newer Pokémon games That break The Series' "Too Easy" Streak transforms to recent Pokémon games have made details aspects easier, however this has actually been balanced with brand-new difficulties to store gameplay interesting.

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Newer Pokemon games That are Not too Easy
Older games in the Pokémon series are well-known for difficult battles, challenging level grinding, and complex terrain puzzles. However, an ext recent entries in the series have streamlined these facets with the introduction of EXP Share, EXP Candy, and better maps. While it is deserve to sometimes feel favor newer Pokémon games are much less complicated than date generations, there room numerous difficulties that have been introduced to the game that not only add new difficulty levels yet require attention to information that might not have been existing in older titles.

Much that the difficulty in older Pokémon games come from the constraints of game breakthrough at the time of release. In Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow, the development of boons prefer EXP share hadn"t to be discovered, or might not have been developmentally possible, in the so late 1990s. In Ruby and Sapphire, sprawling maps and difficult terrain were frustrating to navigate many thanks to 2D, pixelated graphics, and a lack of open-world exploration. What plenty of have perceived as less complicated gameplay in more recent Pokémon game entries may actually be the product of much better development tools and gameplay the is streamlined and also balanced to be player-friendly, instead of experimental.

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While players may no longer have to grind levels because that each Pokémon on their team come beat a Gym Leader or spend hours puzzling through cave maps, newer Pokémon games have their own obstacles to overcome. In Pokémon Sun and Moon, Gym leaders were changed with Island Trials with Totem PokémonThese extra-large Pokémon species force pan to create new strategies to relocate forward in the games. Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were especially difficult, many thanks to the increased levels of every Totem Pokémon battle. Totem Pokémon challenges additionally require football player to solve a puzzle before being encountered, which makes players do much more than just barrel through Trainers to reach the final battle. These difficulties are reminiscent of the puzzles originally forced in older Pokémon game gyms and are a refreshing addition to gameplay.

Pokémon Sword and also Shield have additionally flipped the initial expectations of Pokémon gameplay through the introduction of the Wild Area and also universal access to Pokémon storage. In the early on generation that the series, football player were forced to put hours into raising the levels of a 6 Pokémon team. An altering that team around, or adding a brand-new species, required accessibility to a PC and could mean extr hours of grind to get the new Pokémon come the required level. Sword and also Shield has gotten rid of these barriers, permitting players come easily access their Pokémon storage all over they go. While six Pokémon still comprise the active party, swapping and trading Pokémon because that improved battle strategy takes only seconds. The enhancement of resources choose EXP liquid earned in Wild Area Max Raids battles also allows players to conveniently level Pokémon, do them prepared to sign up with a high-level team in a much much shorter frame that time.

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While this may seem favor it would certainly decrease difficulty levels, it has actually actually allowed Sword and also Shield to perform a much better need for weakness and resistance strategy, requiring football player to pay close attention to the types, and raising the base an obstacle level that Gym Leader battles and also wild encounters. This is specifically true in Max Raids, wherein the wrong kind of Pokémon could lead come crushing defeat by a super-sized opponent. These difficulties in newer Pokémon games aid keep gameplay fresh and interesting and build on concepts that were already present in previous titles yet held earlier by the breakthrough limitations the the time.