It's here! Netflix's adaptation that Lemony Snicket's A collection of regrettably Events is now obtainable to stream!

WARNING: every thread will certainly contain spoiler for the episode. Spoiler for subsequent episodes need to not be discussed. Spoiler tags because that the books and movie room still required.

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I think the Pale challenged Ladies are perfectly cast, such an excellent delivery and also they look precisely like they walk in my head!

This is the type of thing I would never have noticed together a kid, but now I'm concerned how many of these space in films I love!

He's no Timothy Spall but his distribution making us wanting to kill him is pretty on point. Good actor, disastrous character. Every his fault

I've never been tilted the badly by any kind of character before. Needed to stop every couple of seconds come vent.

I love exactly how this present takes the books' meta comedy and adapts it for TV, like when Olaf refers to the different subtitles: \"I don't have actually time to find out a second language besides everything it is I'm speaking ideal now\".

And not just for TV. In ~ some suggest Lemony Snicket tells us that there's more than likely something lot happier STREAMING what else.

I discover it funnier to think that joke is just about Olaf being also self-absorbed to understand what the name of the English language is.

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Oh shit I simply realized the is come account for different dubs/subtitles that the actual display he is in! #2meta4me


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