Maid Marian: Robin! ns so glad to check out you! This City might really usage a hero like you.

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Robin Hood: Mary! Oh, ho, ho, this is therefore exciting! just how on earth did you uncover yourself here?

Maid Marian: ns don’t know. One minute i was daydreaming around you, the following I’m in this poor city.

Robin Hood: Well us still have actually each other. That’s what matters most.

Maid Marian: Oh, Robin. You always know how to do me feeling better.

Campaign Story: Robin Hood and also Maid Marian plan to have a perfect night v each other, for this reason they turn to various other heroes for advice, while likewise facing creeps.

Robin Hood: Mary, mine love. Just how are you enjoying the City?

Maid Marian: Fairing better. I carry out miss house though. However everywhere ns go, there is constantly a brand-new friend that renders me feeling at home.

Robin Hood: Likewise, Marian. Yet you know, i realize we never had time because that ourselves.

Maid Marian: Oh, Robin, why no you say so sooner?

Chapter 1: Night Out

Chapter 1-1: Both Maid Marian and also Robin Hood had actually trouble adjusting come life in the City.

Chapter 1-2: Luckily, their new friends aid them feel more at home when they very first arrived.

Chapter 1-3: however lately, upon protecting the City indigenous creeps, they hardly have actually time for each other.

Chapter 1-4: The couple decides come head to the Park to watch if it’s anything like Sherwood Forest.

Chapter 1-5: ~ above arriving, they space entranced by a glittering pond, mirroring their reflections.

Maid Marian: Robin, this is therefore lovely. Ns wish it would never ever end.

Robin Hood: Well, the doesn’t have to finish now, there room other locations where us can proceed our night.

Robin Hood: Come Marian. I recognize a place where we have the right to have a lovely dinner.

Chapter 2: Restaraunt Rumble

Chapter 2-1: Maid Marian and also Robin Hood head come Chez Remy. However when lock arrive, they see patrons fleeing the end the doors.

Chapter 2-2: They sirloin inside and see Linguini and Colette fighting off creeps that attacked the restaurant.

Chapter 2-3: thinking quickly, Marian throw a pie from a nearby dessert cart, while Robin fires arrows, offering the chefs a chance to struggle back.

Chapter 2-4: ~ the creeps flee, the couple gets their table and dinner.

Chapter 2-5: Linguini and Colette provide them the chef’s special on the home as their means of saying many thanks for helping journey the creeps off.

Linguini and also Remy: many thanks for helping united state out there through those creeps.

Colette: We additionally hoped you took pleasure in the specials ~ above us, as a method of saying thanks.

Robin Hood: The meal was lovely, and it to be our satisfied to help.

Maid Marian: If you two don’t mental me asking. To be it tough for you to change to life right here in the City?

Chapter 3: seeing the Light

Chapter 3-1: Linguini and Colette tell them they additionally had time to readjust to the City. Everything was so various to them.

Chapter 3-2: They additionally make foods for those to remind them that home.

Chapter 3-3: If they desire to recognize more. They have to talk to Rapunzel and also Flynn.

Chapter 3-4: The two give thanks to them and also head off to the Park.

Chapter 3-5: They discover the two at a pond sending out floating lanterns off right into the sky.

Rapunzel: once we an initial arrived here. It was exciting, but also very scary.

Flynn: It to be nothing contrasted to what we saw earlier home. Adjusting come life in the City to be hard.

Rapunzel: yet some ways we continue to be happy and also remember our homes, is law the stuff us like.

Maid Marian: that’s a nice method of see things.

Robin Hood: Come, Mary. Possibly we can discover something the reminds united state of home.

Chapter 4: Stroll Patrol

Chapter 4-1: The pair decide to take stroll with the City.

Chapter 4-2: but halfway, the two room ambushed by creeps.

Chapter 4-3: Robin fires arrows when protecting Marian.

Chapter 4-4: but then, among the creeps gets ahold of Robin’s bow.

Chapter 4-5: Maid Marian hits the creep with her birdie and batmittin. Then the two regroup.

Robin Hood: Marian, you conserved me. Give thanks to you.

Maid Marian: of course. ~ all, I had to return the favor when you conserved us all from Prince John’s reign.

Robin Hood: ever before so true. Mary, mine love, there’s one much more surprise I have actually for you.

Friend dialogue Level 7

Robin Hood: See? You’re starting t get the cave of the bow.

Maid Marian: say thanks to you. However I don’t think I’ll be as good as you, Robin.

Robin Hood: Well v a tiny practice, you’ll acquire there.

Chapter 5: Music Mayhem

Chapter 5-1: The two head their way downtown, whereby Robin has actually a surprised for Marian.

Chapter 5-2: as usual, they room ambushed through creeps. However this time they to be prepared.

Chapter 5-3: Robin fire arrows in ~ some float bots and turrets.

Chapter 5-4: Maid Marian charms some ninjas into fighting for them.

Chapter 5-5: They quickly make it to the City Theater, and also got their seats.

Maid Marian: Oh! Is this among those beloved plays?

Robin Hood: Shh. Simply wait and see.

Chapter 6: powerful Friendships

Chapter 6-1: It to be a music extravaganza! Heroes from different places showed just how they first thought the the City.

Chapter 6-2: an initial half showed exactly how some nobility handled the City, by creating their very own homes.

Chapter 6-3: Jack Skellington and also Sally explained in song about theircexperiences with brand-new discoveries.

Chapter 6-4: also Judy Hopps and also Nick Wilde verified up in the show and told them just how they were facing one more level in the City.

Chapter 6-5: after the play, Robin and also Marian go backstage to talk to the heroes.

Maid Marian: exactly how did you acquire them to do that entire show?

Robin Hood: once I called them how you to be struggling to uncover your location in the City. Others opened up too.

Nick: While some of us were provided to big city areas. This was a whole new level.

Judy: Yeah, the creeps, the glitches. Even the viruses, it to be all… overwhelming.

Sally: but we all realized, the our true strength to prevent the creeps was our friendships.

Jack Skellington: the both ours old and new friends, that made life less complicated for us. Ns hoped our track helped, mine friends.

Maid Marian: the did. Say thanks to you all.

Chapter 7: Binded Dreams

Chapter 7-1: The couple thanks their new friends as they leave the City Theater.

Chapter 7-2: Marian never ever knew that others felt the same way as she did once she first arrived.

Chapter 7-3: She provides Robin a hug in thanks, and also the 2 walk hand in hand down the City Streets.

Chapter 7-4: soon enough, they uncovered their way back come the Park.

Chapter 7-5: They finish their walk as they come across the very same pond native earlier.

Robin Hood: carry out you still discover it tough to adjust to life here, Mary?

Maid Marian: A little. But I now recognize I’m not the just one.

Robin Hood: make that 2 of us.

Friend dialogue Level 10

Maid Marian: during our time apart, walk you ever forget me?

Robin Hood: Of food not! during those years apart I’ve invested sleepless nights thinking about you. I ended up reasoning you forgot around me, too.

Maid Marian: Oh, Robin. I will never ever forget around you.

Chapter 8: Love resides On

Chapter 8-1: The 2 decide come head house after the night together.

Chapter 8-2: ~ above the way, they conference one an ext creep horde.

Chapter 8-3: After disposing of them, they leave the Park.

Chapter 8-4: They additionally began come reflect ~ above the brand-new friends they made. Marian and Robin begin to wonder what their dwellings where like.

Chapter 8-5: when they gain home, Robin clues out some spots they have the right to spend time together.

Maid Marian: thank you, Robin, for showing me the I have a ar in the City.

Robin Hood: of course. There will constantly be something new here to discover.

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Robin Hood: however there’s one thing that will constantly stay the same, and also that’s you.