Pokémon Sword and also Shield have lastly released on Nintendo Switch. The newest installments in the main point Pokémon RPG franchise have drawn a wide variety of responses indigenous gamers over the past year. When video game Freak, Pokémon"s developer, revealed that only some of the previously created Pokémon would be accessible in Gen 8, plenty of players became angry and even down right abusive online. Currently that the game has been the end for a bit, the fanbase is seriously split — part loving it to piece while others give it the lowest scores possible.

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Since this was the first Pokémon generation to ever before come onto a console, and because these gamings are personal to a lot of people, there to be a the majority of high expectations. Unfortunately, the gamings don"t live up to many of this standards. However, they room still fun gamings that employ numerous of the very same mechanics and formatting the we"ve grown to love from the Pokémon collection while including some brand-new elements. As lengthy as you don"t suppose too lot from them, they space fun, lighthearted games.

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Guard and also Parry

Pokémon Sword and also Shield

Bottom line: Pokémon Sword and Shield offer awesome new Pokémon for you to discover and also a beautifully designed, U.K.-inspired world to explore. These games don"t market a lot of of new elements, with familiar gameplay and a short storyline. However, these gamings still provide a fun, lighthearted endure for players of all ages.


Several awesome new PokémonFun U.K.-themed worldNew recording experiences in the Wild Area new ways to play through friendsNostalgic gameplay


It"s a little too straightforward Not every Pokémon room in the gameThe main story is relatively shortThe level-catching limitA little too familiar

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In Sword and also Shield, football player embark on a journey across the U.K.-inspired Galar an ar and choose their own party from numerous Pokémon. Her goal is to end up being the best Pokémon Trainer ever, which way you"re walking to have actually to battle all eight Pokémon gyms and then take on the reigning Champion the the Galar region. Among the key staples the Pokémon is attempting to finish the Pokédex, through collecting every solitary Pokémon in the game. However, some Pokémon space exclusive to sword while others room exclusive to Shield. This renders it for this reason players have to trade v someone with the various other version in stimulate to complete this challenge.

This all seems familiar if you"ve played over the past few generations. Let"s now take a look at what"s different.

Several awesome brand-new Pokémon Cute, powerful, and fitting because that the area

There"s a lot of of dispute over the development designs that the starters, (definitely founded in mine opinion) but in its entirety the video game introduces numerous fun new characters the fit right at house in the Pokémon universe. Ns love how plenty of of them space a nod to the U.K."s history, like the Galarian Weezing, i beg your pardon looks choose Victorian chimeny stacks, or the adorable lamb Pokémon, Wooloo, that reminds you of England"s sloping pastures.

Many that the brand-new Pokémon are a nod come U.K."s history.

All in all, the brand-new characters don"t feel out of place and it"s super exciting when you come across them in the wild. As claimed before, ns wasn"t supervisor stoked around the final evolutions of the starters (don"t really favor humanoid forms), but, through the exemption of Inteleon, they"ve get an impressive on me a little.

Fun U.K.-themed world Location proper dialogue and places

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I certain love the look of the Galar region. From the quaint tiny villages to the sprawling cities, the architecture and world about you space fun and remind girlfriend of the real-world area. The game additionally pulls you in early with conversations where personalities use terms and expressions common in the U.K. For instance, the personalities refer to their mothers as "Mum" or could refer come a Pokémon as "little chap." the helps set the mood and makes you feel choose you"re trying out a brand-new area in the Pokémon universe.

There"s also an all at once sporty feeling to the region, i m sorry centers ~ above Pokémon battles, but is remeniscent the the skilled soccer — er, soccer championships that room so lover in the U.K. (and other parts the the world). For an American, this feeling foreign and exciting.

These elements feel different from the previous regions explored in ~ the Pokémon collection and makes Galar was standing out.

The Wild Area New capturing experiences and exploration

It"s seriously interesting when you an initial step out right into the semi-open civilization location well-known as the Wild Area. Rather of being confined come a trail, you deserve to run around and explore. Additionally, you have the right to run into super powerful Pokémon means above your current level. They"ll one-hit KO your whole party, therefore you"ll sometimes have to run away instead of actually engaging in battle. This add to a brand-new experience where low-level players end up running for dear life once a final advancement starts charging in ~ them. Girlfriend really need to pick and choose which battles you fight in if you want your party come survive.

You have the right to run into an effective Pokémon means above your present level indigenous the start of the game.

There are number of NPCs that randomly show up approximately the Wild Area map. Relying on their personality type, you have the chance of one of two people battling for a decent amount the money or purchasing rare items once you interact with them. I choose this because it encourages and rewards me for trying out the area.

Additionally, if you have a Nintendo Switch online membership and connect your Switch come the internet, you"ll come throughout other players from roughly the civilization in the Wild Area. If you connect with them, you deserve to trade your character"s Player Cards or get advantageous items. Because that me, it"s funny seeing exactly how other people around the people have customized their main character"s hair, clothes, and also accessories.

Multiplayer alternatives New means to play through friends

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Something brand-new to Gen 8 room Max Raid Battles, which additionally occur in the Wild Area. This are comparable to the Raid Battles seen in Pokémon Go, where multiple football player band together to take under a huge, an effective Pokémon.

There room Pokémon dens, which are basically holes with a magenta light shooting the end of them, all about this expansive area. Up to four world can go into one of these dens and battle a Dynamax Pokémon together. Several of these battles are challenging, while others space super simple to defeat.

Being able to fight and also capture the same Pokémon with my buddies definitely adds an facet of delight to the game. Pokémon Sword additionally has various Max Raid Battle options than Pokémon Shield. So, once I was play Sword through my girlfriend who had Shield, we assisted each other catch rare Pokémon as well as the creatures that are exclusive to one of two people game.

Nostalgic gameplay The mechanics are really familiar

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This last thing is as much to the game"s benefit as it isn"t. If you"ve played any of the previous Pokémon games in the franchise, Pokémon Sword and Shield will feel really familiar. The game begins with girlfriend choosing in between a Grass-type, Water-type, and also Fire-type Pokémon. From there, friend can record hundreds of different Pokémon, level them increase by battling, and then difficulty the assorted gyms found about the Galar region. There"s a team antagonist, much like Gen 1"s Team Rocket, and also several rivals because that you to complete against.

All of this familiar facets are fun, however the game doesn"t stray an extremely far native the initial Gen 1 games. It yes, really feels favor they should have evolved more given that they"re now on a console and Pokémon has actually been a point for the previous 23 years.

Almost... Too easy

Pokémon Sword and Shield What i don"t like

When I first heard that Pokémon Sword and Shield was coming to the Nintendo Switch, i envisioned a Breath-of-the-Wild-esque open people with totally reimagined video game mechanics. This is partially because of the reality that The Legend the Zelda: Breath the the Wild and also Super Mario Odyssey, two of Nintendo"s other vast single-player franchises, totally innovated the means their games were played.

These games don"t revolutionize the formula like countless players had actually hoped.

I and also several other gamers out there were hoping for things prefer a totally open world, gift able to capture high-level Pokémon indigenous the beginning, gift able to walk to any type of gym from the start, having actually a more in-depth storyline, etc. However, while there are new mechanics in Pokémon Sword and also Shield, these games don"t revolutionize the formula like many players had hoped. In part ways, the game, while familiar and nostalgic, feeling stale and simplified. The personalities especially feel one-dimensional and boring. Ns hate writing that, since I do love these gamings overall. Point is, if you"re walking to favor these games, you have to expect they will be casual games instead of tough core ones.

It"s a tiny too basic Puzzles and challenges aren"t hard

When i was a kid, figuring out just how to with every Gym leader to be a challenge. You had actually to solve the an enig of i beg your pardon buttons to press or what route to take it within the gym. I remember obtaining lost in the caves of ahead Pokémon games. However, the map in Sword and also Shield feels simplified and also caves space no much longer something friend can gain lost in. There space other similar puzzles to deal with within Pokémon Sword and Shield, but I discovered them super simple to number out.

These puzzles simply feel choose a compelled scenic course to your last destination.

It could be a small harder because that kids, but for adult gamers, these puzzles just feel choose a compelled scenic route to your last destination.

That all being said, if you"re trying to find a laid earlier gaming experience, this can be a positive.

Not all Pokémon space in the video game The Dexit issue

It would be an pure crime if ns didn"t address "Dexit" in this review, though it really has actually been speak to death. Over there are thousands of creatures the didn"t do the cut into Sword and also Shield"s Pokédex, consisting of my lover Tyrunt. This is a low hit for numerous gamers that can"t move their favourite Pokémon from previous generations. You can only usage a Pokémon if that is noted in the Galar region Pokédex.

Despite only consisting of a fraction of Pokémon right now in existence, as soon as you"re running about the Galar region, it doesn"t feel favor there"s a shortage the Pokémon for you come find. Every ar is amply stocked with creatures. If you"re in the Wild Area, the kind of creatures the spawn room dependent upon where you room on the map and also what the weather is like. I frequently found fully different Pokémon in the same location on two various days. It yes, really helps with replay value, because you"ll spend lots of time in the very same area and still have the potential to find something new.

Short storyline Way too short

Many gamers have actually reported being able to end up the key storyline within 12-16 hours. That"s really quick for a $60 game.

I have actually a couple of things to say around this. Ns spent method longer than that play the game, but that"s due to the fact that I"ve to be shiny hunting and attempting to get Pokémon with exceptional stats rather of just running with the game and also settling for the an initial Pokémon ns come across.

I think what it really boils under to is that casual football player or anybody who wants to play because that the story won"t get a many of hrs out of the game. Top top the other hand, difficult core completionists will acquire a lot more time the end of Sword and Shield since they"ll be working on perfect the Pokédex and obtaining the best Pokémon they can gain their hand on. You"ll yes, really just need to determine if that renders it worth it for you or not.

Level-catching limit Removes high-risk, high-reward scenarios

Something i really don"t like about Sword and Shield is the it locations a level-catching limit on you. In previous Pokémon games, if you came across a Pokémon that was means stronger than you, friend could fight it and attempt to catch it. This was a risky point to do due to the fact that that Pokémon could easily wipe yours out. Also if you recorded it, the wouldn"t constantly listen to your regulates when friend tried battling through it. However, when it walk strike, it would land devistating blows to her opponents. This high-risk, high-reward scenario to be a known and also accepted component of Pokémon.

However, in Sword and Shield, if you run into a Pokémon above your gym level, you can"t capture it. The video game simply won"t even enable you come try. This feeling constricting. It"s specifically annoying once a Pokémon is just one level over your limit.

Playing devil"s advocate, this does make it so the you aren"t all an effective from the get-go. If you might stock increase on ridiculously high-level Pokémon native the start of the game, gym and also trainer battles can not be an overwhelming at all. Still, ns think this entirety setup should have been enforced differently.

Pokémon Sword and also Shield Bottom Line

There space two ways to watch at these games. If you simply evaluate lock on their own, they"re charming, lighthearted experiences that room super enjoyable. However, if you"re comparing them come previous gamings in the series and suppose them to have advanced quite a bit, you will be disappointed. These room not the complicated games numerous were hope for. The mechanics haven"t changed really much indigenous previous games, the puzzles aren"t an extremely challenging, and the storyline is relatively short.

However, there are plenty that awesome brand-new Pokémon, the U.K.-inspired human being is charming, and also the nostalgia is real for any type of long-time fans. If you"re brand-new to the games, or are in search of a casual video game to play, this is a supervisor chill generation to begin on.

Pokémon knife features brand-new Gen 8 Pokémon, consisting of an exclude, legendary. A acquainted look and feel, brand new gameplay.

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Pokémon Shield features new Pokémon to tame and a legendary Pokémon exclusive to this version. There"ll be plenty of points for trainers come explore and also do that haven"t been checked out before.