Silence in between Two Strikes is just one of the rarest items in Risk of Rain 2. V it, you come to be an aspect that lightning, which can be dangerous if friend haven’t planned ahead. Here’s how to come to be an facet of lightning in Risk that Rain 2 and also what it’ll take it to gain electrifying brand-new powers.

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Aspect that Lightning | Silence between Two Strikes


The facet of lightning tools in Risk of Rain 2 is referred to as Silence between Two Strikes. It has a very rare opportunity to drop native lightning-imbued upstream monsters. With it, you become an aspect of lightning, i m sorry replaces half your wellness with shields and also drops lightning bombs top top monsters.

The Silence between Two Strikes is among the rarest drops feasible in Risk of Rain 2. Along with other element aspects, the only ever dropped after death an elite monster. Their drop rate appears to it is in somewhere approximately 0.05 percent total.

If you desire to come to be an aspect of lightning yourself, you’re walking to need to kill a the majority of Elites. Fortunately, this is made simpler with Artifacts. The Artifact of honor will turn every monster spawn into an Elite. Yes, it provides the game a many tougher, but it also drastically boosts your opportunity of recognize Silence in between Two Strikes. The same is true because that the other aspects, consisting of Her Biting adopt (ice), Ifrit’s distinction (fire), and also N’kuhana’s Retort (corruption).

If you go this route, friend should also consider making use of the Artifact that Command. Due to the fact that it allows you to choose your items, you deserve to deliberately ridge Old Guillotine, which deserve to instantly kill Elite monsters under a particular amount the health. If an obstacle is no problem, consider adding the Artifact the Swarms to rise Elite spawns even further.

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To end up being an element of lightning, you require to uncover the Silence between Two Strikes item. The a really rare drop, therefore you’ll should take out as countless elite monsters together possible.