The trainees have actually come a long way! A the majority of them looked an extremely green in the beginning, however now many might be idols prepared to debut. All three evaluations space interesting, yet I think that the ide evaluation is especially noteworthy because they’re no much longer doing covers. Since they have actually original material, they deserve to really start to come right into their own and show united state who they room as performers. We’re so close to the finish that we all have our personal favorites, yet I think the this episode mirrors us simply what that final group can look like.

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*WARNING! This recap has actually spoilers for episode 9!* This recap is based upon my original notes ago when ns didn’t understand the outcome. I’ve watched the last episode, however I had actually to take it a break. Without giving away noþeles (I hope), the results made me establish just how invested i was – i beg your pardon is too much. However like i said, i committed come finishing the recaps and I’m no backing out now!


Last episode, the “nation’s producers” poll the trainees right into five various groups follow to concept. Currently the teams perform for an audience that 2,000 that will poll twice: when for your favorite stage and also once for their favorite trainee from the stage. The to win team will get 220,000 benefit votes (120,000 for the height trainee, and 20,000 each for the rest).

Before we get to the performances, we need to reshuffle the teams a tiny bit. There space thirty-five trainees, so each team must have actually seven members. Because the trainees to be assigned your songs prior to the last elimination, part songs room now missing people while some have actually too many. “Never” and “Open Up” will view the most drastic alters – the former needs to remove four guys, and also the latter needs to include three.

Cutie revealing the results

The trainees for “Never” and also “Oh small Girl” room asked to decision their final lineup. They fill out ballots through the 7 they think have to stay, in stimulate of that they think fits the principle the most. Each rank assigns a various amount that points, and the seven members v the highest complete scores will stay. It’s a little confusing, for this reason here’s a hypothetical instance with my faves. Let’s speak that Jonghyun thinks Sungwoo is the most suitable for this song, therefore he puts that in first place. Minhyun also votes for Sungwoo, but puts him in fifth. Therefore Sungwoo would certainly then acquire a most points from Jonghyun, and a smaller sized amount of points indigenous Minhyun. (Fun fact: Minhyun actually effectively predicts the method the votes revolve out)

Hwang Minhyun, king that predictions

YoungminHaknyeon, and Seonho are taken off the “Never” team, while Sungwoon and Guanlin tie because that seventh place. Critical week, Sungwoon feared elimination and showed his desperation come stay. Now that he’s survived, he’s even an ext determined. Unfortunately, the other vocalists (Minhyun, Daehwi, and Jaehwan) push him out due to the fact that they don’t want to contend for parts. Meanwhile, the “Oh small Girl” team votes out Moonbok. Sungwoon’s bitterness just grows once “Open Up,” Daniel takes the three other eliminated “Never” trainees over him. Jisung picks him because that “Show Time,” which sends Moonbok end to “I know You Know.”


*NOTE: detailed rankings space from episode #8


Producers: Lee Geunwoo, ASHTRAY, five SeungwhanGenre: Nu DiscoMembers: Yoon Jisung (#15, MMO), Kim Samuel (#16, Brave), Noh Taehyun (#21, Ardor & Able), Ha Sungwoon (#25, Ardor & Able), Lee Woojin (#26, Media Line), Kim Sanggyun (#27, Hunus), Park Woodam (#28, HF Music Company)Leader: Noh TaehyunCenter: Kim Samuel

The Prep:

TFW her friend calls friend out

Sungwoon pretends to it is in happy about being here, but Taehyun totally calls his bluff and also reveals the actually no “Show Time.” The members try to console Sungwoon by providing him leader, yet he angle for center instead. He’s thwarted once more when the team chooses Samuel. Samuel is an obvious choice because of his dance and also expressions, but he’s having trouble hitting those high notes. That sounds favor they’re simply at the leaf of his range. Despite there’s a the majority of self-doubt, that does just fine and is praised by the producers and trainers. I think Samuel’s struggled a lot due to the fact that of his fall popularity, for this reason I’m happy he appears to it is in hitting his stride.

The Performance:

“Show Time” isn’t my sort of song, but I think they carry out a great job v this stage. If the track sounds bright, it’s so repetitive that it’s not really dynamic. It’s a good thing that the dancing and also staging are an ext captivating and also add more dimension. Trainer Kwon Jaesung did the choreography, for this reason there are a many moves and also gestures pulled directly from funny moments on the show. It’s smart because it’s fun and light-hearted. The stage also has distinct sections the make it more memorable, prefer the techno dance rest or the funny rap section with Sanggyun and also Jisung fighting over the microphone. The choreography tells a story, and it’s apparent that the boys really space enjoying themselves. My only worry is ns don’t see much of Sungwoon or Taehyun in the broadcast.

Standout Member: Samuel. This is a perfect phase for a 16 year old, and he’s rocking it. He’s plainly in his element, and also that dance rest looks choose it was made for him.

2) I recognize YOU KNOW

Producer: Hyuk Shin (Joombas Factory)Genre: Synth Pop/FunkMembers: Kim Taedong (#22, The Vibe Label), Seo Seonghyuk (#24, WH Creative), Kim Donghyun (#29, Brand brand-new Music), Jang Moonbok (#32, ONO), Kim Yehyun (#33, Widmay), Kwon Hyunbin (#34, YGK+), Kim Donghan (#35, OUI)Leader: Kwon HyunbinCenter: Kim Taedong

The Prep:

Hyunbin’s leaders react to the news

Since Taedong doesn’t it seems ~ keen on remaining leader, the team redistributes roles. To everyone’s surprise, Hyunbin challenges Donghyun for leader. The was inspired by his experiences through Jonghyun and also Jisung and also wants to salary it forward (look in ~ my man Jonghyun inspiring all these people!). Ns personally think Donghyun would have been better, but I evaluate Hyunbin’s spirit. He’s come a lengthy way, and also he’s absolutely been making the most of his time top top the show. Together for center, the group narrowly choose Taedong over Donghan, who to be the short-lived center. This upsets Donghan, that thinks the he might have retained it if that wasn’t ranked last.

Positive Leader

This group is currently feeling down since they’re the shortest ranked trainees. To do things more tense, they somehow end up through the many intimidating producer. Hyuk Shin definitely looks discerning and also hard come please. Though he acknowledges that the tune is hard, his challenge keeps gaining darker throughout the power check. After that, he states he doesn’t actually think they deserve to pull it off (yikes!). He also critiques everyone during recording (except for Hyunbin, weirdly enough) and also meticulously check the rehearsal. Yet the group is doing much better after the initial check. They’ve resolved to occupational hard and treat it as their last stage – i beg your pardon is a really real possibility.

The Performance:

I have actually mixed feelings around Shin Hyuk songs. Sometimes I for sure love lock (“Growl!”), and also sometimes I just feel “meh.” “I understand You Know” is the latter classification for me. There’s nothing wrong with it – it’s an extremely pleasant, and also the layout is very trendy because that boy teams nowadays. I have the right to imagine rookies choose Up10tion or Pentagon law this song. Yet I don’t think it’s overly exciting, and also there’s nothing in the power that captures my fist (except those expertly executed hoe clicks). It’s a smooth song, but it turns out more laid-back. It simply lacks pizzazz compared to some of the other performances.

At the threat of sounding harsh, you can absolutely tell these space the lower-ranked trainees. They’ve survived two eliminations, for this reason it’s no a inquiry of whether they have actually talent. They have really nice voices, and the choreography is solid. However, I’d say most of lock are doing not have in stage presence. They look an excellent and their smiles space nice, however I think they need a little something more. K-pop is an sector that prizes hard work as much as herbal talent, so you deserve to learn to sing or dancing. What yes, really sets idols apart are their onstage mannerisms and also their capacity to interact an audience. This group doesn’t really have that, and that’s why it’s for this reason flat.

Standout Member: Donghyun. He seems so calm and at ease, and he’s the only one that has a solid stage presence. He finest captures what the song is supposed to it is in like, plus he gives me significant B.A.P. Daehyun vibes.


Producers: Devine ChannelGenre: Future EDMMembers: im Youngmin (#5, Brand brand-new Music), Kang Daniel (#8, MMO), Joo Haknyeon (#10, Cre.ker), Kang Dongho (#11, Pledis), Yoo Seonho (#13, Cube), Kim Yongguk (#18, Chun), Takada Kenta (#31, Star Road)Leader: Kang DanielCenter: Kim Yongguk

The Prep:

“I promise it works!”

The good center debate of this episode is here. As usual, they pick by making expressions and singing the lines. Seonho asks who to press on his forehead for this reason he can hit the high note (oh mine god, this kid…) Apparently this worked for Sungwoo numerous episodes back, but Dongho points the end that you can’t really perform that ~ above stage. Haknyeon end up as center, however problems arise once he has trouble picking up the choreography and singing the note in a non-cheesy way. Because the Pledis boys choose to take trainees under their wing, Dongho decides to assist him out. He thinks if Haknyeon is able come improve, the an outcome will advantage the group.


Unfortunately, Haknyeon messes up a lot during the power check, i m sorry is embarrassing due to the fact that the choreographer is there. Daniel transforms the facility to Yongguk, saying also Seonho (the many inexperienced) is improving. Dongho explains that the has belief in him, however he just doesn’t think the will take place in time. If the members room as gentle as they have the right to with Haknyeon, that unsurprisingly takes the hard.

Now I’m not a vast fan of that after the “Right Round” thing. Evaluate from the immense amount of hate he’s getting, I’m no the just one. (I don’t agree v that; I simply don’t think he should be optimal 11) There’s a difference between confidence and stubbornness, and he requirements to learn exactly how to have realistic expectations. There’s a part where he claims he’ll work hard to it is in a good center, and Youngmin replies that actually has to do it instead of just saying it. But i think he’s just an extremely young and also inexperienced, and also hopefully he’ll find out through this show.

The Performance:

This song is definitely much more my speed. EDM is in, and also it’s very reminiscent of right now trending groups like Monsta X and also Got7. The atmosphere is great. Ns don’t really pay fist to stage sets, however the light is killer. And I love how one the the cameras has actually water dripping in former of it. But while the atmosphere is sexy, ns don’t think the actual phase is. “Open Up” has actually a the majority of masculine power and also under-the-surface tension. The vital points (body rolls and also shoulder slides) need to really hit the home. Yet they carry out it in a very light and also restrained way, and also I great they be a little an ext daring and also just go for it. Ns hope the doesn’t do me sound creepy; I simply mean the means they run doesn’t yes, really ride the win or enhance the music. But that’s yes, really the just flaw I can see.

This group definitely has great teamwork, however there’s no question Dongho and Daniel stand out. Daniel looks more like the center than Yongguk does, since he has actually the charisma and also masculinity that this song’s center needs. He’s likewise the strongest dancer, and I’m a run purist when it pertains to center. Dongho has constantly had a solid stage presence, but this time he yes, really shines. His high keep in mind is so loud and clear it’s amazing.

Standout Member: Daniel. Dongho’s good, however I’m walk with an individual preference.

4) OH tiny GIRL

Producers: Kiggen and also ASSBRASSGenre: hip hopMembers: Park Jihoon (#3, Maroo), Bae Jinyoung (#12, C9), Jung Sewoon (#17, Starship), Ahn Hyeongseob (#19, Yuehua), Choi Minki (#20, Pledis), Lee Euiwoong (#23, Yuehua), Lee Gunhee (#30, RBW)Leader: Lee GunheeCenter: Choi Minki

The Prep:


This segment mostly focuses on Jinyoung, who’s been relatively popular throughout the show but struggles v confidence and also stage-presence. I actually referred to as him “that cute kid who looks at the floor” for numerous weeks. He’s been steadily boosting throughout the evaluations, and also when he it s okay critiqued that asks Sewoon for aid with his singing. He’s concerned in the recording studio, however he’s every smiles as soon as he gets praised. Jinyoung isn’t high on mine list, but I constantly like come see civilization who enhance over time. He yes, really does have actually a nice voice, so ns hope the he can step that up.

Literally the challenge of every hidden camera victim

We also get cure to a birthday surprise camera prank on Jihoon and also Sewoon. Normally, I have the right to spot these things from a mile away. Oriental reality shows never ever broadcast real debates between members to keep the idea they acquire along all the time. Yet this time, I totally fell for it. Ns think it’s since Jihoon gets yes, really upset in ~ the “conflict” between Minki and Gunhee and also storms out, and also that part is real. (Normally, the “victim” gets particularly picked ~ above or sort of just watches the drama unfold through their mouth vast open) i personally think surprise camera pranks are mean and cause unnecessary stress, but at least they take it it in stride.

The Performance:

I believed I wouldn’t favor this song, however I in reality really do! It’s sweet yet smooth, and it reminds me that Astro. Despite the power is absolutely on the cute side, it’s pretty irradiate on the aegyo and also doesn’t overdo it. I’m more than likely a decade older than many of these guys (good lord), yet I deserve to watch the phase comfortably there is no feeling like I’m cheering top top babies. This group has really an excellent teamwork, and it feels like a really cohesive performance. I wouldn’t say Jinyoung has completely gotten over his fears, however he certainly seems an ext comfortable and happy onstage. Sewoon’s vocals space actually perfect because that this song, and Gunhee also does well. And also Jihoon is solid as constantly – I’m starting to think he’s a low-key triple threat.

Standout Member: Minki. The others are really young, so he grounds the performance and keeps that from coming to be too childish.


Producers: Triple HGenre: Deep HouseMembers: Kim Jonghyun (#1, Pledis), Lai Guanlin (#2, Cube), Lee Daehwi (#4, Brand brand-new Music), Hwang Minhyun (#6, Pledis), Ong Sungwoo (#7, Fantagio), Kim Jaehwan (#9, separation, personal, instance trainee), Park Woojin (#14, Brand brand-new Music)Leader: Kim JonghyunCenter: Hwang Minhyun (Pledis crushing it up in here!)

The Prep:

Ong Slate-woo

As Sungwoo point out out, this team doesn’t yes, really have any drama or potential troubles. They’re all highly-ranked, they’ve all had standout stages, and they’ve every performed through each various other before. And also they’re every literally finest friends therefore we acquire to focus on fun points with them, such together the birth of yet an additional Ong Sungwoo gag as soon as he decides to come to be the slate clapper because that literally everything. MNET usually tries come look because that the an adverse in everything, for this reason it’s nice to watch that mine faves gaining along without any drama.

Flustering the trainees

We likewise get a great deal of emphasis on Hyuna Cube when Triple H payment a visit come the trainees prior to the performance check. While part trainees effort to play the cool, everyone’s reaction to seeing Hyuna is hilarious. The group likewise gets to walk to Cube to record, and Guanlin takes good pride in reflecting everyone approximately his agency. He’s no so happy that they reveal his messy locker, though.

Since I’m clear biased in the direction of this group, reap some extra funny GIFs ns made:

Woojin attempting to it is in a VJJonghyun’s reaction to being dubbed the intuitive of the groupThis hilarious rendition of “Troublemaker” (of course Seonho’s Hyuna)

The Performance:

Here’s a fun and also accurate excerpt from mine initial notes: “OH mine GOD I have CHILLS!!!! OMG THE FEELSSSSS!!!!!” Joking aside, this is my pure favorite. There’s a factor why these males are the most famous trainees. They literally look prefer the actual deal. Their functions are so clearly defined, and also everyone has actually their part to play. There room actual idol teams that have actually yet to get it right favor these guys. The track is amazing, the dance is stunning, and also it’s all simply so perfect. I shot hard no to let my squealing fangirl side show, however my heart melts into a pond every single damn time i watch this. The is 99% perfection, and also it would be 100% if they provided Jonghyun more than one line. (Yes, I’ll always fight for him)

Standout Member: Minhyun. Bet you assumed I’d say Jonghyun or Sungwoo! i love castle all, however there’s no question this tune belongs to Minhyun. I mean, the broadcast reflects us the same shot of his face four time in a row. However visuals aside, he’s the perfect center for this song both skill-wise and also mood-wise. It’s his time come shine!


1. “Open Up,” 552 votes2. “Never,” 443 votes3. “Oh small Girl,” 398 votes4. “Show Time,” 135 votes5. “I know You Know,” 83 votes

Although it’s pretty noticeable that I’d personally move “Never” and also “Open Up,” ns think this is nice accurate. The “Open Up” members do pretty well individually, earning areas #1, #6, #7, #9, #10, #11, and #22 overall. The optimal ranking member is one of two people Dongho or Daniel, and we need to wait until next episode to uncover out! The trainees that obtained the many individual votes are: the unnamed trainee native “Open Up,” Park Jihoon through 182 votes, Park Woojin with 95 votes, Hwang Minhyun v 91 votes, and Bae Jinyoung with 82 votes. No revealing of the present online rankings for this reason we continue to be in suspense.

We’ve gained one much more elimination prior to the finale! This time people could only vote for two trainees a day, so ns think the results might be surprising. Seriously, this season is so lot harder come predict than last year.

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NOTE: all GIFs and clips come indigenous MNET’s Produce 101 Season 2 episode 8. Added articles are from Omona lock Didn’t on Livejournal.