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One Punch guy
Speed-o'-Sound Sonic
through Tsume


principle art
Giorgia Lenz
3D sculpture
Fabiano Carlos Coelho, Patrick Tran, Cyril Farudja
Jose Ku Chio Lu
Guillaume Hemery, Eric Jolivalt, Mickael Gros
H: 20.9 cm; W: 11.8 cm; D: 17.2 cm

«Saitama! following time us meet, it’ll be your demise! I, Speed-o’-Sound Sonic, the can be fried ninja, will carry you under without fail!» Sonic to Saitama.

This XTRA through Tsume figurine the Speed-o’-Sound Sonic is an translate of his very first encounter with Saitama, while both were in the woods, searching for Hammerhead. We view him brandishing his ninjato, all set to carry out a full Frontal Attack, pull in his black color ninja jumpsuit reinforced v a few pieces that armor.

His dark hair is bound in a bun and the couple of crazy locks fall on his challenge let united state see his freeze blue eyes, emphasize by violet tattoos. We note that Sonic provides a determined, also murderous, look to his enemy, favor a predator the town hall his prey before inflicting the deadly blow. Us can also observe ~ above his confront that that wears a sadistic, also satanic smile…

Under the effect of his supersonic speed and shock waves, the dust rises native the ground, when its purple scarf is violently thrown back, similar to during his four Shadows burial attack. In addition, we an alert the visibility of grass on the basic which recalls the ar of the unanticipated meeting in between the 2 characters, in the woods. Back Sonic is extremely proud that his formidable ninja techniques and breathtaking speed, he will easily understand the he should not have actually tested lock on this stranger looking choose a Paradiser!

When trying to inflict a Wind Blade absent on him, that is accidentally wounded in his manhood, together a damaging pain for his ego! at this moment, that discovers in Saitama crucial adversary, although contempt nonchalant, and also ranks him as number 1 in his to death list. In one single punch, One Punch male stole his pride, to take it revenge, he need to stole his life!

This is how it ended up being the ultimate score of the can be fried ninja ...


Speed-o’-Sound Sonic character refers to several various other manga! First, that shares several things in common with Sasuke Uchiha in the Naruto manga: they are two ninjas, both obsessed through revenge and also in competition through the main hero.

Furthermore, us can notification that the clues under the cheekbones the Sonic are comparable to those the American football football player from an additional manga through Yusuke Murata, EyeShield 21.

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* : Allourproductsare collectiblestatues, not toys,theyare for peopleaged14 andolder. All parts aremanufacturedin limitededition. The statuesofferedfor sale are thosepresentedon thewebsiteof the TSUME LTD.withinthelimitofavailablestocks. Descriptions, info andphotographspresentingthe numbers are the mostaccuratereproduction possible, yet are because that illustrativepurposesand have actually nocontractualvalue. In an effort toconstantlyimprovethe qualityof itsproducts, the TSUME LTD.mayhave to have to change the patterns of itsproducts.