Have you ever wondered if Sebastian indigenous The little Mermaid is a crab or a lobster? ns did too a if ago. Yet then I determined to look at a bit much more into this entirety crab lobster controversy.People have been wondering from the start why Sebastian has actually this kind of lobster look. And also even Disney themselves appeared a bit perplexed at times. Also though they proclaimed that Sebastian is a crab, the Disney save actually marketed a Sebastian plushy dubbed “Sebastian the lobster” because that a while.

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Sebastian is a crab and also not a lobster since his physical functions like missing lobster antennae and also lobster tail, his small size and many much more reasons do it difficult that the is a lobster. He, among others, even calls himself a crab in The tiny Mermaid movie.There room actually a many indications that support the claim that Sebastian is a crab. So, right here are the 11 factors I found, why Sebastian is certainly a crab.

1. That does not have actually lobster antennae

Crustaceans favor crabs and lobsters typically have two pairs that antennae (also referred to as “feelers”) in front of their mouths meaning they have actually 4 antennae – 2 short and 2 lengthy ones.In lobsters, the long pair is an extremely prominent and big because they are sensors that are essential to orientate in the murky environments they live in in ~ the bottom that the ocean. They need them since they walk along the s floor in ~ night trying to find food. Their little antennae are additionally called antennules and are supplied for smelling.As you deserve to see in the picture, the the lobster has actually really long antennae. But Sebastian has actually no visible antennae at all. Due to the fact that the antennae are so importent for lobsters, it would be strange to leave them the end of the drawings of Sebastian.Crabs do but have pretty little antennae to start with and in some types they space so tiny that you can’t really watch them in ~ all.

2. He does not have actually a lobster tail

Altogether, their body shape looks quite various though. The crab is an ext round if the lobster has a very elongated body, i m sorry brings united state to the next point.
This is most likely the most obvious difference between a crab and also a lobster: the crab walk not have actually a tail. And since Sebastian walk not have a tail either, he can not be a lobster.Other than that crabs and lobster likewise have miscellaneous in common: they both have a shell and 5 pairs of foot of i m sorry 4 room walking legs and also the one in the front are the claws (pincers).

3. If he were a shining red lobster he would be dead

If Sebastian yes, really were a lobster, his shining red color would it is in a serious reason for concern because lobsters only ever before turn that red once they room cooked!Normally they have actually a greenish-brown or bluish-green shade as you can see top top the living lobster top top the left next of the picture. This help them blend in through the ocean floor, therefore predators can’t find them as easily. ~ above the best side, you deserve to see what a lobster look at like as soon as it is cooked.This transition in shade is resulted in by a pigment called astaxanthin the is discovered in the shells of lobsters and crabs. Once they are alive the colors is stored inside a membrane in the shell, however when they are cooked the membrane breaks because of the heat and the red pigment becomes visible.The allude here is the that method that Sebastian would be sort of a zombie lobster if he were such a bright red lobster. There are however many naturally red crabs, an interpretation he can conveniently be a glowing red crab without having actually to be cooked to achieve that complexion.

4. There room lobsters in The small Mermaid yet they look at different contrasted to Sebastian

During the scene of Sebastian’s song “Under the Sea” we check out all type of fish and also sea creatures come together to sing. And also there are also lobsters: One blue lobster and five regular brown lobsters.How execute I know they room lobsters? have actually a look at the adhering to video. As I described in suggest 1 and 2, lobsters have actually long antennas and a tail, i m sorry crabs both don’t have.The blue lobster can be seen playing the north at 0:51 and also the brown lobsters can be seen singing and dancing in ~ 2:39.
Why is that blue though? The blue coloration in part lobsters is actually led to by a really rare genetic defect. Because of this defect, they produce more of a specific protein 보다 they usually would, which outcomes in the blue color.It is approximated that just one in every 2 million lobsters is blue. Other rare colors encompass orange and also yellow.The other lobsters in the video are however ordinary lobsters in a brownish color. Other than from the color, they seem come look the very same as the blue one.This mirrors that Disney certainly made a clear distinction between crabs and also lobsters and that Sebastian differs fairly a little from the lobsters.

5. Lobsters in the Caribbean execute not have claws prefer Sebastian

We recognize that Sebastian originates from the Caribbean, to be specific from Jamaica. So if he to be a lobster, that most likely would be a Caribbean lobster.But over there is a slim problem: Caribbean lobsters, additionally called the Caribbean spiny lobster, watch even more different to Sebastian 보다 the continuous American or europe lobsters do. Castle have substantial horn-like antennae, as you have the right to see in the picture, and they don’t even have prior claws!But because Sebastian does have claws and no antennae, that can’t probably be a lobster from the Caribbean.Additionally, the Caribbean lobster’s color differs from most other lobsters. They have a reddish-brown covering that is covered with several dark and also cream-colored spots. Sebastian is however only red.

6. Lobsters can not live external of the water

In the movie we watch Sebastian live in the ocean however he also follows Ariel ~ above land and also into Prince Eric’s castle whereby he safety days external of the water. Therefore he must be able to breathe both in the water and also on land.There space no lobster types that have the right to live on floor though. They every live in the water and can just survive top top land for a short time if they stay in a moist and cool place where their gills deserve to stay moist for this reason they can extract part oxygen native the air to the water on your gills.Some crabs can however permanently live top top land and some crab types are able to endure on both land and also water for long periods the time. Castle do have to keep their gills moist as well though if castle roam the land.

7. There room a lot of red crab species living in the Caribbean

So if Sebastian cannot be a lobster from the Caribbean, he should be a specific kind that Caribbean crab that deserve to live in the water and on land, no he? therefore let’s have a quick look at the Caribbean crab types that come into consideration.There are a red s crab and also a red floor crab that live in and also around Jamaica: the Caribbean king crab and the red floor crab (like the Gecarcinus ruricola). However both of lock don’t really inhabit both the land and sea and additionally don’t look similar enough come Sebastian, in my opinion.The Caribbean king crab, i beg your pardon is additionally called Caribbean spider crab, has actually legs that are method too long and also the red land crab looks also dark. One more red terrestrial crab is the Caribbean hermit crab. Part people believe Sebastian might be one but there is a problem.Sebastian is no a Caribbean hermit crab due to the fact that hermit crabs live in exit sea snail shells yet Sebastian go not bring such a seashell ~ above his back. When hermit crabs are external of their shell they additionally look much more like lobsters through a breakable tail yet Sebastian has actually a common crab body.

So, what sort of crab is Sebastian?

There are yet two crab species that room semiterrestrial, definition they live top top the seashore and are may be to remain in both the ocean and on land.One crab that stays on beaches in the Caribbean, consisting of Jamaica, and reminds me that Sebastian is the ghost crab (sometimes likewise called sand crab).
The ghost crab resides on beaches.The ghost crabs are tiny red or yellowish semiterrestrial crabs that gained their name from gift nocturnal and being able to disappear in the deep burrows of sand they destruction on the beaches – favor tiny ghosts.They can live on land and also on water, but they can’t stay in the water for also long. The just thing the is different from Sebastian is that the ghost crabs have actually stalked eyes. But alltogether, i think these small crabs look a lot favor him.The second semiterrestrial crab is the Sally Lightfoot crab which is additionally called red rock crab.
Sally Lightfoot crabs it seems ~ to be muscial choose Sebastian.Their looks and also their “dancing talent” actually reminds me a the majority of Sebastian. This crab resides at the seashore where it is regularly seen jumping with the shallow waters prefer a dancer (hence the name) in order come escape indigenous predators prefer moray eels. You can watch a video of them dancing over the water right here on Youtube.They are much more of a water crab however have adjusted to it is in able to likewise breathe on floor by hold water in your shell and pouring water over their gills every when in a while. Thus they can easily spend a many time top top land, like on rocks top top which castle feed.It doesn’t in reality live straight in Jamaica, however in the Galapagos Islands and on the west shore of main and south America. However you could argue that the west shore of central America is actually fairly close to Jamaica.In fact, the street from the Panama canal, which they can have come cross, to Jamaica is equal to a one-hour expedition by plane. It would certainly surely be controlled for Sebastian and his household to swim such a short distance if he can even swim to Europe or come Trinidad, whereby he checked out college according to the little Mermaid series. So, it would certainly be a piece of crab cake!So, in conclusion:Sebastian is most likely a ghost crab or a Sally Lightfoot crab. Both live in the Caribbean, favor Jamaica, or an extremely closeby. It is also possible that Disney combined characteristics that both this or various other crab varieties since lock are recognized for taking incentive to produce their very own kind of fictitious characters.

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8. He is so little that he fits into Ariels hands

Crabs are much smaller 보다 lobsters, at the very least most the them. When Ariel gets she legs and also Sebastian consequently has actually a little mental breakdown, she choose him up. You deserve to see just how tiny he looks in she hands.In the following video you deserve to see what I typical (at 3:53 min).