What an emotionally roller coaster this reunions are. Very first I can’t stand Kenya; climate I an insect my eyes out at Porsha; then ns can’t was standing Kenya some more; then i scoff at Porsha; climate I acquire a rapid break come not have the ability to stand Peter Thomas; and then this cursed network referred to as Bravo renders me take it sides with Kenya. I m sorry is the worst!

The thing about Kenya is she isn’t always wrong — she’s simply wrong 96.6 percent of the time. And the thing about these reunions is they’re not entirely montages of footage we’ve already seen and reiterations the fights we’ve already heard — around 3.4 percent that the time, they’re mind-bending throwaway comments around one-eyed Africans and also Sheree muttering funny comments to herself. In this week’s installment, official herder the cats and also teacher on permanent recess-monitor duty Andy Cohen when again had actually to cover exactly how “personal space” is a real worry for these women, yet he also got the privilege of briefly co-hosting v Ayden…so we’ll call this one a draw.

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Let’s obtain right down to these mid-level happenings until following week finally brings the husbands and the NeNe.

Want to understand what Porsha and also Cynthia think taken place on the weird boat ride on Lake Lanier: Porsha called Cynthia “bitch,” however in the not-fun way; Cynthia laid under on a deck chair and also Porsha reviewed to her; Porsha waved she hands in Cynthia’s face; Cynthia ordered Porsha’s wrist; Porsha straddled Cynthia; Cynthia kicked Porsha turn off of her. Desire to know what really happened? Hammered — they were hammered. I would estimate on miscellaneous insanely gross like Hennessy combined with peach concentrate or a plastic cup that tequila through 20 maraschino cherries in that — i don’t know exactly how they gained there, but I recognize where that led them. Which is come Porsha somehow discovering the word “contusion” to define her injuries and both Cynthia and Porsha taking complete responsibility because that their components in it, while concurrently thinking the other one is simply a little more responsible 보다 them.

But the many important result of pointing out this fight however again to be Kenya jumping in — are you shocked? — kind of to Cynthia’s defense yet mostly simply to call out Porsha for being involved in another violent incident. Porsha shoots earlier that Kenya always threatens people, and also Kenya says, “Well, let’s obtain to the point of girlfriend beating up her assistant at the finale, let’s talk around that.” and also that is something i did not recognize about! one more thing i didn’t recognize about: “Well then, let’s talk about you and the one-eyed african who’s married, honey.” A list of things we find out around Kenya’s alleged one-eyed African, in order of intrigue: he’s African; he has one eye; he’s a preacher, apparently a co-preacher through his wife. And also instead the Andy detouring this speeding train of nonsense right into investigative journalism are to discover out an ext about this secret man, we simply get…

Another montage the Kenya’s family reunion. Ns think we all have sympathy for Kenya’s case with she mom and also the pain the it still causes her. Yet it’s also been pretty well-established in ~ this point. There’s no a the majority of ntrident-gaming.net details to comment on here — OR IS THERE??? I’ll pass the mic to “Mister ray from D.C.” via Andy’s cue cards: “Kenya, you’ve stated on the show that you’ve never had a relationship with your mom, however in a People magazine write-up from might 1993, friend tell a story about how her mom referred to as to congratulate you because that winning miss USA. Why would certainly you turn her away when she plainly tried to affix with you?” five damn, Mister beam came through receipts!

But the grief glimpse of excitement evaporates once Kenya describes that she didn’t speak to to congratulate her — she offered People a quote once they referred to as her, and then she referred to as Kenya to tell her to avoid talking about her to the press. I as soon as again hand the mic to Andy: “Then I have to imagine she’s no thrilled around how lot you’ve talked around her on this show.” Kenya claims she doesn’t care since it’s not about her mother, and also I hope for Kenya’s sake, as well as ours, the she have the right to really relocate on this time.

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Not moving on are Cynthia and also Peter, who urge that they’re not separated as soon as Peter involves join the women onstage wearing a turtleneck the color of merlot and a smirk in the the shade of crusty smugness. Cynthia is shoot daggers the end of she eyes from the minute the role the montage of their marital problems (including neck-sniffing video, yet thankfully not consisting of that traumatizing kitchen massage — you understand what, I’m sorry I lugged it increase again). Andy keeps advertise on the fact that due to the fact that Peter is spending many of his time in Charlotte and Cynthia never ever goes come Charlotte, climate it sounds prefer they’re separated, however Peter says they’re just working on your “brands.” and then he states this doozy the a sentence: “I might be a soldier in the army and I’m gon’ operation away indigenous my wife for nine months and nobody would be talking around it.” go Peter just compare a soldier having to go on active duty to him slinging Buffalo wing in north Carolina?

Andy asks Cynthia if she assumed Peter looked guilty in the video, and Cynthia says, “I recognize Peter. Ns think if he was going to come on to someone, he more than likely wouldn’t perform it in a club — i think he would be a little an ext discreet around it actually,” i beg your pardon reads like shaaaaade come me. A little an ext obvious in the shade department is Porsha getting carried into the mix due to the fact that she’s always acting choose she knows something about Peter and also saying, “Your residence isn’t exactly clean — like, you need to clean your porch.” Kenya comes to Cynthia’s defense by bringing up Porsha’s many alleged afri boyfriends who allegedly buy she things, and I’ll just have to offer you the transcript of your interaction due to the fact that not just do I no understand half the things they’re talk about, i don’t think I might give any sort of comment on that without acquiring fired:

Porsha: Yes, friend do, a tiny piece of change — perhaps you should gain a dry item of readjust instead the a wet item of readjust in the ditch.

Kenya: You have to shut your mouth, Porsha, since if it’s not a d— in it, girlfriend don’t even know what you’re saying.

Wowzers. The was…terrible, and we’re not also to the component where a bunch that these ladies stand up for a guy being violent toward them. Porsha states that she’s no the one who’s responsible because that the rumors about Peter cheating; you could just walk increase to any type of 19-year-old girl in Atlanta: “Find the end your waitresses are gaining paid…and it’s full of penis.” mine ears room officially bleeding, and also I mourn for the 19-year-old waitresses in ~ Peter Thomas sporting activities bars.

I also pray that little Ayden, who just arrived at the Biltmore from institution with lunchbox in hand, did no hear any type of of the penis-talk. That wanders the end on phase to view what’s walking on and also Andy allows him sit in his chair and ask the women a ftrident-gaming.net questions, including, “Mommy — why room you here?” I choose to think that all the women took a small moment because that introspection following that gift moment…but ns don’t desire to child myself.

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Phaedra speak a small bit about Apollo; Kandi offers her opinion on exactly how Phaedra need to be managing it with her sons, which is something she must really most likely stop giving opinions on; and also Phaedra states that for all the opinions the come flying at her about how the boys require their dad in your lives, none of the males (save Gregg and Chris) have actually stepped as much as the plate to market male support, specifically the bros Apollo supplied to run approximately with. Andy at the very least brings this one back around come a point of positivity, though, by bringing up the sweet scene between Ayden and Phaedra once he to be scared in the car on the method to his very first day of kindergarten. Phaedra states no matter just how much they flourish up, you always see your youngsters as babies, therefore to watch Ayden scared damaged her heart. There’s so lot goodwill because that Phaedra collected during this emotional and honest moment…

…and climate she had to punch it by continuing to try to blame Glen’s violence in Miami ~ above Kenya antagonizing him. After rolling the clip from the awful Miami occurrence (including Phaedra compare Glen to Mike Brown, which Kenya claims the president of black color Lives issue tweeted was an inappropriate comparison), Andy asks the women who felt threatened by Glen’s behavior at the party; just Kandi and also Kenya raise your hands, however let me tell you something, also if that’s the truth, two women feeling threatened by a man is plenty of reason to ask the to leaving a party. Porsha tries come say the Kenya should have actually asked protection to ask him come leave, and also then she claims it was Kenya that invited glen in the an initial place, and also then Phaedra says that Kenya “wanted” him, which is wherein I about lose mine mind.

Sure, perhaps Kenya invite Glen and also flirted with him ~ above the boat and got garbage — probably that even annoyed she a little. Yet just since a mrs is briefly attracted come a guy doesn’t mean she fan it come him to give his aggressive actions a happen — and also there’s no doubt the the man’s language to be aggressive. And Kandi had ultimately had sufficient of lock defending that male in the surname of blaming Kenya because that one more thing, too: “She didn’t slap him, she didn’t hit him, she didn’t even speak to him the end his name. So y’all are just pacifying it like he didn’t also do anything, and I cannot think y’all room acting favor that to be okay!” She also stands up because that Kenya by saying that, yes, she does some crazy stuff, but in this situation, she to be justified: “He have to never have actually aggressively rotate around, began throwing increase gang indicators like the was solving to perform something. It shouldn’t have happened.”