We space being asked to calculate for the warmth of hydration of silver nitrate making use of its lattice energy and also heat of solution.

You are watching: Silver nitrate has a lattice energy of −820.kj/mol and a heat of solution of +22.6kj/mol.

Lattice energyrepresents the power released when 1 mole of one ionic crystal is developed from its gaseous ions.

The heat the hydration of one ion is the quantity of warmth released whenone mole of the ion dissolves in water.

The heat of the solution, is enthalpy adjust related come the dissolved of a problem in a solvent.

The equation listed below relates the lattice energy, heat of solution, and also heat that hydration:

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Silver nitrate has actually a lattice power of 820.kJ/mol and also a warm of systems of +22.6kJ/mol. Calculate the warmth of hydration for silver nitrate.

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