Pen pressure not working with Clip Studio Paint? here are some fixes

Submitted by Teoh Yi Chie top top July 21, 2021 - 12:18pm

Here are some troubleshooting actions to acquire pen press sensitivity to work-related with Clip Studio repaint (Windows). This fixes should use to those making use of pen tablets, pen displays or windows tablets.

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I actually wrote this write-up as a checklist for myself.

1. Discovered out even if it is it"s a hardware or software application fault?

Is pen press working with other illustration apps?

I introduce you install some of these illustration apps to check for push sensitivity first:

Medibang Paint and Wacom Bamboo file are the apps I constantly use because that testing since pen press will practically always work-related by default.

If pen press sensitivity works with any of the apps listed above, it means it"s no the hardware fault of her pen tablet computer or pen display.

2. Change the choices for WinTab vs tablet computer PC

Inside Clip Studio Paint, go to menu File-Preferences (Ctrl+K) to open the Preferences dialogue box, pick Tablet from the list of tabs.

Under "Using tablet service", toggle between the two choices Wintab and Tablet PC, then test because that pen pressure.

Pen pressure have to work now. Transforming other settings further down is commonly not necessary.

"Wintab" is actually meant for pen tablets and also pen display screens that attach to a computer. "Tablet PC" is meant for Windows tablet computers or those touchscreen 2-in-1 convertible laptops. The thing is Windows occasionally doesn"t know which driver to use so it offers the wrong driver. Hope buy toggling between Wintab and tablet computer PC, girlfriend can get pressure come work.

3. Check Windows Ink

If pressure still doesn"t job-related after action #2, try toggling windows Ink on or off.

With windows Ink top top or off, you may have to go through action #2 again.

Most drivers for pen tablets and also pen screens should have the windows Ink option under Pen Settings.

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This should apply for vehicle drivers from Huion, XP-Pen, Gaomon, Veikk, Artisul, Ugee, Parblo, Bosto and other brands.

Wacom users

If you"re making use of Wacom drivers, you may need to use Reset Settings.


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