Disney's recent animated film, Raya and also the last Dragon, has been widely heralded for its beauty, message, and also action-packed fun. Raya and also the last Dragon is the an initial animated Disney film to come out since Soul in December 2020, and fans have been very excited to watch it. And some fans room wondering if Raya and also the last Dragon has actually an end credits scene like plenty of of that is previous man films.

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Spoiler alert! This write-up contains (mild) spoilers for Raya and also the critical Dragon

Disney has actually attempted to keep details about Raya and the last Dragon under wraps, as it's currently giving "Premiere Access" come DisneyPlus subscribers who want to watch the movie for $29.99. If viewers desire to view the movie because that free, they'll need to wait till June 2021. Since reviewers have been mindful to avoid spoilers, human being have to be curious around the end of the film.


Sorry, Disney fans, this is one movie you'll need to watch without an end credits scene! The just thing viewers can look front to throughout the finish credits is a sweet message around the 400+ creatives who aided make Raya and the critical Dragon together beautiful together it is. 

Disney invested time researching Raya and also the last Dragon, and also before the pandemic, Time Magazine note they sent researchers come Laos, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Singapore to learn around each country's cultures and traditions. This team of researchers was well-known as the Southeast asian Story Trust, comparable to the Oceanic Story Trust that was put together because that Moana

Time explains the Story Trust, "is a team of consultants with areas of expertise varying from music and also choreography come architecture and also martial arts. Lock strived to make the film’s details more authentic to Southeast Asia, i beg your pardon was likewise front that mind for co-writers Nguyen and Lim."

The procedure to develop the fantasy people of Kumandra was also compared to high-fantasy projects such together Game of Thrones, so it's no wonder there were so countless creatives come thank! 

The movie has attracted some criticism for not showing Southeast asian cultures individually, but an ext as a blend.

While the reviews because that Raya and the critical Dragon have primarily to be positive, some have voiced the rightful concern over Raya mix individual Southeast oriental cultures together. One reviewer indigenous Vox points the end that with various other projects concentrated on multicultural connections, it's easy to see where the catalyst takes source (a notable instance of this being Avatar: The critical Airbender through each country aligning come Chinese, Japanese, Inuit or Tibetan cultures).

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Even Moana has challenged this sort of criticism because that the means Maui, generally a serious and also formidable demigod, was portrayed by Disney. Interested viewers will have to see and also decide for themselves.

Raya and the critical Dragon is now easily accessible for streaming exclusively through DisneyPlus v Premiere Access. 

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