When it pertains to taglines, “the biggest show in the the smallest state” is beginning to it seems to be ~ a little bit humble because that Rhode Island Comic Con. Due to the fact that when it comes to the dimension of RI Comic Con — which began with 16,000 attendees in 2012 and reached 81,000 guests in 2016 — the con’s popular has an ext than overcome state lines. Have to the show’s with still it is in quantified by our smallest state’s measly 1,200 feet of square footage?

“Rhode Island has actually never had an event like this before,” states Susan Soares, publicist because that RICC. “So word spread easily throughout the state, yet it’s gone beyond that now. Us have human being traveling native all across the people to come to our show. It’s no the norm of your normal comic publication convention. We’re in the course of a new York Comic Con, in ~ this point.”

This year’s show, i m sorry runs from November 10 – 12, is the convention’s largest endeavor to-date. In previous years, the show has extended beyond the convention facility to incorporate the Dunkin Donuts Center. (The present famously left ticketed attendees stranded external in 2014, as soon as the convention became the first event in the city’s history to cause the convention facility to reach maximum capacity.) This year, the show will broaden into the Omni Hotel and likewise into one 18,000 square foot tent behind the Dunkin Donuts Center.

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The growth is a good thing. Since this year, the convention is hosting much more than 130 celebrities, artists and also featured cosplayers.


Undoubtedly, lot of the development of the con deserve to be attributed come the top quality of the celebs. Also a cursory scan of the 130+ mirrors a selection of fandoms indigenous “Star Trek” to Star Wars come “The go Dead” to “Stranger Things” and Lord the the Rings. So what’s the best way to prioritize her weekend? just how do you speed yourself for the Revenge of the Nerds-themed afterparty Saturday night? We’re not below to choose sides (we’ll leave the disputes to the con-goers), however these are a couple of of our choose for significant events.

First off, Avengers will be there.

Three Avengers, to it is in exact: Hulk, the Winter Soldier and also Vision. “This is the first year we’re actually bringing Avengers to the show,” Soares says. “We have Mark Ruffalo, Sebastian Stan and Mark Bettany. That’s substantial for any one display to have actually all three of them. Ns can’t even tell you the level of excitement that i personally feel.” while Marvel has done a great job at retaining talent through multiple contract renewals, we feel prefer we deserve to say with a degree of certainty the actors like mark Ruffalo, especially, i will not ~ be attract the tights — or ripped violet shorts — forever. Meet him while friend can.

Watch Shatner sign up with the Next Generation.

The largest ticketed item of the weekend, in ~ a whopping, double-take inducing $699.99, is the Star Trek Celebrity Pack. V the exemption of a couple of wayward crewmates (Geordi had to cancel), RICC has rounded up virtually the entire cast of “Star Trek: next Generation.” Your hundreds of dollars will get you not only a photo-op with six members the the following Gen Starfleet, but likewise with william Shatner, who will be joining the team for photos and also as moderator of a Star Trek panel. It is in aware: If you desire to skip the photo, you will certainly still have to buy tickets for the panel, separate from her admission, yet in the an ext reasonable price range of $15 – $40. We’d be shocked if many of trekkies aren’t coming to the con because that this particular opportunity alone.

Puzzle over the My small Pony Phenomenon.

There’s a prominent role played through My tiny Pony top top the “Artists’ Alley” web page of RICC’s website, v a section dedicated solely come artists functioning on the residential or commercial property — an honor neither Marvel nor the distinguished Competition have been afforded. Come the uninitiated, this phenomenon may seem inexplicable: Is My little Pony really the popular? Is this residential property aimed at adult or children? Those who remember the original ’80s incarnation might scratch their heads, yet MLP is still riding the tide of a renewal that started six years ago when a subculture formed about its display “Friendship Is Magic.” We’re not here to explain it come you, yet we invite you to Google the word “brony” and catch Saturday’s 3pm panel tracking the ponies’ location in popular music culture.

Come for the cult icons.

Part the the success that RICC’s programming has remained in identifying guests through crossover appeal and also a cult following. The kind of personalities that don’t make their method into the general public for signings also often and where a Rhode Island figure seems prefer a rarely astrological occasion that you will do it tell her grandkids about. Paul Reubens, aka to pee Wee Herman, is among these guests. Hell be hosting a dashboard at 1pm ~ above Saturday.

There’s likewise going to be a Rocky IV reunion. Sure, Carl Weathers and also Dolph Lundgren have both done the convention circuit in past years, however this year, RI Comic Con is marketing a photo package that lets you flex alongside Apollo Creed and Ivan Drago themselves. It’s really tough to location Rocky movies (except for Rocky V, that’s constantly last), however Rocky IV has to sit in the peak percentile of any kind of fan’s list, right? Dress choose Uncle Sam and also blow up her social media through sharing her story of the time you called Drago, “I have to BREAK YOU,” and also he stared in ~ you, witheringly.

Hey! This is also a comic convention!

It might seem shocking, but you could pertained to Comic Con for the yes, really comics. (And subsequently, watch her money vanish as you shed track of an are and time in the merchants room.) If her taste is much more off the beaten path, the possibility to accomplish artist all-stars favor Sam Kieth (The Maxx) and also Sean Gordon Murphy (Punk rock Jesus, American Vampire) might be more up your alley. Because that our money, artist plunder Guillory’s work-related on the Eisner award-winning Image series Chew makes him a can’t-miss guest.

Of course, RI Comic Con isn’t brief on living legends either. Former Marvel editor-in-chief Jim Shooter will certainly be in attendance, for this reason come ready with her questions around Dazzler and also the 1981 Superman/Spider-Man intercompany crossover. Indigenous the various other side that the aisle, the mainly DC-focused writer, artist, editor and early champion the creator’s civil liberties Neal Adams will additionally be signing. Responsible because that the ‘70s revitalization of Batman and also his rogues gallery — transforming him from a light-hearted do-gooder v an affinity for gadgets to a brooding avenger of injustice — you can feel free to thank him because that Batman v. Superman: Dawn of righteousness (or not). For those looking for lighter on the capes and also cowls, beloved and also prolific cartoonist Sergio Aragonés (Mad Magazine, Groo the Wanderer) will certainly be do an appearance, signing and also rocking his exquisitely manicured trademark ‘stache.

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Check ricomiccon.com because that the latest information on celebrity appearances and scheduling. Because when we have to footnote the Bronn native Game the Thrones is hosting his own panel and also that Frodo, Sam and also Gollum will all additionally be showing up — you understand it’s a seriously stack show.