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118 Wheeler Rd central Islip, Suffolk County, brand-new York, 11722 USA present Map
4,387 added (81% photographed)

This cemetery is located straight next to Queen of all Saints Cemetery. When both this cemeteries room run by the Catholic Cemeteries group - they are two separate cemeteries that share an entrance. Find a love one and maps deserve to be uncovered on your website.

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This cemetery is located straight next come Queen of every Saints Cemetery. If both this cemeteries space run by the Catholic Cemeteries team - they are two different cemeteries that share one entrance. Find a love one and maps can be uncovered on their website.

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81% photographed

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gps Coordinates: 40.8027992, -73.2097015

Saint man of God Cemetery Added: 1 january 2000 discover a grave Cemetery: #66011
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I assumed you could like to check out a cemetery because that Saint john of God Cemetery I uncovered on trident-gaming.net.

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