around Sick Love

"Sick Love" is the third solitary from The Getaway, an album by the American rock tape Red hot Chili Peppers. Elton man performs ~ above the song which was also co-written through John and also longtime collaborator Bernie Taupin.

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Say goodbye to Oz and also everything you ownCalifornia dreamin" is a PettibonLA"s screaming you"re my homeVanity is blasted however it"s hardly ever fairI could smell the Prozac in your pretty hairGot a most friends, yet is anyone thereI don"t know yet it"s been saidYour love is more powerful than your headAnd this place is mine homeStick "n move you"re life in a quick worldGot a hefty laugh because that such a small girlBorn into it that"s for sureRivers get linked so lot stronger 보다 expected, wellSick love involves wash united state awayPrisons the perspectiveHow her vision it s okay corrected andSick love is my contemporary clichéPeople talk and tell girlfriend what you want to hearDo you really need an additional souvenirSuper heroes tend to disappearFame is just a cheat you view an north glassLeave you feeling thirsty and also so very fastChase your tail my infant it"ll be your lastI don"t know but it"s been saidYour love is stronger than her headAnd this ar is mine homeRivers get linked so lot stronger than expected, wellSick love pertains to wash united state awayPrisons of perspectiveHow her vision it s okay corrected andSick love is my modern clichéRivers get associated so lot stronger than expected, wellSick love concerns wash us awayPrisons that perspectiveHow her vision it s okay corrected andSick love is my modern clichéOpenly defective is the lover you chosen andA portrait she to be bound to portray

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Red hot Chili Peppers Red warm Chili Peppers space an American rock band created in Los Angeles in 1983. The group"s musical format primarily consists of rock with focus on funk, as well as elements from various other genres such as punk rock and psychedelic rock. Live, they combine many aspects of jam rock because of the improvised nature of lot of their performances. Currently, the band is composed of establishing members Anthony Kiedis (vocals) and Michael "Flea" Balzary (bass), longtime drummer Chad Smith, and also guitarist josh Klinghoffer, that joined in late 2009, following the departure of man Frusciante. The Red warm Chili Peppers have won 7 Grammy Awards and also sold end 80 million albums worldwide.

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In 2012 they were inducted right into the Rock and also Roll hall of Fame. Much more »