Detangling Fairy Tail, Edens Zero & Rave Master’s Confusing link Are Hiro Mashima"s renowned manga collection Fairy Tail, Rave Master and also Edens Zero every interconnected? The price is a small complicated.

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Edens Zero, the latest collection from Fairy Tail author Hiro Mashima, to be recently evidenced for one anime adaption that will premiere in April 2021 in Japan. This adaption is came before by the well-known Fairy Tail anime, and his earlier series Rave Master. But Edens Zero is currently the third collection of Mashima"s where comparable designs, personality names and also plot devices appear, leading fans to believe that they space all connected as a whole.

Hiro Mashima"s Works

Mashima"s very first series, Rave Master, ran from 1999 come 2005 in Weekly Shonen Magazine. It adheres to Hiro Glory together he tries to hone his powers as the 2nd Rave Master, beginning a quest v his new friends to loss the zero Stones and save the human being from their evil influence.

Fairy Tail started in 2006, just a year after ~ the completion of Rave Master, and has lot of spinoffs, an anime adaption, OVAs and also movies. The story revolves around a people where magic is supplied by everyone and also wizards form guilds to finish jobs and quests. The lead, Natsu Dragneel, is part of the most an effective wizard guild, Fairy Tail, and also as his team gains much more members, they work-related to defeat corrupt rival guilds and also the angry villain Zeref.

In Edens Zero, Mashima is picking up a brand-new work as with before, as the series started in 2018 ~ the finish of the Fairy Tail manga in 2017. However, this new series again attributes a spiky-haired, fiery protagonist named Shiki Granbell in the an are pirate human being of Edens Zero. The befriends a girl named Rebecca Bluegarden and aids in her find for the celestial creator of the universe, Mother. The is worth noting the Rebecca is blonde, v a blue and also white costume... And also a sentient robot cat called Happy... Sound familiar?

Fairy Tail fans -- or anyone familiar with the franchise -- will acknowledge that Rebecca has actually a striking resemblance to the show"s Lucy Heartfilia. Though, in Fairy Tail, the blue flying cat belongs to Natsu, no his blonde female friend.

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The Similarities in between Mashima"s Works

Edens Zero
Looking in ~ the manga covers and promotional photos for both series, the is evident that Edens Zero borrows more than a tiny from Fairy Tail. Eden"s title characters could quickly be native a sci-fi spinoff the the key Fairy Tail crew and Rebecca Bluegarden, as formerly mentioned, looks prefer Lucy Heartfilia, albeit without she signature ponytail. Shiki Granbell is Natsu Dragneel if he discovered a box of black hair dye, if Elsie Crimson suspiciously has actually the exact same affinity because that dark red together Erza Scarlet. Not to point out that Elsie"s nickname "Armored an are Pirate" only brings come mind Erza"s costumes throughout Fairy Tail.

The similarities between Mashima"s works don"t end with character designs. The idea the all three series are linked in a Mashima Canon universe is just strengthened by the author releasing artwork featuring Natsu and also Lucy dressed as Haru and also Ellie indigenous Rave Master for the sheathe of Rave Master chapter #91.

The characters Happy and Plue seem come exist throughout the different series. Because that example, Happy, the blue cat companion exist in both Fairy Tail and also Edens Zero, and Plue, a small snowman-like creature, appears in all 3 series. But both creatures belong come different personalities in their corresponding universes and are the different types in each series. Also the magical power in Fairy Tail and also Edens Zero"s universes re-publishing the very same name, Ether, and enables for time and an are to be manipulated.

The many notable fact, though, is that Mashima has actually released an ext than one canon crossover story inside the characters from Fairy Tail meet the leader from Rave Master and Edens Zero. Fairy Tail X Rave is a chapter where Team Natsu meets the Rave understand bunch at a casino and also hijinks ensue. Finally, Hero"s is Mashima"s spinoff crossover of all 3 series, in i m sorry the protagonists satisfy on an island. It"s not frequently that fans obtain to suffer canon crossovers, so see them communicate is a treat because that sure.

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Is over there a Mashima-verse?

when Mashima"s universes have a lot of overlap in between them, and even canon crossovers, they room still all separate collection and universes. Mashima does have a habit of functioning on multiple collection at a time and borrowing indigenous his previous functions (which he has the best to do as the author) to the suggest that even he agrees that it gets confusing sometimes.

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But, possibly with the mixture the magic, time paradoxes and alternative realities in his works, there"s a possibility that the future will lug these beloved personalities together again.

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