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The show's yes, really hitting the stride- we've had and also will continue to have a lot of good episodes because that a while. This one's no exception. I choose detective parodies. I also like the self-awareness in calling that a McGuffin doll.

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Every cartoon demands a noir detective episode. This is this show's. Honestly ns would have really chosen to check out Candace as a noir detective, however this is pretty great too.

Phineas, of every people, has actually a bunch of an excellent lines this episode. "We talked to a Lawrence Fletcher, a tall, gaunt-looking mean Joe, who- sorry."

The song is nice good. You can probably describe their whole relationship to someone who's never watched the display with just this song.

Charitable Charities Man: Aren't friend a tiny young to know about all this old detective shows?

Phineas: Yes, yes we...

( •_•)

( •_•)>⌐■-■




This episode is among my favourites. The is so darn good. It all lands perfectly.

Phineas: The sunlight beat under on the city like a hammer, a relentless warm beating hammer hammering down like a large metaphor the was... Hot, for some reason.

Charlene: Aren't friend a tiny young to be detectives?

Phineas: If it's all the very same to you, ma'am, we'll ask the questions.

I could quote half the episode due to the fact that it's all yes, really funny. Doof ranting around the upside down off-switch. Phineas and also Ferb in interrogation mode. It's all yes, really entertaining.

The tune is a really great one too.

This illustration is absolutely one of mine favourite 11 minute episodes.

Just chose to hop on the rewatch wagon together a result of COVID-19 isolating. Never a bad reason to clock Phineas and also Ferb. Actually, i hadn't watched this episode till today. Honestly one of my favorite quick episodes. Ns love the elaboration on Vanessa's connection with Doof, and that Phineas and also Ferb aren't even doing miscellaneous bustworthy. This is among the couple of episodes where Isabella is remarkable absent, which is a shame because I would have loved to check out her play off of Phineas' detective persona. This episode is one of the factors I take into consideration S2 to it is in the peak, it's honestly simply jam-packed through gags that had actually me laughing aloud. EDIT: Rating 8/10

Candace: Oh, forget it. Ns guess I'm too old because that dolls anyway.

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Vanessa: Yeah, maybe I don't really have to have the one thing my dad spent years to find in bespeak to display me his affection.Pause. Candace stares at Vanessa uncomfortably.Vanessa: No, actually I do. Offer me that, kid!