Love and also Hip Hop Star Sofi Green is currently living in Brooklyn, brand-new York and also releasing songs and music. She is a experienced music artist and also rapper and also is right now focusing on she music career.

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Sofi green is renowned over society media. She has obtained over 50K followers on Instagram, and she often articles pictures. She is possibly single and can not be date anyone currently.

Love and also Hip Hop Journey

Sofi eco-friendly is a multi-talented singer-songwriter, rapper, actress, model, radio personality and TV host. It offers a perfect résumé to join the cast of Love and Hip Hop. She was actors in Season 7.


Sofi environment-friendly in Love and also Hip Hop. Snapshot source: main website that Sofie Green.

LHHNY star Sofi eco-friendly was born and also raised in Washington D.C. She belong to african ethnicity. She moved brand-new York from Brooklyn to chase her dreams. She was researching in brand-new York and eventually saw Atlanta, Georgia whereby she started recording music v Dallas Austin. The music producer Dallas has functioned with the large name of the music industry such together Whitney Houston, P!nk and also many more.

The-29-years old Sofi continued recording music and releasing couple of songs on assorted independent labels. Later on on, she held MTV2’s The week in Jams v Dj Envy and Charlemagne Tha God. However in 2016, she obtained limelight the most significant break that all the moment by joining Love and Hip Hop. She was cast along with Samantha Wallace in season 7 the Love and also Hip Hop: brand-new York.

A$AP Rocky and also Sofi green Dating?

Sofi green and A$AP Rocky were privately dating native 2012. However, the relationship did not last long. Castle parted ways in at an early stage 2013 due to the fact that A$AP Rocky was discovered cheating. Some source claims the Rocky had cheated on green once before, however that time she forgave him.


A$Ap Rocky and Sofi environment-friendly were secretly dating. Snapshot Source: every Acess Music and also Spin.

Sofi green is now possibly solitary and dating no one else. After break up v A$AP Rocky, she didn’t date anyone.

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Instagram and also Other society Media

Sofi environment-friendly gets fame after she was cast in Love and also Hip Hop: new York. She is well known on social media like Instagram, Youtube and also many more.