You're not fairly done through the Resident evil 2 remake yet. There space still a few Records to collection before you're a Raccoon City Native.

Like Resident Evil: Revelations 2 before it, the 2019 Resident evil 2remake has its own built-in set of quasi-achievements, which it calls Records. There room 87 of lock in total, numerous of which room locked or unexplained when you very first start the game.

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When you finish a Record, the video game doesn’t totally track it until the next time you open the records screen, easily accessible from the pause food selection in-game, or under Bonuses in the key menu.

Most the the records in the game, once achieved, unlock entries in the Gallery, such as concept art (see below) or personality models. A handful likewise unlock bonus weapons, character costumes, and extra gameplay modes.

You don"t officially complete a document until you open up the Records display or end up a scenario, in ~ which suggest the video game pops up a notification and offers you any rewards that could be attached to the Record. This does job-related retroactively; because that example, if you complete a record that awards a bonus weapon, you deserve to reload old saves and the new weapon will all of sudden be easily accessible in the nearest item box.

Finishing the 86 other Records in the game unlocks the critical one, Raccoon City Native, which is also the Platinum Trophy on the playstations 4 version.

Records that are also trophies or achievements are marked with one asterisk(*).

Read component 1 the this records guide because that story mode, gameplay, and rank Records.

Combat Records

Notably, all combat-focused Records deserve to be accomplished as conveniently in the Survivor bonus settings as in the main game. Some are also a tiny easier; because that example, Flan can gain Human power Plant very easily, despite not being human.

Don’t require No Stinkin’ Gun*

Kill any type of enemy with a knife. This is probably easiest to do by stabbing a downed zombie, however there space a couple of adversaries who are surprisingly basic to take down v a great stabbing frenzy, most notably Lickers.

Eat This!*

Counterattack when got hold of with a grenade or knife.


Handy v a Handgun

Kill 10 enemies with a handgun.

Matter of Splatter

Kill 10 opponents with a shotgun.

You Die… end There!

Kill 5 enemies with the grenade launcher.

Trigger Happy

Kill 10 enemies with a submachine gun.

This is easiest to do with weaker enemies like dog or the tiny G-Spawns the the drain mutants will throw at you. The SMG, under ordinary circumstances, is a lot much better at dismemberment than raw damage.

Human power Plant

Kill 5 opponents with the Spark Shot. This is discovered in the sewage system Storage Room in Claire’s campaign, and also it comes standard in Flan"s loadout once you beat Tofu Survivor.


Bring Marshmallows!

Kill 5 adversaries with the chemistry Flamethrower. This is found in the sewer Storage Room in Leon’s campaign.

Got a Problem, Punk?

Kill 5 opponents with a Magnum.

Master Tactician

Kill 10 enemies with grenades and/or knives.

Two Birds, One Stone

Kill two adversaries at as soon as with a solitary bullet or shotgun blast. The “bullet” in inquiry will most likely be Leon’s Magnum, as it can penetrate through multiple targets.

This is probably easiest to carry out in The 4th Survivor bonus mode, especially in zombie-choked areas like the an enig area behind the Workers’ break Room.

A Shocking End

Hit an foe with the Spark Shot and keep aiming in ~ it until the needles overload. It takes a couple of seconds, but it’s likewise a really great way to resolve the large G-mutants in the sewers.

Bon Appetit

After landing a effective counterattack top top a dog, zombie, or Licker with a frag or speed grenade, it end up lodged in the enemy’s mouth. If you just wait, it’ll walk off on its own for minimal effect. However, you can manually detonate the by shoot it, which reasons a enlarge explosion and accomplishes this Record.

Zombie Roundup*

Kill at the very least three zombies v a solitary frag grenade. I’ve found this is easiest to do on the stair leading down to the waterway native the Treatment regulate Room, as you can pitch a frag grenade down the measures and, with a small luck, death the 2 zombies wait there, add to the “sleeping” zombie nearby.

Another great option is right after the last boss hit in Leon"s scenario. As soon as the lift reaches the bottom the the complex, 4 zombies will burst through a door in ~ you, every one of which have an extremely low health. If friend have even one frag grenade top top you, this Record"s a cinch.

But A Torso

Shoot off a single zombie’s arms and legs. You have the right to still acquire this document by brutalizing a zombie that’s already dead, therefore it can be achieved easily on any difficulty.

A Doff the the Cap

Shoot a hat off of 5 zombies’ heads. This can encompass policeman’s caps, which method you’ll probably obtain this by accident before you’ve left the RPD. If not, the sewer zombies who room still wearing tough hats will obtain you the rest of the means there.

Like Skeet Shooting*

Shoot a dog or Licker out of the air together it leaps at you.

This is among those achievements that’s simple to do by accident, but trying to perform it on purpose will just frustrate you, favor parrying arrows with your knife in RE5. I gained it in 4th Survivor by do the efforts to death the dog load in the Flow regulate Room with Hunk’s MP5.

Keep their Heads Ringin’*

Drop a flash grenade on one unaware Licker. Execute not get all over near it afterward, together it lashes out in arbitrarily directions because that a few seconds if it’s deaf.


Hats Off!*

Knock off Mr. X’s fedora with a effective headshot. You deserve to do this with any type of weapon, however be aware that it generally gets that angry.

Take a Breather

If you manage to land number of consecutive headshots ~ above Mr. X or blow him up with a frag grenade, he drops come one knee and also is stunned for around 40 seconds. This normally isn’t precious the ammo, however you deserve to take advantage of it because that this Record and an opportunity to gain some distance.

Hate to Burst her Bulb

Ivy zombies have a variety of lighter-colored environment-friendly bulbs on their bodies. Shooting those bulbs makes them explode, stunning the Ivy for a second. If you pop them all, the Ivy drops to the floor.

This requires precise aiming, ideally v a handgun with a laser sight favor the one Claire find in the RPD’s parking garage, and also it is simplest to do on aided difficulty.

It’s low-key one of the trickier documents in the game, however, together it calls for you come only hit the bulbs.

Right in the Eyeball

During your first fight versus the G-Type, in the maintain room, use a knife come hit the gigantic eyeball ~ above his arm.

If the manages to grab you and also you break cost-free by counterattacking through a knife, the counts for this record.



Inflict enough damages on the G-Type throughout your second fight with it, in ~ the end of the sewers section, that a single hit indigenous the crane is enough to end the encounter.

This is tricky, an especially on typical or higher difficulty. What can help is that any kind of damage girlfriend inflict top top the G during the run-up come the crane communication does quiet count toward its total health pool, therefore you deserve to shoot its arm in the power room, drop a grenade in its challenge when that tears the door open, and put a round or two in it while you"re to run from it.

Put the Down!

During her fight with the G-Type in the bioreactor room, he occasionally breaks turn off to pick up and throw fuel canisters at you. Doing for this reason exposes one eyeball between his shoulder blades.

If you target and also destroy the while he’s hold the canister, he’ll fall it and also become stunned, which also completes this record.

You belong on the Ground

In Claire’s final fight against the G-Type, as soon as he runs off to cling to the wall surface of the elevator shaft, shoot the down with the minigun before he have the right to leap in ~ you.

Maxed Out

In Leon’s fight against the super Tyrant, it has actually a relocate where it pauses and also spreads the arms, i beg your pardon is the tell that it’s setup up because that its instant-kill fee attack. Keep it native charging by shoot it in the heart on that chest through a pair of ring from any weapon.

With Time to Spare*

As Claire, defeat the final G mutation with four minutes or an ext left ~ above the self-destruct countdown.

The cheat is the the G just really takes damage when friend hit his eyes, so simply hosing lead into him through the minigun doesn’t execute much. Emphasis your strikes on the swarm of eyes in his center, and don’t shoot in ~ all unless you have a clear line of fire ~ above them.

If he’s been reduced to crawling follow me the floor at you, you’ve officially winner the fight; he’ll expire on his own after about 30 seconds. This is mostly around maximizing your damage while you have the opportunity, rather than randomly blazing far at him.

In the Blink of an Eye*

As Leon, loss the super Tyrant with 5 minutes or much more left ~ above the self-destruct countdown.

The super Tyrant is actually a time encounter. If you’re still alive after 3 minutes and thirty seconds, Ada immediately throws you the rocket launcher, one shot from which end the fight. Any damage girlfriend inflict top top the Tyrant in the meantime take away time off that clock, but in surprisingly tiny increments.

At best, you’re probably always going to be stuck fighting the supervisor Tyrant because that at the very least 90 seconds.

With that in mind, gaining this record is mostly about how rapid you navigate the ar leading up to it. Leon doesn’t have to wait for Sherry, for this reason he has a slight speed advantage here, but knowing the map and avoiding what fights you deserve to make a huge difference.

The at sight Tyrant can additionally be stunned with flash and frag grenades, and also you can manipulate that to only use that is easy-to-dodge leap strike by constantly staying as far away together possible.

Alternatively, if you manage to obtain an S+ location on Hardcore difficulty as Leon and unlock the boundless rocket launcher, one shooting from that will automatically destroy the supervisor Tyrant as quickly as the fight starts.

Collectibles Records

Vermin Extermination*

Destroy a Mr. Raccoon statue.

Endangered Species

Destroy 10 Mr. Raccoons.

Complete Vermin Extermination*

Destroy all 15 Mr. Raccoons.

We’ve actually gained a well-written and thoughtful guide particularly for Mr. Raccoon statues. Ns think you should use that.

Treasure Hunter*

Develop the “Hiding Places” movie in the Workroom in the sewers, as questioned in yetanotherhandy guide on this site, and also use that to uncover two covert item stashes in the RPD.

Hip to add Squares*

Find a i know well Pouch.

A waist of Space*

Find every the i know good Pouches in the game and also max the end your inventory.


This record is only feasible on helped or conventional difficulties, as the easier-to-find i know good Pouches are replaced by octopus ribbons in Hardcore mode.

Hip Pouches can constantly be uncovered in locker 203 in the RPD’s Secure warehouse Room; inside the for sure under the captain’s workdesk in the RPD’s West Office; and inside one of the ford in the Nap Room in the lab, once you regain power through the signal modulator.

On Assisted and Standard difficulties, on either a first or 2nd run, girlfriend can uncover a Hip pouch in a locker in the maintain area safe room ~ your an initial fight v the G-Type and also on a bench in the Workroom in the sewer.

On a first run, there’s also a Hip pouch on a table in the West warehouse Room on the RPD’s third floor, through the C4 charge. However, ~ above a second run, that Pouch gets relocated to the RPD’s former desk.


Gun Fanatic

Collect all 6 weapons in Leon’s game.

Gun Enthusiast

Collect all 7 tools in Claire’s game.

Both personalities can discover several tools in the same locations throughout their scenarios, and also gain access to them in the same ways. In either case, your starting weapon immediately counts towards the totals here.

The shotgun or grenade launcher is in the Secure warehouse Room ~ above the RPD’s first floor, which is unlocked via the tools locker keycard found in the arts Room ~ above the second.The Spark Shot or flamethrower is in the provides Storage Room in the sewers, and it calls for both the king and queen plugs come access. It’s not difficult to find, but the genuine trick is remembering to have sufficient spare inventory room that you can carry both plugs and also your brand-new gun v you once you leave.

In Claire’s game, you’ll uncover the minigun in the exact same office whereby you begin up the train platform.

In Leon’s, you’ll it is in thrown the rocket launcher if you survive lengthy enough during the final battle with the Tyrant.

In both characters’ 2nd runs, castle can uncover a new, exclude, weapon through visiting the storeroom under the RPD’s entrance. Claire obtain a single-action .45 revolver, if Leon it s okay a .45 pistol. In other words, to complete this Record, you have to at least begin both characters’ second run.

Finally, Claire can obtain a semiautomatic handgun through a laser sight —her old Browning Hi-Power indigenous the 1998 RE2, in truth —in the RPD"s parking garage. Go to the firing variety and obtain the broken car crucial out of the yellow lunchbox close to the entrance.

Examine it to uncover the lock switch for the car, and also press that switch while you"re was standing in the parking garage.


Packed Pockets

Collect all 8 custom parts in Leon’s game.

Packed Backpack

Collect every 7 custom components in Claire’s game.


Both Leon and also Claire can find six of their weapon mods in the same locations:

Inside Leon’s workdesk in the RPD’s West Office.In the safe in the waiting Room top top the RPD’s 2ndIn the for sure in the Flow regulate Room in the sewers.Inside the STARS storage crate at the bottom the the stairs underneath the goddess statue.In the bottom left drawer of Wesker’s desk in the STARS Office, however only ~ you’ve occurred the “Hiding Places” role of movie from the Workers’ rest Room in the sewers.In the left-hand locker in the lab’s Nap Room.

Claire can find a custom component for the grenade launcher in the Elevator manage Room in the RPD’s basement, alongside Chief Irons’s personal lift.

Leon can find a custom component for the shotgun on the shelves close to the entrance of Robert Kendo’s gunshop, and a custom component for the Matilda handgun by opening the tribe of the wrecked police auto in the parking garage. (Claire finds a semiautomatic handgun over there instead.)

Dark Times, Dark Room

Find and also develop every 5 roll of film.

Lore Explorer*

Read all 58 files in the game, together per our guide on the subject.

Master the Unlocking*

Open all of the safes and combination locks in the game.

There room three old-fashioned safes strewn throughout RE2, as well as five password locks, each of which takes a three-letter “password.” The safes’ combinations can all be found in miscellaneous files, when the options to the code locks are a small trickier. The combinations do not adjust between scenarios or runs.

Below, you can discover each important safe or locker"s location, where you walk to find the solution, and underneath, if necessary, the actual solution.

Safe #1, RPD West Office: review the internal Memo document behind Wesker’s desk in the STARS Office.Solution: L9, R15, L7

Safe #2, RPD waiting Room, second Floor: read the Confiscation Report paper in the RPD’s observation Room.Solution: L6, R2, L11

Safe #3, treatment Pool Room: review the delivery Receipt document on the table in ~ the end of the Cable car Platform. (Or examine the left next of the safe.)Solution: L2, R12, L8

Code Lock #1 & #2, RPD West Office: check out the Rookie’s an initial Assignment file on Leon’s close up door desk, then check the six surrounding desks for their owners’ name plates.Solutions: NED, MRG

Code Lock #3, RPD West Wing, third floor: construct the roll of film found behind the check-in workdesk at the Firing selection in the RPD’s basement.Solution: DCM

Code Lock #4, RPD Men’s Locker Room, second floor: written on a whiteboard in the next office north of the documents Room on the very first floor.Solution: CAP

Code Lock #5, Sewers control Room: check the Jazz Festival Flyer in the Workers’ break Room for clues.Solution: SZF

Puzzle Records

A Vault-Like Mind*

Open a Portable Safe. You can uncover your an initial one beforehand in a an initial run in the men’s locker room top top the 2nd floor the the RPD. One is constantly in the Linen Room near the STARS Office, accessible only as soon as you have the diamond key from the Morgue, however on a second run, the other Safe is relocated to the Interrogation Room on the first floor.


The options to Portable Safes are randomized every time, yet each switch corresponds to a irradiate on the safe. Every you have to do is fight the buttons in the right order to irradiate them all up in sequence, which takes a bit of trial and error.

Young Escapee*

In Claire’s game, once you play together Sherry, escape indigenous the Bedroom within 60 seconds. You’ll want to execute this on helped or Standardbecause you deserve to revert to the autosave best at the start of this section if you punch it.

The question right here is how quickly you can solve the block puzzle and get the Scissors. Fortunately, once you recognize the shortcut, it"s not as difficult as the sounds.

Turn roughly immediately, grab the doll, research it in her inventory, and turn it about to find the Block inside. Take it it to the puzzle in the edge of the room, wherein it immediately gets installed in the fourth slot. Now, take it the very first block and also move it two spots over, come the 3rd position.

From here, just spin the blocks until the symbols match, grab the Scissors, and use them on the cardboard that"s impede the wall.


Circuit Breaker

In Leon’s an initial run, rewire the dashboard on Ben’s cell door and also open it within 13 moves.

The easiest means to present the solutions here, and on the three subsequent similar Records, is simply to display an image of how the puzzle looks when it"s been effectively completed. Keep this adjacent when you play the game, top top scratch record or your phone, and use it to overview your moves. For each that the power panel puzzles, acquiring the document requires the you do no wrong move at all.

When you install the two Power components in this panel, it originally looks prefer this.

You want it to look favor this.

Hardly any kind of Resistance

In Leon’s 2nd run, rewire the dashboard on Ben’s cell door and also open it within 8 moves.

As above, you begin off choose this:

And you want to acquire it prefer this:

Voltage Virtuoso

In Claire’s very first run, rewire the door dashboard in the Private monitoring Room within 7 moves.

This is the hardest that the four power panel Records, since it"s the most difficult to eyeball. The cheat is basically to not overthink it.

It starts turn off looking prefer this.

To settle it, you"ll get it to look prefer this.

Assuming it"s a grid, v A v D on the top going right, and also 1 with 4 ~ above the left going down: hit C3, A1, B4, and D3, before spinning the blue T-shaped block at C3 till the puzzle completes.

A Jewel among Joules

In Claire’s 2nd run, rewire the door panel in the Private monitoring Room within 11 moves.

You start favor this:


...and you desire to end up favor this.



On one of two people character’s first Run, fill the herbicide cartridge in the Drug trial and error Lab in eight moves.

This is basically the old puzzle around how to precisely fill increase a five-gallon jug by using two three-gallon jugs. It’s easier than that looks, yet easy to chaos up, specifically if you want this Record.

Push the buttons in this order: center, left, right, center, left, right, center, left.

Genius Chemist

On one of two people character’s second run, to fill the herbicide cartridge in the Drug testing Lab in 9 moves.

Push the buttons in this order: right, middle, left, right, middle, left, right, middle, left.

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This wraps up all of the records in the 2019 Resident angry 2, as well as all of the achievements in the basic game. You"ll require to gain two an ext from the free Ghost Survivors DLC to contact it 100% complete, however in the meantime, at least you"ve gotten your money"s worth the end of the game.