Everyone’s make mistakes ~ above this week’s illustration of Siesta Key. Juliette continues to let Alex overlook her feelings, Alex doesn’t take Chloe’s sleuthing an abilities seriously, Kelsey comes at Garrett every wrong, and everyone sleeps on Shelby. Shelby is certainly Siesta Key’s newest and greatest MVP that doesn’t care around anything however spreading the truth as much and vast as a tiki bar will allow.

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We wanted to acquire a handle on every the shouting native the driveways of Sarasota’s most affluent residents, so we dubbed up superfan (and Cosmo’s most committed live-streamer) Spencer Pratt to acquire his thoughts on the situation. That (and Heidi) absolutely had feelings around what’s walking on in The Key.

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On Alex purchase “new sheets” together a means to make up for (maybe?) cheating top top Juliette:

Uh, whoever said “they certainly had sex” is for sure right, because that to be my believed too. The only reason you’re buying new sheets after providing someone “a place to sleep” is since there room some stains up in there. The didn’t desire Juliette and Chloe to role up the next morning through a UV irradiate saying, “Welcome come Forensic Files.”

Also, if you’re getting new sheets, friend may also be acquiring a new bed. Ns would do the entirety shebang.

I’m not going come tell Juliette what to perform with she life, however if my boyfriend told me that was obtaining “all new sheets” after some girl slept end platonically, mine next speak to would be to mine primary care physician. “Hello? Does my insurance covering labs? I should be experiment for...everything.”

On Juliette’s connection with Alex: My concept is the Juliette doesn’t care if Alex cheats. She just cares when it’s on the show. In ~ this point, she need to either break up v him or it is in quiet. It’s a dignity problem now. Critical week she was saying “What about my friends?” Well, this week she must really start thinking “What around Juliette?” since that’s the human being who’s getting hurt on nationwide television.

On Alex saying “If i were come cheat top top Juliette, no one would know”:

As long as Chloe’s in The Key, that’s false. False! That’s fake news!

I love as soon as Chloe rolling up ~ above him at the tiki bar come ask “just a few more follow-up questions about the Porter case.” It’s like she to be wearing a wire. She’s got Canvas and Amanda sitting in a van behind the tiki bar waiting for Alex to admit his guilt top top tape so they can roll in and arrest him.

On Chloe not wanting to confront Alex at Amanda’s party due to the fact that “this is mine friend’s house and I respect her as well much”:

I to be like, Huh, as soon as did you start caring about what event you to be at when you yielded hot freaking scoop? I recognize that absolutely wasn’t the instance at the autism gala. Probably she want to autumn it in ~ an open house.

She just didn’t want to autumn it at Amanda’s house due to the fact that she wasn’t walk to give a story heat to the girl who broke her nose. Chloe forgives, however she never, ever before forgets.

She’s like, “You think I’m giving you this big story line at your party? No, no, no. You damaged my nose, ns will never ever fight at her house. I will have a nice time and send girlfriend a thank-you note and wait until I get ago to the tiki bar to really let loose. Enjoy never ever being in the credits.”

Chloe didn’t rake sand for two seasons simply to let anyone else have the spotlight.

On Shelby:

I love the this girl was just introduced and she’s already the MVP. She didn’t provide a shit around Alex or her own boyfriend. She was just out below telling the truth and she doesn’t treatment who to know it. Once Alex to be telling attracted to “get his girlfriend come shut the crap up,” Shelby’s perspective to drew was, “Dude, you close up door up. You’re lucky I day you.”

All early out respect to Drew. I understand he thinks he’s cool, gift Alex’s number two and all, control Alex’s boat due to the fact that he’s constantly the “Designated Captain” once the others acquire too drunk and all, however dude’s method out that his depth with Shelby. He knows he has actually no juice with her. He’s simply like, “Uh. Uh. Shelby. Shelby. Please protect against being honest.”

Alex, you want drew to phone call Shelby come shut the posesthe up? I got news: Drew’s no going to tell Shelby nothing. He’s going come buy her another YSL bag for this reason she doesn’t leaving him because that the means he lets you talk to her. If i were Shelby, I would certainly have broken up with drew right then.

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MTV has wanted Shelby to carry out the show because we filmed the pilot... Nobody believes you Alex as soon as will girlfriend stop and also just own your truth !?! more than likely never, coward. Https://t.co/I1roMTckf7

— Chloe Trautman (
On why he thinks Shelby is telling the truth:

Shelby’s a gangster. She to know she’s gonna have to be through Alex all the time if she’s dating Drew. She’s gained every factor to store quiet, yet she didn’t. She’s like, “That’s it. I’m done. All of you room scared the Alex. I don’t provide a shit.”

On Kelsey and Garrett:

I had actually dinner through Kelsey two weeks earlier and ns gotta it is in honest: it feels favor Kelsey still has actually serious feelings because that Garrett. She was shook anytime I pointed out his name. And this is 2 years post-breakup. She preserved saying, “He just acts for this reason different approximately me now. He’s adjusted so much.” Yeah, girl. He’s no your boyfriend. He’s composing 365 love notes for someone else now.

Her relationship with Garrett is the true story line. She desires a item of those brand-new muscles. He’s definitely doubled up due to the fact that they to be together.

Kelsey legitimately doesn’t understand what she wants. Ns think she wants all of the boys. She’s favor Heidi at 20: She wants skater boys. She desires football boys. She desires Italian boys. Kelsey’s the Heidi the this show.

On Kelsey confronting Garrett and Cara...and climate blaming she bad perspective on her mom’s MS:When Kelsey come up to start talking to Garrett, she didn’t say, “My mom has MS.” She said, “Your brand-new girlfriend’s a bitch.” That’s entertaining as hell but not the kind of power you desire to come in v if you’re make the efforts to get support. Ns don’t understand what Garrett reads, yet it’s certainly not minds, I deserve to tell you that much.

Cara was smart for trying to de-escalate though. I would never ever want beef through Kelsey if ns were Cara. Kelsey’s gonna wreck you though. And her mom’s going to be in the lift live-tweeting it and screaming, “That’s right!”

On Kelsey’s modeling career:When Juliette to be saying, “Kelsey offered up she career come take care of her mom with MS,” she was straight trolling. However it’s also kind that true.

In fairness to Kelsey’s hustle, she’s in every these photograph shoots top top IG every the time. It’s no Vogue, yet she’s absolutely got part brands backing her. She’s doing actual well in the commercial space. World are absolutely swiping up and also clicking the “link in bio.”

There’s some truth to the truth that her career would be various if she weren’t gift a great daughter and helping she mom.

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Pauly messaged me and said, “Take it straightforward on me. This show’s Broadway.” We’re coming in so warm that world have to article us around it now! It’s amazing that this is the illustration he was concerned about. You’re just going to jail, dude. It’s not favor you invested 20 minutes informing women come “shut the fuck up” in ~ the tiki bar.

Going to jail simply feels an extremely on-brand because that Pauly.

On Pauly gaining jailed for having actually weed:

Heidi to be like, “Oh my gosh, 20 grams of marijuana?” and also I’m like, “Heidi, this is the problem. In California, it’s legal without a clinical card. You buy an oz every day, and also that doesn’t even count edibles.” get your shit together, Florida.

It’s simply so strange just how messed up the political mechanism is that right here in California us can get an oz a day, if he’s facing a felony charge that’ll be on his document for any kind of job he’s not trying to get. We must legalize weed ~ above a federal level since what if Pauly decides he wants to start working and also not live turn off Beverly’s inheritance? Think about it.

On Alex having actually to bail Pauly the end of jail:

I just love the Alex is constantly talking around how rich he is, has actually all this boats, and also he’s over below acting favor there’s a big difference in between $1,200 and $1,500. It’s like, $300 much more bucks to get your cousin out? simply walk earlier over come the ATM and also pay the $2.75 convenience fee.

I did appreciate him standing as much as his dad though. He yes, really does want to aid Pauly out. He can’t have actually his butler in jail. Who’s going to remind everyone that Alex is aristocracy if Pauly’s in the slammer?

On Madisson and also Jared talking about their relationship on the beach:

I never thought I’d wish Ben were earlier on my TV, but here us are.

On Cara constantly trying to pick a fight v Garrett:

I acquire why she and also Alex were in a relationship now. Both that them have actually some significant social skills issues.

On the explosive struggle in Alex’s driveway:

Do they need to pay Alex’s dad as soon as they film inside the house? Is it normal to have a conversation v your girlfriend in your carport?

On Chloe’s mindset during the confrontation:

Spencer: This was Chloe’s best episode. She’s really trying to obtain that story line.

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Heidi: I want Chloe to be my friend. She’s loyal. She’s honest. She’s fierce. She sticks increase for she friends. Ns never had a friend choose that.

Alex was wrong to go off on her choose that. The should just listen instead of deflecting everything earlier to Chloe. All this “you can’t also keep a friend for much longer than a month” talk is not around Chloe. It’s around Alex.

On Alex’s attitude during the fight: It’s funny. That dude deserve to never no smile. I always wonder if he yes, really thinks he’s “The King that The Key.”

Dude, she’s talking about what a garbage human you are, and also you just have actually that grin on your face? He’s probably just thinking, “What a good shot. They got my brand-new Bentley in the background. That automobile was expensive!”

I’m sure he feeling untouchable. It’d be various if he ever before left Winterfell, but I think he’s continuing to be on Siesta Key forever. That’s his for sure zone. Isn’t his dad a lawyer? He’s walking to take over your ambulance-chasing business and also then hire part videographer to follow his son about too. I’ll recap that.

On Chloe and also Alex’s relationship:

There’s still a the majority of sexual tension there, i think. If they acquired their act together, they might be King and also Queen that The Key. Didn’t Cleopatra kill every one of her enemies? Hmm, sound a lot choose Chloe. She’s walk to poison you come death and also then narrate the following season.

On the females of Siesta Key:

I expect the brand-new generations of reality stars room all ~ above this level. I want much more of Kelsey’s reality distortion field. Ns want more of Shelby and her brave investigative reporting. I want more of Madisson and her enthusiasm for also the tiniest thing. I want much more of Chloe showing people that you can go from raking sand come pretending to sell houses.