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"Pokémon Ultra Sun and also Ultra Moon" Poké Finder Upgrades and Locations Guide

Pokémon Ultra Sun and also Ultra Moon - Nintendo (Fair Use)

A nifty side-feature of Pokémon Ultra Sun and also Ultra Moon is the ability to snap picture of Pokémon with the Poké Finder. Through your Rotom Dex’s added capability to fire up its Poké Finder interface, you room able to record precious Pokémon moments and also share them with the world.

The Poké Finder deserve to be upgraded come unlock brand-new features as you take photos the the miscellaneous Pokemon species living in the an ar of Alola. For each island, there are number of spots whereby you deserve to take the ideal Pokémon photos for your own satisfaction and also glory.

This guide exists to offer you a run-through the the Poké Finder upgrades and assist you find all the best spots to take it Pokémon breaks in the region of Alola. Currently go play the game and snap-all-you-want with the Poké Finder!

All Poké Finder Upgrades

The Poké Finder has 5 versions in total. Each variation unlocks new features that permits you come take much better pictures the Pokémon. By going around the an ar of Alola and also snapping every kinds the Pokémon, you garner points the you can use to totally upgrade her Poké Finder and also make unlock every one of its features.

Version NumberFunctionHow come Obtain


Basic Poké Finder

Claim that from the Hau'oli City Tourist facility on Melemele Island



Garner 1,500 punctured Finder Points


Enhanced Zoom

Garner 10,000 punctured Finder Points


Maximum Zoom

Garner 100,000 punctured Finder Points


Calling attribute that paint, etc Pokemon attention to You

Garner 1,500,000 poke Finder Points


Hau’oli Cemetery

The ar is in former of the critical tombstone on the topmost right corner of the area.

Hau’oli City Beachfront

The photograph shoot point out is on the sandy beach area alongside the staircase and near a red car and also a male swimmer.

Hau’oli City shopping District

It's through the cracked on the concrete wall next to the Alola tourist Bureau.

Kala’e Bay

It's by the boulder barriers on the eastern water piece of the bay. Friend will need a Lapras or Sharpedo drive Pokémon in stimulate to reach the said location.

Melemele Meadow

The clues is positioned on the west outcrop strip of the meadow. It's in ~ the dead end of the stated outcrop.


Brooklet Hill

The photo shoot area is through the boulder and wooden fence overlooking the waterfall on the very first land strip you obtain to after ~ surfing on the lake.

Lush Jungle

It's alongside the ledge made of soil near the grassy area the the northwestern edge of the jungle.

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Paniola Ranch

The photograph shoot spot is by the wood fence in ~ the leave area of the ranch and also entrance to route 5.