with a 7-foot extension pole, the Maverick™ gas it is provided tree trimmer uses the freedom to work at various lengths for various tasks. QuickStart™ technology and the 25cc 2-cycle engine allow you cut through challenging limbs fast. And when you're done with those branches, you have the right to turn her cutting machine into a an effective leaf blower, garden cultivator, hedge trimmer and much more with a variety of handy interchangeable interchangeable attachments, each marketed separately.

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Quickstart™ provides pull starts easierAccepts many attachments to rotate the Maverick™ right into a blower, hedge trimmer, edger and also more7-foot pole saw v removable 26-inch section (no tools required)Auto-oiler come ensure proper chain lubricationIncludes 2-cycle oilThis unit will ship via UPS or FedEx. It can not be shipped to a P.O. Box.

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attributes 25cc, QuickStart 2-Cycle Engine 7-foot pole saw v removable 26-inch section 8" Bar Accepts many attachments to rotate the Maverick into a blower, hedge trimmer, edger and also more. Contour manage Oiling system - automatic Product weight - 13.9 lbs. up to 12 Ft. With features 25cc, QuickStart 2-Cycle Engine 7-foot pole saw through removable 26-inch section 8" Bar Accepts most attachments to rotate the Maverick into a blower, hedge trimmer, edger and also more. Contour take care of Oiling device - automatically Product load - 13.9 lbs. approximately 12 Ft. With Bar length 10 in,8 in


Engine Engine Displacement 25cc extr Specifications version Number 41CDPS1C983 Specifications collection Two cycle Bar length 10 in,8 in Disclaimer Specifications Disclaimer Specifications subject to change without notification and there is no incurring obligation. Assets depicted ~ above website and other advertisements space for demonstration purposes only. Really products offered for sale might vary in design, compelled attachments, safety features and non-functional illustration from. Watch other basic disclaimers in ~ the bottom of our website.



Operator Manuals

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Model: 41CDPS1C983 header.column.modeldescription: GDE:IPL:41CDPS1C983:19
Manual: GDE:IPL:41CDPS1C983:19 form Number: 769-23311 see Options: PDF
Manual: MAN:OPER:RM2599:19 kind Number: 769-23310 check out Options: PDF
Manual: SHEET:ADD:FUELWARNING:13 form Number: 769-09197 see Options: PDF
Manual: SHEET:ADD:REG-ONLINE form Number: 769-24471 watch Options: PDF
Manual: SHEET:MTD:EPA/CARB:WARR:19 type Number: 769-16491 check out Options: PDF
Manual: SHEET:MTD:EPA/CARB:WARR:20 kind Number: 769-22851 watch Options: PDF
Manual: SHEET:MTD:EPA/CARB:WARR:21 form Number: 769-25749 check out Options: PDF



The Operator"s hands-on is critical part of your new outdoor power equipment. It will aid you assemble, prepare, maintain and safely operate your machine. Her outdoor power tools was constructed to be operated according to the rules and instructions for safe operation which are had in the operator"s manual and on the machine itself.

Safety rules and also instructions, if not followed, could endanger the personal safety and/or residential property of the operator and also others. Read and also follow every instructions in the manual prior to attempting to operate your outdoor power equipment. Just like any kind of power equipment, carelessness or error ~ above the part of the operator can result in significant injury. Your device is qualified of amputating hands and also feet and throwing objects. Fail to observe the security rules and also instructions, both ~ above the maker and in the Operator"s Manual, could result in serious injury or death.

IMPORTANT: MTD, its parents, affiliates and subsidiaries, is concerned about the safety of that customers and others. Because of the dimension of the Operator"s Manual, some Operator"s Manuals are broken down into two or an ext segments so that the entire Operator"s Manual have the right to be download easily. Cub Cadet is requiring all those who wish to download a copy of the Operator"s hands-on to acknowledge that he/she will download the part of the Operator"s manual that consists of the necessary Safe procedure Practices section, as stated below. This is to ensure the this ar is reviewed and available when operating, servicing and/or maintaining the machine.

NOTICE: BY continuing I AFFIRM the I will DOWNLOAD THAT portion OF THE OPERATOR"S manual WHICH contains SECTION 1: crucial SAFE operation PRACTICES, and THAT I will READ and FOLLOW THE security RULES and INSTRUCTIONS PROVIDED.

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