Smashburger Truffle Mushroom Swiss citizens is an amazing cheeseburger the you just have to try, The truffle mayonnaise take away a traditional mushroom Swiss burger end the top.

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Flavorful and Juicy Smashed Burger

Smashburger renders an remarkable flavorful hamburger. They usage fresh meat and season that simply and also they actually smash the onto the grill.

By wrecking the burger top top the grill, the meat develops wonderful browning and also the juices are seared on the inside. Their burgers space juicy, therefore hands down they make among the finest burgers you can obtain in a restaurant.

Recipe Ingredients

Here’s a list of what friend need:

Kosher saltGround black pepperSeasoned saltTruffle oilMayonnaiseWhite onionsCremini mushroomsButterGround beef chuckSwiss cheese slicesHamburger buns (use egg buns if available)

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Ingredient Notes

Let’s go through some of the ingredient in this incredible burger.

You will should use ground chuck because you desire beef that has a fair amount the fat in it. I favor to use ground chuck together it is around 20% fat. The fat provides the beef juicy. If you use ground round, you simply aren’t walking to obtain the same result. Any more fat and also the beef flavor won’t come through.

This citizens is a truffle mushroom swiss. You will should use truffle oil to flavor up her mayonnaise.

Most grocery store stores sell inexpensive truffle oil. You can also purchase truffle oil online. Due to the fact that we room mixing it with mayonnaise I would not invest a lot of money top top it.

Finally, we will use an egg bun. If they room not available at her grocery store, you can use brioche or potato buns.

How to do Mushroom Swiss Burger v Truffle Mayo

Combine salt, pepper, and seasoning salt to make a seasoning mix for the burgers and mushrooms and onions.Prepare the truffle mayonnaise by mixing with each other mayo and also truffle oil.Cook the mushrooms and also onions in butter till they space softened and slightly browned. Season castle while they space cooking.Divide the ground beef right into 8 equal portions and use her hands to press them into balls.Cook the beef balls by wrecking them into a warm skillet and also seasoning castle while cooking.Flip over the citizens patties in the skillet, season lock again, and also top them through Swiss cheese.Spread truffle mayonnaise on top and bottom buns.Build the burger by placing a burger through cheese on the bottom bun, then mushrooms and also onions, an additional burger with cheese, much more mushrooms and onions, and also finally the top bun.

How to do Smashed Burgers

To quit the burgers ~ above the grill or skillet you might want come wrap a big can or brick through foil or use another skillet to smash the burger right into the grill.

You can likewise use 2 spatulas and really push the meat ~ above the grill.

I favor to cook these burgers in a cast iron skillet. Steel skillets are right for browning meat, as they conduct heat an extremely well.

These burgers will cook rapidly. Lock will cook in just about 2 or 3 minutes.

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I understand you space going come love this burger as lot as i do. You only need a few key ingredients to make one of the ideal hamburgers at home.

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