I have been a pan of romance of the 3 Kingdoms since I was a teenager, having read the novel a couple of times, and also large parts of records of 3 Kingdoms. The former is 70% background and 30% fiction based largely on the latter, but somewhat romanticised.

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There are plenty of notable quotes from the novel. Below is a geeklist of some of them.For those of you who space interested, below is a geeklist of romance of the 3 Kingdoms themed board games.I am additionally curious around how famous Romance that the three Kingdoms is outside of eastern Asia, and have set up a basic poll below. If you are not from eastern Asia, fulfill my curiosity below:
How much do friend know about Romance the the 3 Kingdoms?
I know nothing about it.
I have heard the it, know the surname of some key characters, and that"s around it.
I know parts of the story, such as the major battles and also most of the main characters.
I understand most the the story, but some the the young details to escape me.

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I have actually read the novel.
I understand the story through heart!


From thing 1:天下大勢,分久必合,合久必分。All great powers reunify after lengthy periods the division, wane and also break increase after long periods of unification.The very first sentence of the novel.
Unpublished Prototype » Item because that Geeklist "Quotes from romance of the three Kingdoms" ","current_userid":null,"numitems":"2","numprevitems":0},"comments":<"commentid":"2733366","objecttype":"listitem","objectid":"1952550","userid":"340760","body":"When I check out that heat upon beginning the novel, i knew that I remained in for a real treat. Very few books begin with such a highlight statement.","avatar":"
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Full-Motion video (FMV) games are poised to do a comeback. Anyone who claims otherwise is lying.
","thumbs":2,"hidden":false,"thumbvalue":null,"blocked":null,"visible":true,"postdate_tstamp":1328291907,{"commentid":"5543349","objecttype":"listitem","objectid":"1952550","userid":"517015","body":"Always a great line. I especially like the simplicity of the Moss translation:"The empire, lengthy united, need to divide."and, in thing 120:"The empire, lengthy divided, need to unite." ","avatar":"
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