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I recognize it varies alot on Brand and from stick come stick, but generaly speaking.I to be wondering just how much the a preformance boost and boost in trident-gaming.neting ablity youd gain from DDR2 667 (PC2 5300) vs DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) ?The Ram appears to preform fine because that me on many things however seem to hit one early wall when trident-gaming.neting ns cant also get to 3.0ghz on mine e6300.Im utilizing a zalman 9500 and also my s3 MB supports 800 Ram. My temps are fine but system gets really unstable in ~ 2.9 to 3.0 ghz. Native what Ive review on this site most are able to crant it right up to 3.0ghz through out any kind of problem or burn in.Should I be able to hit 3.0 ghz with my current 667 ram?

even if girlfriend did gain 667 lamb to 800 the still just 2.8 on an E6300 with 1:1800 is need for a half decent OC and also 1000 is essential for a high OC.
DDR2-800 that will certainly come 450 FSB deserve to be gotten for about 100 a gig. DDR2-677 just all at once isnt a very an excellent choice come buy if you favor to becuase you normally cant acquire past 3.0 through it unless it was really good.

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That appears to have actually done the trick ns at 430(3.01GHZ) appears pretty stable, have the 800 ram running at 950 with 2.5 divider. Seems very stable with games Vista etc, however have to operation tests on that yet. Temps still short 30 come 40 in TAT. Im reasoning I may even be able to push that more, yet I told myself I"d it is in happy in ~ 3.
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