Plex has changed their specify name conventions.Because the this adjust I had actually to change the paper names of every one of my movie files to remove a hyphen the was resulting in an issue. As soon as I did this i ran right into the very same old concerns I have been struggling with once using the Plex binding and was wonder if anyone had suggestions on just how to stop those in the future.First Issue. I store multiple execution of the same movie in the very same folder. One might be dubbed and also the other original language. One may be directors Cut and the various other Theatrical release and also their inscription files, etc.Because I use the Plex binding come rename these papers there can be an worry when I need to rename in bulk where those folders that have much more than one copy of a movie or inscription are appended through CD1 CD2, etc. This isn"t an issue when mine torrent app runs the post download script due to the fact that my script will add an index number when papers are download at various times, however the GUI sees these documents as movie parts every time even though your filenames space different. If I include those "duplicate" movies and their subtitles individually to the GUI then every little thing works swimmingly and they space not watched by together movie component files.Anyway, I want to prevent these records being seen as movie parts once they space not and it"s difficult to recognize which folders contain an ext than one .mp4 or .srt since I have plenty of folders. The benefit of law this with is its mass processing capabilities and also speed. Spring manually though the renaming results runs respond to to that.Second issue. Plex permits users to include a sub folder under the main movie folder because that "Featurettes" "Interviews" "Deleted" movies. Ns have developed sub folders and also renamed movie files to conform come Plex"s convention however when i am mass renaming those folders are deleted and also those papers are change the name according to the key movie and also again appended v CD1 CD2, etc.I need to revert this and also it"s painstakingly slow. By finding all of the CD1 appended files and looking at their expanded attributes and renaming them manually and recreating the below folders.It would certainly be valuable to know how the plex binding decides what a movie component is and isn"t. The only way I have established how to get roughly it is to simply not procedure multiple set of .mp4 papers from the same folder in ~ the exact same time. Ns wish there to be a toggle for this multipart movie handling feature that didn"t impact other aspects of movie renaming.

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Re: brand-new Plex specify name convention as of Plex 1.2x

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1.Note that plex default multi-part auto-detection is based on media features (e.g. Exact same resolution, same video codec, exact same audio codec, etc). If you to be to test with real 2 files, Avatar.720p.mp4 and Avatar.1080p.mp4, then this would be 2 movies (as protest to 1 movie v 2 parts) and also thus layout to the exact same location path. Thus plex walk not support "multiple versions every movie" by default.However, you deserve to modify your style to include additional details to the document path that renders each movie version distinctive (e.g. Through adding video clip resolution or audio language)
rednoah wrote: ↑12 Sep 2016, 10:03e.g. Movies/Avatar (2009)/Avatar (2009) through James Cameron <720p, x264, AC3>.eng
plex.derive() can be supplied to insert added information after the document name but before the caption language suffix and file extension.

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keep in mind that File.derive() is totally unrelated to the multi-part auto-detection. If you"re having problems with the latter, that"d be a separate issue. Multi-part auto-detection is right now based top top media development year | resolution | video clip codec | audio codec therefore multi-part auto-detection false positives are feasible if you have multiple different versions the the exact same movie the look the same as soon as only looking in ~ media production year | resolution | video clip codec | audio codec however perhaps use a various audio language. Girlfriend can successfully turn turn off multi-part auto-detection by configuring to no probe record contents (see Optimizations because that Remote record Systems) but this might or may not occupational well because that you depending on how documents are at this time organized. I guess the default fallback multi-part auto-detection would certainly be just based on the parent folder, which might or may not work well for you. Separating each movie version right into its very own movie folder with some tags included to the end of the movie folder name could be a good idea too. But the plex does not account well because that this specific target folder structure requirements.2."Featurettes" "Interviews" "Deleted" etc are normally ignored as far as is concerned. The amc manuscript will preemptively overlook them. Not certain what the GUI does. The basic answer is the these extras aren"t support well, but in some relatively easy instances it might be possible to make it work-related to some level with a clever approach.