Authors: David G. Myers, C. Nathan DeWallFile Size: 45 MBFormat: PDFLength: 2170 PagesPublisher: worth Publishers; fourth editionPublication Date: October 21, 2016 Language: EnglishASIN: B06WD3L31P ISBN-10: 1319013732, 1319129773ISBN-13: 9781319013738, 9781319129774

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Psychology in day-to-day Life (4th Edition) – eBook PDF

Nathan DeWall’s and David Myer’s best-selling and also briefest arrival to psychology, Psychology in daily Life, fourth Edition, (PDF) speak to all students irrespective of your background or level of preparedness, v no suppositions made in the examples, vocabulary, or presentation.

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College and high institution students of every kinds are calm with Myers’ controlled chapters, i m sorry feature careful connections to connected visuals, compare tables, and also research-based pedagogy

Table the Contents:

PrefaceTime Management: Or, how to it is in a good Student and also Still have a LifeChapter 1: Psychology’s Roots, big Ideas, and an important Thinking ToolsChapter 2: The biologic of Mind and ConsciousnessChapter 3: occurring Through the Life SpanChapter 4: Sex, Gender, and SexualityChapter 5: Sensation and also PerceptionChapter 6: LearningChapter 7: MemoryChapter 8: Thinking, Language, and also IntelligenceChapter 9: an inspiration and EmotionChapter 10: Stress, Health, and Human FlourishingChapter 11: society PsychologyChapter 12: PersonalityChapter 13: emotional DisordersChapter 14: TherapyAppendix A: Statistical thinking in everyday LifeAppendix B: Psychology in ~ WorkAppendix C: Subfields that PsychologyAppendix D: finish Chapter ReviewsAppendix E: Answers to Chapter check QuestionsGlossaryGlosarioReferencesName IndexSubject Index

Additional ISBNs: 978-1319013738, 978-1319129774, 978-1319101039, 1319101038, 9781319101039, 978-1319114480, 1319114482, 9781319114480

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