, and also helpful friend of every in sorrow! You are the an excellent father and protector that orphans, the defender that the defenseless, the patron the those in need and sorrow. Look kindly on my request. To you, love guardian the the household of Nazareth, do I walk for assist and protection.

Listen, then, i beg you, through fatherly concern, come myearnest prayers, and also obtain for me the favors i ask.

I ask that by the boundless mercy that the eternal son of God, which relocated him to take our nature and also to it is in born right into this world.

I ask that by the weariness and also suffering you sustained when you discovered no shelter at the inn that Bethlehem because that the holy Virgin, no one a house where the boy of God could be born. Then, being all over refused, you had to permit the Queen of heaven to provide birth come the world’s Redeemer in a cave.

I request by the loveliness and also power of that sacred name, Jesus, which you conferred top top the beloved Infant.

I ask it in that painful torture friend felt at the prophecy of divine Simeon, which asserted the kid Jesus and also His divine Mother future victims of our sins and also of their good love because that us.

I asking it through your sorrow and also pain the soul as soon as the angel claimed to you that the life the the boy Jesus to be sought by His enemies. Indigenous the evil setup you had to flee with Him and also his Blessed mother to Egypt. Ns ask the by all the suffering, weariness, and labors of that long and dangerous journey.

I ask it by all your care to safeguard the spiritual Child and His Immaculate Mother during your 2nd journey, once you to be ordered to return to your very own country. I ask the by your serene life in Nazareth wherein you met v so many joys and also sorrows.

I ask that by your good distress once the adorable son was shed to you and His mother for 3 days. Ns ask the by your joy at finding him in the Temple, and by the lull you uncovered at Nazareth, while living in the agency of the son Jesus. Ns asked through the wonderful submission He proved in His obedience come you.

I ask that by the perfect love and conformity you display in agree the magnificent order to impart from this life, and from the agency of Jesus and Mary. I ask it by the joy which filled your soul, once the Redeemer of the world, triumphant end death and also hell, gotten in into the possession that His kingdom and led you into it through special honors.

I ask it with Mary"s glorious Assumption, and also through that countless happiness you have with she in the visibility of God.

Oh an excellent father! i beg you, by all her sufferings, sorrows, and also joys, come hear me and obtain because that me what i Ask. (Here name your petitions or think of them.)

Obtain for every those who have actually asked my prayers every little thing that is beneficial to them in the plan of God. Finally, my dear patron and father, be with me and also all who space dear to me in our critical moments, that we may eternally sing the praises of Jesus, Mary and also Joseph.

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JESUS, Mary and also Joseph

“A blameless life,

St. Joseph,

May us lead ,

by your patronage

from danger freed"


St. Joseph"s NIN NID outreach program and use the Livestreaming Services

were recently recognized in these Beacon Hill time Articles:

Parish Program supplies Helping Hand To next-door neighbors In Need

St. Joseph"s uses an innovation to remove geographical Constraints

St. Joseph Parish desire to thank our neighbors at the WestEnd Museum, specifically for the great work they did in providing us this facts around the beginning of ours beloved church: St. Joseph roman inn Catholic Church. The West end Museum is a non profit, neighborhood museum devoted to the collection, preservation and interpretation that the history and culture of the West end of Boston. Visit them today at : thewestendmuseum.org/.