Rainn Wilson is most known for his functions in The Office and Star Trek: Discovery, however, the wasn’t constantly the case. His “first huge movie role” remained in a polarizing and strange movie. Here’s what he really hopes to achieve through his appearance in the film.

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Rainn Wilson’s an initial big function was in a movie directed by a celebrity musician

Lots of major actors show up in low-budget fear films early on in their careers. Because that example, Jennifer Lawrence remained in House at the end of the Street, Jamie Lee Curtis was in Halloween, Johnny Depp remained in A Nightmare top top Elm Street. In addition, Wilson appeared in a fear movie at an early stage in his career — a fear movie v a strange pedigree.

Rob Zombie is a musician who an initial became well known through his tape White Zombie. Afterward, he started a solo career. After years of success together a musician, he ended up being a movie director. His directorial debut was a small film called House that 1000 Corpses.

“Dragula” by plunder Zombie

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The film is loaded with references to previous horror films. Numerous 1970s and 1980s horror movies focused ~ above a team of young world who face a serial killer or killers and House that 1000 Corpses is no different. Wilson played one of the young people in the film. His fatality is bizarre — his torso is fastened to the of a fish, making him a grotesque mermaid.

What Rainn Wilson felt during the making of ‘House of 1000 Corpses’

So what go Wilson have to say around House the 1000 Corpses? “Well, that was the first big movie role that I ever before did,” Wilson called Entertainment Weekly. “It to be incredible. That was really weird. We worked with Matthew , who was a well known giant. Ns was hacked in half by a scarecrow monster. My torso to be attached to a fish’s tale and also revealed to mine screaming girlfriend.”

The trailer for home of 1000 Corpses

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In addition, Wilson claimed “It was truly prefer living in a nightmare. It kind of is a fear classic. It was fun to be a part of. I love horror due to the fact that I was farming up and also watched all these Vincent Price movies choose The Fly and also I certainly loved Alien.”

The tradition of ‘House the 1000 Corpses’

Wilson’s statement the House the 1000 Corpses is a horror standard feels odd. After ~ all, the film only has actually a 20% rating ~ above Rotten Tomatoes. House that 1000 Corpses has definitely garnered a cult adhering to over the years, however, it’s hard to contact it a bona fide classic. Follow to JoBlo, even Zombie stated the film is filled through flaws.

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Rob Zombie’s tune “House the 1000 Corpses”

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Regardless, Wilson called Entertainment Weekly that House of 1000 Corpses would make for a great triple feature with his various other horror films. “After this movies every come out, they deserve to have a Rainn Wilson fear festival top top Halloween. House that 1000 Corpses, Cooties, and The Boy. My entire goal is to have the ability to go to among those horror conventions and sign headshots because that $25 a pop.” House that 1000 Corpses was no a crucial darling, however, Wilson took pleasure in making it.