“It walk not matter how slowly you go, as lengthy as you carry out not stop.” ~Confucius

Think of one of your goals, and imagine achieving it…right now. It’d feeling great, right? because that a bit, yeah, yet the emotion would most likely wear off pretty quickly. It typically does.

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Why is that? It’s since of a trait we all share, a hatchet coined “Hedonic Adaptation”. To sum it up, we love the thrill that the chase, however the satisfaction we get from recording the point we to be chasing just lasts a tiny while. Shortly after, we find something rather to chase, and also the bike continues, i beg your pardon is why it’s likewise known together the hedonic treadmill.

It deserve to sound ungrateful or pessimistic if us look in ~ it v the never-satisfied lens, or it can be accepted and also used as a powerful tool for increasing motivation.

Sure, we don’t get lasting satisfaction from recording something, however we love the chase the entire time…no matter how long the lasts.

We love the follow so lot that the moment we record one point – accomplish a score – we automatically start in search of the next thing to operation after.

So, while it’s amazing to grow exponentially and crush your objectives as fast as possible…


All the this isn’t to say that reaching the destination and achieving purposes isn’t awesome. It definitely is. The suggest is to consider whether girlfriend care more about one moment in time – the moment you record what you’re chasing – or all of the moments that bring about it, combined.

Running about aimlessly is nowhere near as thrilling together a chase, so always have a score in sight, but remember the it’s the progress itself that provides you consistent, lasting joy.

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So, don’t worry if it’s taking much longer than you thought it would. Simply keep making progress.