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*Based top top CMS’s Five-Star high quality Rating, 2021. Star Ratings space calculated each year and also may adjust from one year come the next.


*Based top top CMS’s Five-Star high quality Rating, 2020. Star Ratings space calculated every year and also may adjust from one year to the next. at mountain Vicente de Paul - helped Living Bronx NY at san Vicente de Paúl professional Nursing and also Rehabilitation Center has to be the care center of selection for family members in the Bronx and also surrounding neighborhoods due to the fact that 1992. The distinctive Mediterranean-style structure with a private garden supplies residential expert nursing services for people who require 24-hour care in a traditional nursing house setting, too as short-term rehabilitation that eases the transition from hospital come home complying with a serious illness, injury or surgery.


Long a cornerstone that the regional Latino community, at san Vicente de Paúl is distinguished by its really Latin cuisine and also regular occasions celebrating spain art, music and culture. Ours multilingual treatment staff recognize and respect the individuality of every human in your care, and are specialized to preserving an setting that boosts residents’ dignity and also independence and maximizes the high quality of your lives.


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ASSISTED LIVING program & LICENSED residence CARE company AGENCY

San Vicente de Paúl’s helped Living program offers housing for civilization with disabilities that wish to preserve their independence but require extra aid with tasks of day-to-day living. Eligible occupants of the program get services through our Licensed house Care organization Agency, which expand well beyond those available in a common enriched life or adult house setting.

Assisted Living regimen & Licensed house Care organization Agency

Assisted Living program & Licensed house Care company Agency: Spanish


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