All tickets for Southeast Cinemas can be purchased through our cost-free app, accessible for download throughApple AppStoreandGoogle Play. This reduce touchpoints or human being to person call when entering the theatre, as your tickets will be stored on the app and easily accessible to it is in scanned from your phone.

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Before and also after every feature, chairs, armrests, handrails, door handles and cup holders room cleaned and also sanitized. These items are proved by administration prior come seating the following feature. All staff is compelled to undertake masks and also practice a high level of restroom & sanitation at all times.
Frequent cleaning and disinfecting of any type of touched surfaces, such together door handles, tables, chairs, concession stations, and restrooms will occur throughout the facility. Doors are propped open up where possible to provide easy and also touchless access. Hand sanitizer, soap and water, or comparable disinfectant space readily accessible to associates and guests.
All theater associates room screened prior to each shift. This screening consists of a temperature check, symptom check, questionnaire about exposure come anyone that has displayed symptoms, and also a signed paper attesting they to be checked, and also all information offered is true & accurate.
The following are minimum recommended health protocols for all movie theater customers based upon guidance from the CDC and state governments. These minimum health and wellness protocols room not a limit on the health and wellness protocols that individuals may adopt. Individuals are motivated to adopt extr protocols continuous with their particular needs and also circumstances to aid protect the health and safety of us all.
Maintain at least 6 feet separation from other individuals who room not attending the movie together. If together distancing is no feasible, other actions such as challenge covering, hand hygiene, cough etiquette, cleanliness, and sanitation need to be rigorously practiced.

Self-screen before going right into a movie theatre for any of the following brand-new or worsening indicators or symptom of feasible COVID-19: cough, shortness the breath, chills, recurring shaking, muscle pain, headache, sick throat, feeling feverish or a temperature in overfill of 100.0, and also known contact with a human is lab confirmed to have actually COVID-19

Wash or disinfect hands upon start a movie theater and also after any kind of interaction with employees, various other customers, or items in the movie theater.

Consistent through the actions bring away by countless individuals across the state, take into consideration wearing fabric face coverings (over the nose and mouth) when entering a movie theater, or once within 6 feet of another person that is not a member the the individual’s household. If available, people should take into consideration wearing non-medical grade face masks.

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Individuals aged 65 or older space at a greater risk of COVID-19. To the level possible, avoid call within 6 feet with people aged 65 and older. People aged 65 and also older must stay at house as much as possible.