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Serafina sequel comes July 12 native Disney Hyperion

Serafina and the Twisted employee is follow-up come bestselling debut novel


ASHEVILLE, N.C., may 17, 2016 / -- The very anticipated sequel come the bestselling mystery-thriller Serafina and also the black color Cloak is set for nationwide relax on July 12.


The very anticipated sequel come the bestselling mystery-thriller Serafina and also the black Cloak is set for nationwide release on July 12.

New York time bestselling writer Robert Beatty writes imaginative fiction for middle grade and young adult readers from his house in Asheville, N.C. His debut novel, Serafina and the black color Cloak (Disney Hyperion, July 2015), is a spooky mystery-thriller about a brave and also unusual girl who resides secretly in the basement the the Biltmore legacy mansion throughout the so late 1890s, and the secret that just she deserve to solve. The highly anticipated sequel, Serafina and also the Twisted Staff, is set for nationwide relax on July 12, 2016.

Serafina and also the Twisted Staff, from author Robert Beatty and publisher Disney Hyperion, continues the adventures that an inexplicable 12-year-old girl that lives concealed away in the basement of the cool Biltmore heritage in phibìc Carolina throughout the 1890s. The 2nd in a collection of three publications written because that both adults and also children (ages 8 and also up), Twisted Staff mixes history, an enig and fantasy, all against the backdrop of the rough beauty the the Blue Ridge Mountains and also the opulence that the Gilded Age.

Early worship from Kirkus Reviews states Twisted Staff is "Even much better than its predecessor, a sequel that delivers non-saw thrills from start to end." (Starred Review)

In Twisted Staff, Serafina is beginning to come out of the shadows. She find herself caught between two civilizations – the formality of Vanderbilt aristocracy and also the wild means of the forest. She and also her friend Braeden Vanderbilt have to solve a new set that mysteries together they confront their darkest opponent yet. "Serafina"s human being is expanding and changing," claimed Beatty. "She"s comes to terms through her past and facing severe challenges. She and Braeden have to be braver and also smarter than ever."

Since its release last year, Serafina and the black color Cloak to be on the brand-new York Times finest Sellers perform for 20 weeks. The has additionally appeared on the finest seller list of Publisher"s Weekly, USA TODAY, Barnes & Noble, Amazon and also independent bookstores. It to be selected by the southern Independent Booksellers Association as representing the "best in southern literature," and also has won plenty of honors on Recently, that was named a finalist because that the reputation 2016 pat Conroy Southern book Prize. A quick favorite because that teachers and also students, the publication is gift taught in hundreds of classrooms across the nation and has appeared on summer reading and Battle of the publications lists.

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Serafina and the Twisted Staff is obtainable for pre-order now at bookstores nationwide or on Amazon at The Summer publication Tour kicks turn off July 9 with stops in urban throughout the Southeast, consisting of Asheville, Charlotte, Hickory, Greensboro and Raleigh-Durham, N.C.; Greenville, Spartanburg and Columbia, S.C.; Knoxville and also Johnson City, Tenn.; and the metro Atlanta area. Visit for more information ~ above Serafina and also the Twisted Staff and also the Summer book Tour.

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