CE-33984-7 is a common network error particular to the PS4 console, and also as such, that usually only occurs when setting up a new Wi-Fi or LAN cable connection. Over there are likewise several cases where part PS4 customers encounter the CE-33984-7 error as soon as trying to browser the playstation Store, execute a connection speed check on the game stations 4, or even in the center of a game.

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The error appears to be led to when the PS4 suddenly loses connection to the playstations Network servers and also tries come reconnect. After ~ a while and if it stops working to reconnect, the console may throw an error. This may likewise be due to the fact that the console cannot obtain an IP deal with from your router.

If girlfriend suddenly acquire a PS4 error CE-33984-7, it way that you may need come troubleshoot her console’s network function to discover out if over there is a trouble with the server or if her local house network is no working.

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How to fix the PS4 error password CE-33984-7?Frequently request Questions

What causes the PS4 error code CE-33984-7?


PSN Server Problem: The very first thing to perform to deal with this difficulty is come make sure that the is no a server problem. If the PSN server is down, her account might not validate your digital purchase and also cause this error password instead.

TCP/IP router inconsistency: as some involved users have reported, this problem can additionally occur as result of network inconsistency led to by a trouble with her router. In this case, you may be able to resolve the problem by rebooting the router or resetting the present router configuration.

Console not collection as major device: If you only see this error when trying to accessibility one of her digital purchases, friend might be able to resolve the difficulty by transforming on the console as a main device. This potential solution has been found effective by numerous users who have encountered this problem.

Console firmware mismatch: there is additionally a fairly common mismatch the is caused by data corruption (usually developing after an unexpected shutdown or fail upgrade). To resolve this problem, you need to perform a strength backup.

Outdated router software: If you room using an old router, this difficulty can likewise be brought about by an extremely outdated firmware that cannot maintain a stable internet link with your PS4. In this case, you have to update the firmware come the latest version (by yourself or through the aid of a certified technician).

Automatic connection setup assigns not correct values: together reported by some affected users, this problem can likewise occur as soon as the automatic setting of your PS4 assigns unreliable DNS. To prevent this indigenous happening, you deserve to manually configure the connection and also make sure that you entrust the DNS values noted by Google.

How to resolve the PS4 error password CE-33984-7?


Check the condition of the PSN service

The PS4 error CE-33984-7 might be due to server issues that reason the connection to be interrupted while connecting come PSN. Make certain there are no problems with the PSN server prior to you begin troubleshooting.

Check the PSN business status web page to watch if over there are any problems v your account manager or playstation Store.

If the PSN status web page shows troubles that might be affecting her network connection, you have the right to only wait because that Sony to resolve the problem. Please examine this page regularly in the future.

Manual connection setup

Go to settings -> Network.In the following window, pick Configure net Connection.Then choose Use Wi-Fi or use LAN cable, together appropriate.On the following screen, select Custom to have actually full manage over the values once you room asked how you want to set up your net connection.For wireless users, friend must select the network you desire to attach to.For IP address settings, pick Automatic if you do not desire to configure a practice IP attend to or connect directly using PPPoE.For DHCP organize Name, select Do no Specify.For DNS settings, choose Manual. Then set the primary DNS to and also the secondary DNS come These room Google DNS values that can assist you settle error CE-33984-7.For the MTU and also proxy settings, pick Do no use.

Now you require to check your PS4 internet connection and also make certain that the error is fixed. If the difficulty persists, you may need to turn off the console. This method has proven reliable for some users who room struggling v a problem caused through corrupted short-lived data after an unexpected mechanism shutdown or erroneous update.

Reboot or reset the router

If PS4 error CE-33984-7 is not regarded PSN service, you should check if your router is functioning properly. Router difficulties usually happen when countless devices are linked to the same network.

Please disconnect all unnecessary devices. If the error persists, you need to reboot her router by unplugging it and waiting at least one minute. Then rotate the router back on. If the doesn’t assist either, shot rebooting the router.

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Frequently inquiry Questions

The \"Failed to acquire an IP address\" error message appears when a user do the efforts to attach to a Wi-Fi network. The router assigns one IP attend to to each linked device. Your device must gain this attend to in order to attach to the router. This message method that it cannot perform so, and also the user cannot sign up with the Wi-Fi network.