The Silicon Valley progressed Water Purification center offers free tourism to the public that to mark the progressed water purification process, recycled and also purified water, and also potable, or potable water reuse together a in your ar controlled and also drought-resistant water supply.

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All in-person tours room canceled until more notice. A digital purification center tour is under advancement and will be available to the general public soon. Please examine this site for updates and also to sign-up for a digital tour.

The award-winning facility uses progressed technologies to purify an additional treated wastewater, i m sorry is cure water that has been cleaned twice before going v the progressed purification process, and it is comparable to flow water. The purification center produces clean, high-quality water utilizing microfiltration, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet light.

The an outcome is eight million gallons a day of very purified, progressed purified water that meets California’s drinking water quality standards. NBC bay Area sent a sample the water native the purification center to an independent laboratory to it is in tested, and it passed through flying colors!

Sign-Up for Purification facility Tour

Sign up because that a complimentary tour that the SVAWPC, the largest plant of its kind in north California, and a showcase of how water reuse will grow as a drought-proof, environmentally trusted water it is provided in the coming years. Tourism registration closes when tours are totally booked and also will not display on the tour registration page.

The purification center is situated at 4190 Zanker Road, san Jose CA 95134.

Innovation for Future Water SupplyThe Silicon Valley progressed Water Purification Center, the largest plant of its kind in north California, is the focal allude of the Santa Clara sink Water District’s recycled water expansion.

The $72 million modern facility obtain secondary-treated effluent indigenous the surrounding San José-Santa Clara local Wastewater Facility and also purifies it come a really high top quality using proven purification processes—microfiltration, reverse osmosis, and also ultraviolet disinfection.

The an outcome is eight million gallons a day of extremely purified water the is intended to match California drink water quality standards.

The highly purified water produced at the purification facility is combined with the recycle water supply developed at the local wastewater facility to enhance its quality and also expand its consumption via the south Bay Water Recycling system.

Total dissolved solids (TDS) room a good marker of water quality and also it’s the key factor the non-potable recycle water users are concerned with. The extremely purified water produced at the purification facility has an mean TDS concentration of around 40 milligrams per liter.

The enhancement of this purified water to recycle water to reduce the recycle water TDS levels from the 2013 average of 750 ppm to the target 500 ppm, therefore making a an excellent product even better. This enhancement in water top quality will allow for a broader use of recycled water for a selection of purposes, such as irrigation, commercial and industrial. Because that example, with reduced TDS industrial customers would require much less pre-treatment to prevent scaling, if landscape users would check out reduction in leaching to eliminate excess salt indigenous the soil. (Click thumbnail come enlarge chart)


The facility demonstrates proven modern technologies to create highly purified water that can be provided for a selection of purposes, consisting of potentially widening Silicon Valley’s future drinking water supplies.

The water district, i m sorry is the largest funder through $47.5 million, owns and also operates the facility. The City of mountain José has provided $11 million. The purification facility has received $8.25 million indigenous the commonwealth American Recovery and also Reinvestment Act and $5.25 million native the California department of Water Resources.

See more: Tak I Just Want To Break You Down So Badly Lyrics, Taking Back Sunday Lyrics All participants space subject to security examine via state-issued driver license or passport provision.