This Lip Tint has been requested on my channel for a lengthy time now and also lastly I have it currently. Hopetotally, with this review I will certainly answer their doubts or questions and also have the right to decide which one they need to gain.

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I did evaluation the Romand Juicy Lasting Tintand did love it although at first impression, it was not really a hit for me but inevitably it came to be one of my go to Spring-Summer lip products. I noticed that this brand produces light yet pigmented lip tints. I love their formula bereason they are not sticky but really comfortable and hydrating on the lips.

I made a decision only 5 shades however they offer 8 shades in full. These are the just shades that really captured my attention and also I recognize I would favor. Some are distinct in my collection and also some are my favorite shades that I typically acquire everytime I buy lip assets.

As you deserve to check out the packaging is plastic, a bit long and not the luxurious looking bot even more trendy and also youthful.

The wand/applicator of this line is really massive, bigger than the usual from the colors I have tried. But via that it is quicker to apply given that it coats the lips instantly because of dimension of the wand. The formula is thin yet pigmented and the scent is really faint. I do not really notice it unchoose the Juicy Tint from Romand that has really a strong fruity scent.


Available in eight functional MLBB shades, the Glasting Water Tint supplies well-off shade payoff in a glassy yet dewy finish that leave lips abundantly hydrated.


Coats lips through a glassy film that delivers maximum shine thanks to a separate layer of color pigmentsGives long-lasting and vivid color payoffs without fading easilyLight, smooth texture keeps lips moisturized without any stickiness

How to Use:

Apply a proper amount onto lips with the enclosed applicator and also press lips together 2-3 times.
#01 Coral Mist: is a dark cdental shade that I was so surprised to love. Normally, I do not choose or usage coral shades that much bereason occasionally they are too much for day-to-day wear. I should have actually a details mood and also look for me to able to desire to use them. But this really looks pretty on and the color is not in your confront sort of cdental that"s why I recognize I would usage this shade a lot even more.
#03 Brick River: This is normally the shades I love, reddish brown sort of shade. This deserve to be considered as a MLBB shade. The minute I witnessed the photos, I understand I would love this shade that"s why I picked it.
#04 Vintage Ocean: This is choose the shade #03 yet much darker. I additionally love this shade and also perfect for chillier months. I generally usage reds favor this just as soon as it is Autumn-Winter time.
#06 Purple Shower: This is like a fuchsia shade which I don"t have actually in my arsenal that"s why I wanted to obtain it. It is fairly dark than what I expected. I do not really prefer it that a lot yet I think this would pair nicely if I have mauve or berry toned makeup looks.
#08 Rose Stream: This is among my favorite shade, I simply prefer exactly how my lips look through this. It deserve to be a MLBB shade too but lighter. This is not as opaque as the remainder yet still equally beautiful. This is more for daily wear no fuss type of shade.
Packaging: The Romand Glasting Tint is longer and also bigger in size likewise than Romand also the Juicy Tint. The caps also are not the exact same because the various other one has transparent cap. And I think the Glasting has actually more product too although the Juicy Tint is heavier.
Wand/Applicator: As you watch on the pictures, the Juicy Tint has smaller and has actually a little slanting type of applicator while the Glasting Tint is bigger and chunky/rounded compared to the other one. I prefer the bigger one because it is quicker to use it and gets enough product in one go and also no should dip aacquire.
Formula: The Juicy Tint is a lot thicker and opaque compared to the Glasting Tint. They are practically similar looking on the lips yet the Glasting is simply a lot even more glossy looking. They are both hydrating on the lips but the Glasting is better formula for me.
Longevity: Both left a stain on my hands even if I waburned it good via soap as you check out on the image over. The longer they continue to be on the lips, the more stained my lips would certainly be even if I ate I still watch traces on my lips of the color. And even making use of makeup wipes, there will be still stains left on my lips that is difficult to remove.
I will also include that the formula of the Glasting and also the Juicy Tints are not runny which is good because they will not be messy and also if I put the tint upside dvery own it won"t run to the floor or to my apparel which is a plus point! They have actually practically favor a whipped cream type of consistency yet thinner and not airy type.

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I highly recommend! I love the formula of this so much and the shades I gained are really pretty too so no regrets at all. They are indeed glass looking on the lips, if you favor juicy lips sort of impact then this will be for you. They are exceptionally hydrating and also nourishing on the lips that"s why I love them so a lot. This brand also really offers good top quality yet affordable assets. I desire to try more from them and also I noticed many people are really curious through their products bereason this brand also is the many requested for reviews on my channel. I will sucount try even more from them later so please watch out for it.