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“Reach the end of the Darkness” is a song recorded and released by the American people duo friend & Lover. Peaking in ~ #10 ~ above the U. S. Billboard hot 100 chart, it was the duo’s most successful single, and they are frequently regarded together a one-hit wonder because that the selection, mainly since the duo’s only other hot 100 entrance (“If Love is in your Heart”) stalled in ~ #86 a few months later. The location never appears as together in the recording, though the nine mentions the “Reach the end IN the Darkness” in the text come close. Much more »

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I think it"s for this reason groovy nowThat civilization are finally getting togetherI thinks it"s therefore wonderful and howThat civilization are ultimately getting togetherReach the end in the darknessReach out in the darknessReach out in the darkness and also you may uncover a friendI knew a man that i did not care for and also then at some point this man gave me a callWe sat and also talked about things on our mindAnd currently this male he is a friend of mineDon"t be fear of loveDon"t it is in afraid, don"t be afraid to loveEverybody demands a little loveEverybody requirements somebody the they deserve to be thinking of

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girlfriend & Lover Friend and Lover to be an American folk-singing duo composed of husband-and-wife team, Jim and also Cathy Post. They are finest known for your hit solitary "Reach the end of the Darkness", which reached number 10 top top the U.S. Billboard warm 100 graph in the summer the 1968. More »

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