The Rocky hill Tumbler claims to store beverages cold for approximately twenty 4 hours, and also hot beverages warm for as much as twelve hours. It is perfect for a range of drinks choose coffee or tea in enhancement to cold drinks like water v ice or sodas. The said, you can lug this tumbler through you and use it indoors and outdoors. Make from stainless steel, the top is clean so the users can see what is inside.

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Total price Breakdown

The expense of Rocky hill is $19.99 add to $7.99 shipping. The unique TV offer permits you to obtain a 2nd Rocky hill by payment an extra dues of $7.99 because that a full price the $35.97.

This price was acquired from the As seen on TV commercial page ( ) which to be taken offline due to Rocky mountain being discontinued. Rocky Mountain may still be uncovered for revenue on Amazon or Ebay.

This price was obtained from the As seen on TV commercial page ( ) which to be taken offline as result of Rocky hill being discontinued. Rocky Mountain may still be uncovered for sale on Amazon or Ebay.


hot or Cold

It deserve to be used to store drinks hot or cold all day.


This tumbler has a dual wall vacuum within of the which gives extra stamin insulation. Contrasted to plastic tumblers the will save hot and cold drink warmer and also colder for twice the quantity of time.

clear Lid

The lid attached come the tumbler is clear which allows you view just how much of your beverage is still left inside.

Bpa Free

This container is BPA free.

30 Ounces

that is sized such that it have the right to hold up to 30 ounces the liquid.

Positive Points

twin Wall Vacuum

The double wall vacuum insulation is what the agency claims have the right to prevent exterior condensation indigenous forming, and also what keeps the temperatures wherein they ought to be. This architecture is what accused keeps the temperatures cool inside also if the external temperature rises, and vice versa.

many Users

thermal mugs favor these room ideally suited because that those users who are often on the good, who are on regular basis outside. Additionally well suited for those who don’t necessarily have actually the time or desire to make multiple trips come the office kitchen. An excellent mugs will perform nearly the specific same at home or outdoors, making them the perfect method to store hot or cold drink on the go. The flexibility in state of maintaining cold and hot beverages in ~ the wanted temperature means this tumbler is well suited for office works. Same as the is for building and construction workers who room outside, teachers, or sports fans out at an event.

Environmentally Friendly

utilizing a heat mug favor this helps the environment since it reduce the lot of plastic and also polystyrene cup which room used.


It can hold cold fruit smoothies, soft drinks, or ice water. Alternatively, it deserve to hold warm cocoa, coffee, tea, or also hot soup.


The cup style is tapered so the it fits typical cup holders.

How it Works

Thermal tumblers like this job-related by way of insulation. Every contain insulates her drink by placing second layer of air in between your beverage and the outside environment. This can be done through insulating products such as foam or with a vacuum seal. Warm then warms the wait which is trapped in between and also slows under how conveniently your drink cools. Food science behind this is the exact same as spanning yourself with a blanket at night. Blankets put a layer between your body and also the external air, and then trap the warmth air created by her body warmth in between you / the blanket. The only real distinction here is that thermal mugs have actually vacuums native cold air, i beg your pardon prevent any outside air from entering. One crucial thing below to psychic is the surface locations to volume ration. An espresso, for example, will get cooler a lot much faster than a big cup the coffee. Reason for this is the surface areas to volume ratios. Claimed espresso is served at the very same liquid temperature together the huge cup of coffee, yet when you acquire it, it comes in a small glass. Together a result, this means more the the full amount the coffee is poignant the glass and therefore warmth is conducted away. Your dimension of the mug is often the exact same size as a huge cup of coffee which helps save the changes in temperature to a minimum.


How it"s various from Competitors

Generally speaking, the myriad tumblers and also thermal mugs out there because that cold and also hot beverages all store for the very same amount that time. For warm drinks, it can be meant to remain warm for in between four and also six hours. Yet, for cold drinks it can be expected to continue to be cold for up to twelve hours. Heat mugs i m sorry come with vacuum seal covering are more efficient and keeping the temperature stable for the term of use. That said, the claims that this tumbler lasts for 24 and also 12 hrs for cold and hot drink respectively renders it a much better option contrasted to competitors. However, over there exists no actual data come substantiate that case as of yet nor any added information ~ above what really renders it stand the end scientifically. Offered that it offers the exact same vacuum seal and the same steel type as virtually all other tumblers top top the market, this claim should it is in taken with a grain of salt.

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stole Type

Said product is made the end of 18 / 8 stainless steel which cases to it is in indestructible. 18/8 is actually the most generally used stainless steel for containers favor this. This steel composition is called “304” in America. The is taken into consideration an austenitic form of stainless steel which method it is very, very weakly attracted by magnets. Other compositions include 18/10 and also 18/0.18/10 is offered for cutlery when 18/0 is ferritic steel, attractive by magnets, and not frequently used. Ferritic and austenitic execution of all three of this compositions cannot be hardened by any type of heat therapy which is what renders them an ideal for cutlery. Martensitic versions of stainless stole respond come hardening heat treatments which way they are better suited for knife blades. Highest quality chisels are do by combining both types. The very same is true the tumblers. That said, high high quality steel has some amount of nickel which offers it higher corrosion resistance.



You always want to be on the lookout for BPA. BPA is referred to as bisphenol A and it is a chemical the is often uncovered in the lining that food containers, food cans, or water bottles. Over there is part scientific evidence that web links BPA exposure come certain an unfavorable health effects that can interfere with advancement or behavior. Finding take trip mugs which expressly state “BPA Free” on castle will do you and your loved ones a civilization of good. No all mugs state this, and whether it is make of ceramic, stainless steel, or plastic, it can still have a specific amount that BPA. So perform your research.