When i produced a droplet ubuntu 16 rails one click v rails 5 “PG::ConnectionBad fe_sendauth: no password supplied” , new york or mountain francisco alternatives or anywhere.

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If a do the efforts to perform “rails db:migrate” display me this error ..i tried come create an additional super user and change the credentials native database.yaml however continues v the same error

in some posts the world say that is one error once the doplet is created

How i can resolved? please this si the 2nd droplet the i produced

p.d : sorry because that my english , ns speack spanish

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2 answers
AHA may 14, 2020
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If you look in her config/database.yml file, girlfriend are more than likely specifying localhost as the database host name, and also you are more than likely not offering a password.

Using localhost instantly switches the link to a TCP connection, and also by default in postgres, TCP link auth technique is md5 (password required).

Here are two methods to solve:

Switch to UNIX Socket connection - If you’re simply running the postgres db in the same VM together Rails, you can switch native TCP to UNIX Socket link by removing localhost indigenous the organize parameter in config/database.yml:


development: adapter: postgresql ... Host: localhost ...to:

development: adapter: postgresql ... Host: "" ...

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Specify a Password: - If you need to affix over TCP, make sure the username you space using in config/database.yml is configured in postgres and collection a password by connecting come the postgres db indigenous the command line and running:

ALTER USER postgres PASSWORD "myPassword";and then specify the same password in her config/database.yml file:

development: adapter: postgresql ... Host: localhost password: "myPassword" ...