Kelsey may have made a stupid of Garrett, but Juliette had the perfect setup in place to get earlier at her. 

When Siesta vital Season 1 illustration 8 obtained underway, Kelsey ongoing to flourish closer come Alex, and he asked she to go on a day in order come ditch Chloe\"s housewarming party. 

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This was a bitterness pill to swallow because that Chloe who wanted lock both there, and it just put Kelsey in a worse position with her clique than ever before. 

There is such a point as being a friend and Kelsey need to never have agreed to the day knowing that it to be going to do her the talk of the town. 

Alex chatted v his mother, and also he basically told her the he and also Kelsey had the potential to become a severe couple. Here\"s the thing: when Alex and also Kelsey space together ~ above screen, over there is zero chemistry. 


The really notion that they can ever be a thing in real life is laughable. Their date contained them attending a country bar, and also Alex wasted no time in chatting increase a an enig blonde. 

Kelsey was visibly mad, but she let the slide. This should have actually been yet an additional reason for she to reduced him off and move on with her life. 

While all of that was going down, Juliette to be trying her best to gain Garrett on her side, and all it took was for she to take it an interest right into him. 


They confided in each other around what castle thought around Kelsey and Alex, and also it seemed prefer a new relationship was on the cards. 

Madisson make the efforts to safeguard Kelsey as soon as Chloe and also Juliette trashed her for her actions. If you watch Siesta an essential online, friend will understand that there\"s a an excellent chance Alex and also Kelsey slept with each other after the Gatsby event. 

Chloe discussed that there were several various other rooms for she to change out of her wet clothing, therefore in her mind, lock slept together. 

Juliette offered this come her benefit when she met up with Garrett to film an practice video. She said him that Kelsey to be a liar and that she had actually been sleeping with Alex. 

Juliette is clearly constructing every one of the drama out of jealousy, however it\"s make for good TV, for this reason who space we come judge?


This sent Garrett right into a rage, and he called Kelsey to let her recognize he was done v her and also that she was to remain away from him because there to be no hope for them. 

Finally, Paul obtained arrested, and also nobody seemed to care since they every felt favor he to be a huge d-bag. Good for them. 

What carry out you think around the recent drama?

Sound turn off below!


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