For those who don't care about the story the links are here (Google Drive):

Improved Subs

Original Subs

I started watching SMTM with the start of season 7 but I could barely speak any Korean at the time so I was super happy about these subs. It is kind of sad to see that the last episode was subbed months ago and the show is already over. So I decided to do my part and sub the entire 3rd episode.

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I've been learning Korean for the last 1.5 years (I spent 7months in Korea itself during that time) but I am by no means an expert in the language. I took it upon me as a challenge to myself to see how much I can understand and translate with my current knowledge. It took me well over 2 weeks of continous work with translating etc. but I learned a lot and I am happy that I can share the result with you.

But beware, my subs aren't nearly as good as those made by K-HipHop Subs, many of my translations may not be entirely correct or just straight up wrong. I tried my best with the tools I had and it is in no way comparable to what you know. I haven't watched the entire video that I rendered so there may be some subtitles missing or some formatting issues. Also often the subtitles overlap with the show's own subtitles making them somewhat hard to read, that was not intended as it looked different in the preview I used for making them. (Please tell me if you know a good program to hardcode subtitles with I really have no idea). I will try to fix these in the next upcoming days if I have the time. If people want it I can also give you the link to mine .srt file so you can add the subtitles yourselves in the right size and font.

Also this shouldn't be seen as an insult to the actual team that usually works on these subs. I respect them a lot and their subs are way better than mine. As I said, my primary goal was improving my Korean and the specific vocabulary used in the show the actual subs are more of a side effect.

Anyway, enjoy the show!

EDIT 1: Hey everyone thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate it! I rewatched the episode now and noticed some formatting mistakes (for example it often says instead of , or some subtitle lines are just missing entirely for some reason) and also I'm not happy with the video quality (the youtube clips of the show look so much better). I'll try fixing that the coming weekend as I probably won't have any time earlier. Yet today I rendered a new version of the subs where I changed the font size, outline thickness and added a background to improve readability. If you don't like it I'll leave the link for the old one up so you can decide for yourself.

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Because the feedback was so positive I'm also thinking about subbing the next episode, but the earliest I can get to it is in mid-february, as my exam period just started, so you will still have to wait some time :)

EDIT 2: I finally got around to getting rid of most of the formatting mistakes and found a source file with somewhat better quality. Regarding the recent update from the K-HipHop Subs team I probably won't sub episode 4 as they showed that they haven't abandoned it yet and I feel like my subs devalue their work to some extent, which I want to avoid. Rather than that I will maybe look into subbing YG's show "My Major is Hip-Hop" which will finally air on the 13th of January. If nobody volunteers to do it I will take it on myself to sub the first episode until early March.