Quarter one 10, THE AR Pistol Caliber BRAND. Leader in top of the line, specialized AR15 Pistol Caliber parts.CALIFORNIA BUYERS: Please inspect with your transferring dealer before ordering. Plenty of CA dealers are unwilling to process lower recipient transfers.

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Shipping: all orders are shipped within 72 hrs Monday -Thursday 6am - 4pm Arizona Time.

Any order containing a reduced receiver will not it is in shipped till we get a copy of your FFL. When received continuous shipping policies apply. Submit your FFL Here.

Returns: 4 minutes 1 Circle 10 offers a 30 work return, refund and also exchange policy. View Details.

The QC10 receiver set represents the ceiling essentials because that a high quality pistol/carbine build. The stripped lower and also upper through proprietary parts form a solid structure from which to completely customize a pistol or carbine. Some customers acquisition this kit together an update to your existing platforms, if others try their hand at equivalent the performance of a QC10 full build with other components. Regardless, the QC10 recipient kit guarantee the heart of the build is American.  Made for, not modified, with a connection to Texas the no one else have the right to match.

QC10 Stripped (GSF) lower Receiver v proprietary partsAccepts mil-spec receiver expansion (buffer tube)GSF side Charging upper Receiver through Gibbz Arms modern technology (Side Chargers no compatible with QC10 Keymod Handguards, examine compatibility web page to assure fit.)Latching, Non-Reciprocating Charging HandleEngineered for 9x19mm or .40 S&W Glock magazinesAccepts QC10 global 9MM Bolt AssemblyType III tough Coat AnodizingNo lower Parts Kit installedMade for the AR Platform- no ModifiedHandguards through overlapping anti-rotation tabs may not it is in compatible v QC10 billet upper receivers, consisting of Side Charging uppers.


Any assignment containing reduced receivers call for a proved FFL dealer to make the transfer.

Lower receivers will not it is in shipped until QC10 has actually your dealer"s patent on file.

Please call your desired dealer about sending united state a copy of their license.


CALIFORNIA BUYERS: Please check with your transferring dealer before ordering. Countless CA dealers are unwilling to procedure lower recipient transfers.

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Important guarantee Note: 

 If you intend to it is registered your 4 minutes 1 Circle 10 firearm together an NFA weapon, check it thoroughly prior to doing therefore in a Title 1 Configuration. Once you Form 1 or kind 2 it, you space legally the manufacturer, and we cannot company the firearm. Need to your firearm need warranty replacement we can only change it v a Title I receiver and we are not responsible for tax stamps or NFA fees.