So i guess there yes, really isn’t a rebirth round this season. Ahh, it’s for this reason sad. It’s the battle of the disses and the beginning of the power rounds in episode 7. Olltii, where are you when we require you?!

Note: Also, ns noticed the I had actually been using the dorn thread/discussion tag the totality time. I entirely forgot about my ‘Discuss Away!’ tag this whole time for this reason I’ll it is in resuming to using that tags again because that SMTM posts!

The illustration starts off through the diss round. Team Dean x Zico battle against Team DOK2 x Jay while Team Dynamic Duo is against Team Tiger Jk x Bizzy. I’m a little bit disappointed and conflicted in the my two predisposition groups (Dynamic Duo and also Tiger Jk x Bizzy) went versus each other. Just how are girlfriend going come pit castle up choose that and also make lock go versus each other? Nooo.

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Because ns watched the illustration raw and also I don’t know Korean fluently, ns didn’t know what the contestants to be rapping around so i was city hall it more for the reactions and also how the contestants performed.

Team Tiger Jk & Bizzy vs. Team Dynamic Duo

Because I’m therefore biased towards Wonjae, I wanted him to win so it’s unfortunate that he and also his team didn’t. I think the still did good though also though it’s obvious that cyphers and disses aren’t his thing. He’s much more of a performance kind of man so hopefully he’ll obtain to shine an ext in performance rounds. Nucksal and Woochan are so cute together; they’re prefer father and also son and it’s so cute see the rest of Team Dynamic Duo take care of Woochan. I think the was noticeable that Team Dynamic Duo was gonna victory though because 1) Woochan 2) Nucksal 3) Woochan + Nucksal were partners in the diss battle. They’re both strong individually (with Nucksal the course being a lot stronger but Woochan likewise proving that he shouldn’t it is in underestimated). Hanhae has always been great so the diss battle wasn’t anything too difficult for him. Return Team Tiger Jk x Bizzy lost and also Asol acquired eliminated, I’m simply happy to have actually seen Wonjae smile in this episode. That smiled the many in this illustration so far.

Team Jay x DOK2 vs. Team Dean x Zico (aka Dico)

I don’t care for this 2 teams as lot (nor carry out I care for the producers themselves) so ns wasn’t together hyped for this diss fight as much. However, mine Young B did good (he to be on fire) and also he made anyone go crazy v his diss. For this reason obviously, he has actually some power and also influence ~ above people and also he’s among the stronger team members. Everyone in Team Dico (I’m simply gonna speak to them the from currently on lol) are all pretty strong individually. Killagramz is most likely the the strongest team member, yet Hash Swan, Young B, and Hangzoo are all decent rappers as well. It’s both a blessing and also a curse the they’re all on the very same team because they will at some point have to compete versus one another. Team Dico won the diss round and I think it was well-deserved.

Performance Round: Hanhae vs. Killagramz

The power round began off yes, really strong, powerful, fun, and great. Ns wasn’t expecting to it is in this entertained so beforehand into the performance round. Team Dico ultimately determined to have actually Killagramz perform (it was between him and Hash Swan) causing Hash to be got rid of from the show. Meanwhile, Team Dynamic Duo made decision Hanhae as their representative performer.

Killagramz is a strong rapper nevertheless of what song he’s given. I think he functioned with what the was given with his power round, however I execute think his performance worked less in favor of him. Instead of being his performance, it felt choose a track and also performance made for Dean and also it’s unfortunate since the song is yes, really good. I just wished the they could have gave more time because that Killagramz because he is the contestant overall. I appreciated the performance and also the monitor (it’s at sight catchy), yet in terms of the present itself, it didn’t really aid Killa. He was only offered one verse and also then disappeared halfway right into the performance. Ns dislike it when producers focus an ext on themselves 보다 the contestant they have to be helping so hope Team Dico doesn’t continue to do this in the future or rather their entirety team and also them will certainly be got rid of (but they famous too though so if Killagramz does victory the power round ns wouldn’t it is in surprised).

Hanhae’s performance was additionally wonderful and also well-performed. Everything about it simply felt, looked, and sounded right. It to be smooth. No one messed up, Dynamic Duo gave him his time in the spotlight together it must be, and the special of Chungha (IOI) lightened things up once the performance appeared to be acquiring a tiny dull. Also, no to mention that Hanhae looked FREAKING impressive in his outfit and then to check out him do so confidently v so much grace and also elegance — ahh it was really the perfect combination. I actually obtained goosebumps if watching his performance due to the fact that everything to be so good and fun. I think it’s ironic and also funny that Team Dynamic Duo to be the least renowned producer team, yet they’ve to be pretty regular so much into this season. The producer themselves obviously understand what come do and also they’re maybe to help their team members themselves improve. This is such a surprise because no one wanted to it is in on your team, however Team Dynamic Duo is more than likely the many stable and also decent team top top the display (along v Team Dico I would certainly argue). Hanhae’s performance as whole was great.

It’s conflicting due to the fact that I delighted in both Killa and also Hanhae’s performances. They to be so various from each other with Killa’s being a lot an ext fun and also upbeat and also Hanhae’s being much more mature, classy, and also sophisticated, however both still being nicely delivered and also performed to us. The illustration left united state on a cliffhanger of who won the performance round so i guess we’ll need to wait to see who wins. When I prefer both contestants themselves and their performances, I have actually a feeling that Killa won (but I’m likewise really hoping that he didn’t so that Hanhae have the right to stay ~ above the show). Ahh, what to execute what come do.

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And also, Mnet’s editing is tho the same crappy modifying it’s been since episode 1. Why is it favor this? Lol.