My server is running on a Synology NAS. Occasionally I uncover duplicate files and also I attempt to delete lock in the internet interface. It fails to do so issuing the totally unhelpful message:


Is it yes, really too much to ask the programmer to issue a much better error post than this? Specifically, describe what the problem was when attempting come delete the file?!? Permission denied? document not found? What was the damn problem? I’ve regularly heard that so called lazy programmers yet this is yes, really ridiculous!

Shroomis march 19, 2021, 5:17pm #2

You made certain that the “allow media deletion” is checked in Server settings / Library?

JuiceWSA in march 19, 2021, 5:21pm #3

That sounds favor what happens as soon as is indexing an item when an additional scan is initiated… or something favor that.

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The run ™ Tips, top & How-Tos
The objective of this is to eliminate all cached metadata and xml data for an object that usually keeps. This helps as soon as you want to “start native scratch” for details item move all documents for the media item the end of the magazine your Library is feather at, for this reason will not “see” that anymorescan the library library (to finding changes)empty trashclean bundles (in menu next come server name, once accessed under ‘More’)double check naming schema and also move papers backscan the librarySupport articl…

ALL StepsIN ORDERor it just won’t work.

dokuro march 19, 2021, 5:36pm #4

While ns agree the message might be much more granular as to the cause of the fail the very first thing ns would inspect would be to ensure the user has delete accessibility to your records on your NAS. In my suffer 95% of the times folks have actually errors prefer this its early to accessibility problems on the files.

Also, take a fast look in the console logs as soon as you shot and delete and also it will likely provide you much more information top top the cause.

adefaria in march 23, 2021, 8:31pm #5

Allow media deletion is on.

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adefaria march 23, 2021, 9:02pm #6

The user is me. I can delete the file. (actually I simply moved the file away, put it back and climate figured that out).

The thing is there space times I have the right to delete things and over there are various other times where I can not (yet all papers are owned by me).

So, performed the complying with test. Replicated that episode record adding ~ above a “2” just before .mkv. Both documents are own by me v 644 permissions. Earlier to the internet interface and attempt a delete. There to be a problem deleting this item. Had actually a tail -f running on Media Server.log - no message emitted.

chmod 777 on the files. Check delete again while security the log in file. Exact same error, document not deleted.

Even tried to adjust the owner come however that didn’t change anything.

dokuro march 23, 2021, 9:10pm #7

The directory and also mount points could be a factor here also, not just the single file. I’d recommend running something like the complying with on your root mount point for your NAS with your media content, simply replace /data with your own directory.

find /data -type d -exec chmod 755 ;find /data -type f -exec chmod 644 ;

ChuckPa march 23, 2021, 10:55pm #8

If I may augment?

Set permissions to permit deletion before mounting as well as after.

Given the normal desire is because that you come retain ownership but allow PMS come read/write/delete ( as identified in setups - Library )

Directory inheritance (setgid) is normally the tool of selection on Linux.

By adding user to your username group, that will have the permissions you entrust to the “group” field. If you desire delete of papers then 664 is appropriate. If desire diretories, 775 is appropriate.

Here is a How-To come implement setuid and also setgid come automate the addition of media and also having that comply through permissions.

Automating Linux permissions making use of inheritance (Helps DVR) Desktops & laptop computers
Linux has actually a very powerful and convenient way of automatically setup the permissions of your media papers as girlfriend add much more to your media directories. Linux allows only one username and one team to very own a file which is somewhat of a restriction. This can be easily leveraged to attain what is needed for Wonderful application the this is as soon as you great to record with DVR, enabling it to write directly into her library, while you retain full permission / control of your media. …
adefaria march 25, 2021, 1:17am #9

Interesting indeed!

So If I know you correctly I should be able to (assume root):

$ cd /volume1$ chmod g+s Media # Setgid top top Media directory$ discover Media -type d -exec chmod g+s + # Propogate setgid ~ above directories$ usermod -aG defaria # include the user to the defaria group (welcome come the family!)And restart the Server? Note, all files and directories under Media are already in the team defaria. The Media Server at this time is run by the user that is at this time only in the customers group.

ChuckPa march 25, 2021, 1:33am #10

I’m sorry, Is this because that Synology (the referral to /volume1 is indicative of Synology)?

If so, you need to do this differently.

Please phone call me

UID & GID of her container userWhich UID & GID owns the media on the hostIf you are using a Synology together the backing save for the mediaHow you’re relocating media come the warehouse (Synology)

I asking this since usually the best technique is to make a NAS the extension of the Linux organize it’s supplied by (primarily).

Also, on Synology, every Synology-created user account is in group “users” (UID 100).

This is extremely valuable if she trying come grant extr privileges to other hosts & containers – like delete media.

Synology go not like being ‘handled’ at the Linux level. That maintains a permissions database and is ACL driven.

Setting difficult UID / GID / perms will certainly break all that and also make a mess when trying to access through the native tools on a Synology.

adefaria march 25, 2021, 2:37pm #11

Yes, I have actually a Synology NAS. The UID & GID the the server processes is (1027) and users (100). Note I don’t run in a container. At the moment I collection up the Server I observed it natively accessible and stated “Cool, I’ll just run that”. Later on I got into Docker containers so every one of the various other things ns run room in Docker containers. I thought around switching over to using a Docker container but I have not done that yet. So while is running continuous Linux procedures as 1027:100, it writes no media records (it does write its database files and other metadata i guess).

All media files are own by 1000:1000 (where UID 1000 = the user andrew and GID 1000 = the team defaria). Ns often access the Synology document system (under /volume1) utilizing NFS on my Linux systems. The UID/GID on those equipment is an in similar way 1000 and also 1000. So, because that example, /volume1/Media/ is mounted to to speak my desktop computer as / via NFS.

Though I have moved points to the Synology by copy them from Linux equipment over NFS, mostly the Synology gets its own stuff straight from the net.

Note I carry out not believe that my user account on the Synology was created using Synology tools. Ns think ns did it the old-fashioned method of developing the account by hand in /etc/passwd, /etc/group, etc. Ns did this so the my regular Linux user (andrew) would be able to seamlessly access, write, delete files via NFS on the Synology. And also I have configured my other containers (though ns not right now running the server together a Docker container, ns do have actually other Docker containers running) to use UID/GID 1000:1000.

You say that a hand-created account will certainly “make a mess as soon as trying to accessibility to access through the aboriginal tools on a Synology”. In general, I often tend to say away from “the aboriginal tools on a Synology”.

Thanks for your assistance.

If you continue to be away native the Synology devices (Control Panel: Users, Groups, and Shared Folders) then i wish you the ideal of luck.

The an ext I compose the packages because that , and also support Synology, the more quirky ns realize lock are. They have actually their view of just how their systems should be used and they don’t care about anyone or noþeles else.

If you do things the Synology way, it will certainly work.If girlfriend buck the system, every bets are off.

The damage position here is to:

1 create a team on Synology (Control dashboard - groups )2. After creating but before using edit it to be the GID girlfriend need.3. Earlier in the manage Panel app, include to that Group.4. You have to now be able to delete

Understood. However, i really perform see very little need to use Synology tools. As well as my one user, I have no need to create Users or groups or usage their common Folders app. Similarly for things prefer their internet server and other things. By and large, offer media to people and I accessibility stuff v NFS. If I desire to re-publishing folders I’ll use NextCloud. Note, ns have, however, provided their DDNS and Reverse Proxy stuff.

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I go the following, which seems to work:

$ sed -i "/^defaria/s/$/" /etc/group$ find /volume1/Media/Music,Pictures,Videos -type d -exec chmod 775 +$ find /volume1/Media/Music,Pictures,Videos -type f -exec chmod 664 +$ # Restart serverRestarting the Server was necessary as the processes would no pick increase the group adjust until restarted.