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Sl. 55. B. 2.

Double. D. 55. Inch.

Ultra. Hd. With resolution at a 3840 by 2160. Has hdmi interface as an power saving check out here usb serial buzz edge led slam super vivid.

Blah blah. Blah. 4k hd associated all right let s see here and that s my recital and also below. I m going to be rerelocating this and also sliding it on the side.

So you deserve to watch what it looks prefer sitting up below. So here. We go okay. I m about to remove it out of this box.

Here below are the two legs that are going to affix to the bottom of the tv ideal below around to pull a tv out ideal currently okay the tv comes wrapped in the plastic. I understand it s the actual deezy created the tv s building and construction. There s choose an aluminum steel..


I sort of favor that a plastic appropriate below on the second right here. I m going to take it off the puss. So you have the right to get a far better look display. Protector or a foam screen protector here.

We go let me pull it out as plastic below. Okay. Let s take a look at the back side. This is the ago as you deserve to check out right here we have actually component inputs earphones and best below this is an electric electric digital and put inside of optical optical so this don t have actually an optical cable output.

But it does have actually a coaxial electrical digital output and also you have to hdmi ports hdmi one and also two on the bottom hdmi three and four on the side rf. Coaxial and also play and the usb port ideal here and on the earlier. You have ideal below. Two here and also 2 on the various other side for wall mounts.

So much looks pretty solid building and construction. All this appropriate below is prefer some type of it is an aluminum. But looks pretty solid. But much less i expect let me stick the legs on it and also then we ll gain it put on the table.

So you have the right to gain a better look at it oh genuine quick. One thing. I forgot to point out was the power cable see this power cable doesn t come out prefer a lot of tvs. Do you have the right to t just unplug.

It and also put it up its developed in so you won t be shedding this power cable. But if it happens to go bad you type of sol well not really not if you understand anypoint around electronic devices. You have the right to simply splice it or go on the inside and also solder somepoint up. But either means go yeah.

It doesn t have actually a power cord. You can take in and out. But that that s not a variable in my situation ideal below we have some on the earlier side control buttons stand also by channel volume menu and also input selection okay i m around to pop the legs on and also sat on a table..


So you can gain a nice excellent look at it oh right here you gain a bag with a remote regulate. Some quick and babsence choose a quick put up overview. Some batteries and their two screws that we re going to use to put the legs on the bottom of the tv. Wait okay i simply put these legs on it s fairly simple to put on all you calls for a phillips screwdriver.

So and also they re pretty. I m good material well it s an additional aluminum. Some aluminum legs. But it still tright here unless someone is prefer pulling on a tv or hanging on it it s going to be pretty sturdy.

Okay. Here we have the silo remote manage. Now it s really lightweight and also it feels feels incredibly inexpensive compared to my lg remote ideal here appropriate they look comparable around the exact same dimension. But the quality of building and construction is certainly different i don t recognize why this one is so a lot heavier this is my lg.

But hey if i push the butloads and also the work-related then we acquire. So right here we go ah watch here is quite substantial press. The power on check out view what happens below looky. There we go took a 2nd shade alideal right right here well we have setup wizard tv area residence mode go the next action that s what we ll carry out language is english yes.

Go the following action. I am main conventional time okay they like same time. I have actually no concept you understand i don t understand i don t put all the matic on news. We re gonna go following air cable.

I don t have either i am everything using internet. So go the following step. But i wish stick it let me skip let s watch below wright here is the skip you view skip. I don t check out skip so we re just going to exit hit.

The menu switch. Wright here is the food selection button best below. Okay alright and tells me the please uncover channel..


Please run china auto shave the right to ago. I don t really require trying to auto scan let s simply go to hdmi one. And that s what i have my playstation associated to of course. My playstation is currently 4k.

So it s going to come up at 1080 1080 p. Hmm. Who s in the kitchen. Then actually adam well.

I have the right to tell you don t look so negative. Even for 1080p it looks really good and for 200 for a 55 inch ultra hd television wet tuner. I would certainly say it s pretty excellent i don t have the 4k. I m compatible or to 4k ps4.

I arrangement on picking up one i wasn t certain if i needed one or not yet largely all i m came to through is is a tv worth also. 3 or 400 um. So let me see if i let me start the game up. Here this is what i play i play fallout fallout.

4. And yes so elder scrolls online. I offer some volume let s see what the speakers are prefer oh i obtained my earphones playing out there. We go their goal best right here is energy sable sky 116 dollars a year.

You understand just how a lot your wife. Tell you then go you know let s view what it check out ago out of below to get a lot game let s look at somepoint choose netflix currently of course netflix is going to strain. My 1080 bereason that s the capabilities of on playstation 4. But later as soon as i upgrade it must be it need to be qualified 4k or if i go out and buy the new chrome or the amazon streamer or a brand-new roku whatever is capable of 4k streaming.

I ll be able to provide give my intake on its 4k capcapacity go party. But as much as also also for 1080p 55 inch tv for 200 you can t be tbelow alideal. But i did watch i did notification something though best here you deserve to watch it watch this this little bit uh little bit light spot there i m gonna store on that because i ll understand if this part of it simply in and uh..


If it s simply defective tv. Um. Everything looks great dvery own right here. Oh.

See your god item of plastic. That i didn t i didn t pull all however and i led to a little light blimp appropriate tbelow. And it s nowbelow else on the screen nowright here nowright here else. But best tright here so what i ll be doing.

Today is i m going earlier to the area wbelow i purchased the tv and i m asking them that this is normal. If all the tvs have that same light resource screen currently from appropriate tbelow neck that bottom edge. And that that s normal currently for 200. It is acceptable.

Oh yeah real quick genuine quick. I expect it don t really bvarious other me. Too much so do you still see i m not sure if i still see it or not exciting let s watch oh no i simply plating points pizza top quality is decent. So if you re simply searching for economic price tv for about two to 3 hundred dollars for 55 and also ultra ultra hdtv is excellent i provide it one them up out of 2 for economically priced televisions.

Besides this is going to be for my youngsters s on bedroom and also you cannot go wrong via it i m sorry so this right here is the silo. It is the silo 55 inch oats elevated doing version sl55 b2. Double d series look for the deal. I understand somewhere up tbelow they obtained it on a distinct for me gotta let the low price of 199.

And i m loving it signing out from the continuous male s testimonial. It favor or don t prefer whichever. ” ..

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