Welcome to Berkeley Rodeway Inn, Berkeley CA

To watch our recent updates ~ above Covid-19 you re welcome visit ours Covid-19 pageBerkeley Rodeway Inn is situated Near UC BerkeleyA charming hotel conveniently located in the love of the Berkeley and less 보다 1 mile from the college of California, Berkeley campus. Newly remodeled, we offer all of the contemporary features and also amenities that company and leisure travelers expect.

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Berkeley Rodeway Inn is perfect location for those looking to explore local area. See areas like the UC Berkeley campus, the brand-new UC Berkeley art Museum and also Pacific movie Archive, Gourmet Ghetto, and also Tilden local Park. Friend can additionally attend a concert at the Greek Theatre or even explore mountain Francisco. We space located simply 15 minute from the Oakland global Airport and a couple of blocks from north Berkeley BART Station. Our guests can discover both Berkeley and San Francisco v ease.

If you’re searching hotels in Berkeley and also are not sure which one to pick, climate you have found the right one. Even if it is you’re visiting Berkeley for occupational or satisfied — a rapid getaway or prolonged stay — look no further. You can trust us at the Berkeley Rodeway Inn!

We constantly offer discounts and also specials to do your continue to be affordable. If you room looking for prolonged stay, longer than 29 nights or to book a group, friend can call us because that a special price for your lodging at the Berkeley Rodeway Inn. And also remember, if you uncover a much better rate elsewhere, we will price match it. Examine out our specials now.

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Berkeley Rodeway Inn Room Accommodations

Berkeley Rodeway Inn is an affordable hotel in the east Bay that the san Francisco just Area. Situated close to UC Berkeley, our 41 comfortable guest rooms offer free amenities for organization and leisure travelers.


40″ LED TVHD Premium ChannelsComplimentary WiFiRefrigerator & MicrowavesAir ConditionerFree minimal Parking security Lite Breakfast





What world Are Saying“My stay at the Roadway Inn- Berkeley was delightful. Gained a good internet deal. Our room was very clean and also quiet. The ar can"t be beat. Straightforward on/ turn off the freeway. Nestled in a neighborhood full that Indian and also Tibetan restaurants. An extremely close come the UCB campus. An extremely accommodating staff. Free parking and WiFi. I"ll stay right here again.”

— Elizabeth D., via trip Advisor

“...if cheap is the key word in your hotel search, this is the place-perfectly for sure area, clean beds, and quiet rooms far from the street noise. Cheap and clean room the key words.”

— Fourevergreen - Kansas, Illinois via Tripadvisor

“Stayed below for the an excellent price and the an excellent location. It"s extremely easy come find and also it"s close come the BART terminal ”

— Saloni P. Redlands, CA

“Great small hotel within a quick walk come the university and restaurants. Really clean and also well maintained. Simply what us were spring for. The just recommendation that i would have actually is the they have a better selection on their small, prepackaged breakfast table. Every in all great value. Thanks.”

— Philip, via expedition Advisor

Get More. Spend Less.

We recognize you are trying to find a an excellent deal. Among cheap many hotels in Berkeley that have quality rooms, Berkeley Rodeway Inn is at the top. Below are part deals because that those of united state on a budget!

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Local Area

A hub for culture, food and also art Berkeley is a town through independent spirit. Visitors can experience a culinary adventure, explore the UC Berkeley campus, hike the east Bay hills, explore distinctive shopping, or increase your social horizons.

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