Are you curious to recognize if footprints as the very same as handprints/fingerprints in terms of evidence gathered? This overview will clear her doubts.

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By Nikita last updated Oct 22, 2020

Many players space joining the fun of Phasmophobia and also trying come gather proof together to determine the ghost. Among the evidence types that you have the right to collect is a fingerprint. Girlfriend will be able to see fingerprints (or handprints) making use of the UV irradiate or a glowstick. Yet are you wonder if footprints count together fingerprints too? discover the prize here.

Phasmophobia: Footprints count as Fingerprints?


You have the right to use salt close to the exits of rooms to watch if the ghost pipeline the room resulting in footprints in it. However is this the very same thing as a fingerprint? Well, no.

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Fingerprints and also footprints are different varieties of proof in the game. Inspect the doors, home windows or various other items prefer light switches for fingerprints/handprints due to the fact that the ghost can communicate with them. Use the UV light because that this i m sorry you can purchase it for $40. Note that you can detect both species of prints with the UV light and also you can lug flashlights with it too.

So, remember that footprints that you view by using the salt shaker will certainly not it is in counted together fingerprint proof – both room separate. But when you take a photo of salt with a footprint on it, you deserve to earn money indigenous it. Speak of money, right here are our travel guide on exactly how insurance money works and how to use the boundless money cheat. With extra money, you have the right to buy better equipment the will assist your future ghost searching endeavors.

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That should clear her doubts if footprints count as fingerprints in Phasmophobia. We have actually lots more item guides the will explain how things work and likewise survival guides that will give you part unknown tips and tricks come win. Discover the ghost room, identify the ghost form and outsmart the paranormal entity.