Listening come music there is no the annoyance the wires or cables dangling to her phone or mp3 player can come to be a frustration if you find yourself always active. As soon as participating in sports or other strenuous activities, the untethered capacity of a quality set of wireless headphones is considered a luxury to most. One of the latest and greatest are the Photive PH-BTE50 Bluetooth 4.0 Lightweight Wireless Headphones. They’re constructed with convenience in mind, and complete quality. Let’s take it a closer look come see precisely what they need to offer.

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Ergonomic Design

Comfort is a significant factor as soon as considering which pair the wireless headphones come invest in. After all, you’ll it is in wearing castle for prolonged periods, therefore you need to understand that they’re cozy. Needless come say, the Photive PH-BTE50 Wireless Headphones are exceptionally comfortable come wear, no matter what the activity. They’re ergonomically designed come fit your ear without discomfort so you can focus with her music for the job at hand.


Their compact size renders them simple to take through you, where you may discover yourself. The in-ear style is structured come fit your ears v a sturdy and also secure to the right that uses premium sound without any kind of latency issues.

Battery Life

The inner lithium ion battery large a chuck 7-8 hours on a solitary charge, therefore you’ll have actually plenty of hear time before experiencing any type of low battery issues. Charging is easy. Included is a small micro USB charging cable that will certainly refill the north battery in under one hour. Simply plug it into any type of USB port and also it will certainly power them up so they’re ready to usage for an additional 7-8 hrs of enjoyment.



On the exterior next of the earbud, there are small controls situated for the an easy ability of adjusting your tunes. Carefully scale the volume, or pause and play your favorite tune with the push of your fingertip. If the headphones are linked to your cell phone and also you get a phone call call, the music will certainly pause and resume once the call has to be completed.


Built right into the earbud is a little microphone that deserve to pickup your voice as soon as you must make a call call. It’s discreetly located and exceptionally clear from the other end.



One point that us really love around these wireless headphones is the price allude that they’re offered at. Sold on because that %60 in ~ $39.95, the Photive PH-BTE50 don’t break the bank. They’re a tiny price to salary for wonderful sound clarity, comfort, and usability.


Although we wouldn’t recommend driving a vehicle over them, the Photive PH-BTE50 Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Headphones are developed sturdily and also with optimal quality in mind. They’re comprised of long lasting materials the feel strong. They’re sweat resistant so you won’t have to worry around their resistance to a little of moisture or water – simply don’t totally submerge them!


Multiple Uses

A many times, world buy a specific headphone for a particular purpose. The great thing around the Photive PH-BTE50 is their multi-use capabilities, meaning that they work-related well because that a selection of tasks from roughly the office, to approximately the sports field, gym, trail, or bike path. When you reduced the cables from her life, it provides it a lot much easier to enjoy your tunes wherever you uncover yourself.

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An assortment of additional accessories is included along with the headphones. A simple to review user guide, micro USB charging cable, ear stabilizers, ear tips, and also a handy transporting pouch to keep them secure and also protected while no in use.


Overall Thoughts

Finding a long lasting pair the wireless headphones deserve to be a challenging task – there space so plenty of different makes/models to select from. Photive is a great brand, and they’ve proven the by upgrading the previous EB-10 model and also releasing the new PH-BTE50 Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Headphones. They’ve do them ultra durable, sweat resistant, lightweight, and exceptionally feature-rich v a fantastic battery life of around 7-8 hours. Us wouldn’t hesitation to recommend them come anyone who desires to get their hand on a newly released pair that in-ear Bluetooth headphones the won’t disappoint.